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A ngularJS  is a single-platform framework that a developer can use to build applications for the web, apart from desktop and mobile devices. However, at times, a specific business project may have unique requirements that AngularJS may not be able to fulfill. During times like these, you’ll need an appropriate substitute. This topic will point out a few choices.

AngularJS happens to be one of the most popularly used frameworks of all time. It powers almost 300,000 websites at the moment. In reality, some of these sites are household names folks can’t live without. For instance, AngularJS is at the base of Google, PayPal, and YouTube.

Despite being an all-powerful platform, AngularJS isn’t always the best choice. After all, every project has unique requirements that this framework may fail to fulfill. Indeed, it has a lot of benefits to offer, but your specific project may need the best Angular alternatives this topic will point out.

If you wish to find out what they are, just continue reading.

An overview

Before getting into the details, it’s best to start with an explanation of AngularJS and everything that makes it popular. It’s an open-source web framework for frontend development designed by Google about twelve years ago.

To be precise, it came out in October 2010. Since then, corporations and developers have been maintaining it. They address all challenges associated with building single-page applications.

With so many bright minds contributing to making AngularJS better, it isn’t surprising that this framework is now famous among frontend developers. Even business companies choose AngularJS over its counterparts.

Based on the Stack Overflow Developer Survey of 2018, AngularJS is the second-most recognized framework for frontend development. That’s why business owners are always in search of AngularJS developers to oversee the development of their business websites.

The purpose of the framework is to simplify the processes of development and inspection of various applications. Consequently, it can provide a framework for the model-view-controller or MVC for the client-side. It even has the ability to offer model-view-ViewModel or MVVM architectures.

Even with all these powerful features, AngularJS has a few downsides you should know about. The only way to counteract these disadvantages is to leverage Angular alternatives.

The problems of AngularJS

You’ll find hundreds of articles and blogs on the internet singing praises in the name of AngularJS. However, it’s the list of disadvantages that tends to make an effective technology like this one inappropriate for specific projects.

Solve the problems of AngularJS check the best Alternatives Of Angular - Moon Technolabs

A steep learning curve

As already mentioned several times in this write-up, AngularJS is, hands down, one of the best frameworks currently available. However, a beginner will never agree with this statement. Even if a developer has experience in working with CSS, JS, and HTML, they’ll feel uncomfortable with the steep learning curve of AngularJS.

The opinionated nature of AngularJS gives it a set of unique rules that a developer has to learn and follow. While it’s good and bad at the same time, the learning curve creates problems for beginners.

Many versions available

AngularJS is evolving constantly. What started as a JavaScript framework is now an individual system. Today, developers use Angular 13. As you can guess, the never-ending release cycle tends to confuse beginners.

They often struggle to contemplate the versioning. Students start with a specific version, but by the time they complete their first project, another version pops up. It contributes to trust issues. Developers think they must keep working on their projects and fix all versioning conflicts and compatibility problems.

Too much boilerplate code

If you want to create a simple application, it’ll need a lot of boilerplate code. However, tools like StackBlitz make it easier for people to try various code ideas and experiment with them. Developers won’t even have to install anything on their computers.

However, if the developer has to use AngularJS to build something, they’ll have to install different programs, even if it’s a “Hello World” application.

Your options

Without further ado, this topic will finally take you to the real thing – The Angular alternatives you can use in 2022.


Most people are familiar with ReactJS and for all the right reasons. It’s a recognized JavaScript library that came out in 2013. Currently maintained by Facebook, the creators of ReactJS designed it to build UIs of applications. Today, however, it plays a crucial role in the entire ecosystem of frontend frameworks.

ReactJS is the Best Alternatives Of Angular - Moon Technolabs

In short, it’s one of the most reliable Angular alternatives you can pick. Your developers will be able to use it to create user-friendly, functional, and attractive websites much faster.

Features of ReactJS

  • It uses a virtual DOM, which is a local and simplified version of the HTML DOM introduced by React. This DOM lets developers bypass all unnecessary operations.
  • ReactJS has a one-way data-binding feature that helps the code to maintain stability.
  • It has several components, and each component has its individual controls and logic.
  • It doesn’t suffer from SEO-related issues like AngularJS.
  • It has a mobile solution called React Native.

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Aurelia is fundamentally a collection of modern modules of JavaScript. When developers use these modules together, they achieve a powerful and functional app development platform. It’s one of the best Angular alternatives that your app development team can use to build solutions for mobile and desktop devices, other than web browsers.

Aurelia is the Best Alternatives Of Angular - Moon Technolabs

One exclusive characteristic of Aurelia is that its architecture isn’t monolithic. It contains a collection of oriented modules that aid the process of creating web applications.

Features of Aurelia

  • Aurelia has an extensive ecosystem of useful plugins that allow developers to build excellent web applications.
  • It combines new-age JS models using a simple approach. This feature makes unit testing effective and easy.
  • It has a Dependency Injection Container that simplifies a system’s decomposing process.
  • All applications created using Aurelia are maintainable and testable.
  • It comes with in-depth documentation, along with an extensive developer community.


Vue.js is one of the most utilized libraries of JavaScript. It’s also one of the best Angular alternatives. Created nine years ago, Vue.js isn’t a framework per se. However, it has innumerable users because of its profound efficiency in creating SPAs and UIs. Vue.js focuses primarily on the view layer.

Vue.js the alternatives Of Angular - Moon Technolabs

Features of Vue.js

  • Compared to every other AngularJS-based framework, Vue.js is easy to learn. Developers can use it as long as they know JavaScript and HTML.
  • It provides a Virtual DOM, just like ReactJS.
  • It gives developers several ways of applying animation or transitioning to HTML elements.
  • It’s suitable for building cross-platform applications.
  • The command-line interface or CLI of Vue.js increases the speed of the development process. It does so by providing different plugins, superfast prototyping, and more.


Business owners may not be familiar with the name of Backbone.js, but developers using JavaScript for some time know of it. It’s a lightweight library of JS that eases the process of SPA creation. It depends on the MVC design pattern, which lets it facilitate communication between clients and servers. It does so through a RESTful JSON API.

Backbone.js is the Best Alternatives Of Angular - Moon Technolabs

Features of Backbone.js

  • Due to JavaScript functions, using Backbone.js is easy for creating apps and their frontends.
  • It contains various building blocks, such as views, models, and events.
  • Developers can use it to build client-side web apps or mobile apps in an organized and structured format.
  • Whenever a model changes, Backbone.js automatically updates the developer’s HTML-based code. As a result, developers get to save a lot of time.
  • It has a template engine that makes the process of building the UI of an app easier.


The name of this full-stack framework based on JavaScript has a ring to it. However, the name isn’t the only thing attractive about it. Meteor is one of the best Angular alternatives containing several libraries suitable for building apps and websites.

Meteor Best Alternatives Of Angular - Moon Technolabs

Features of Meteor

  • Meteor provides developers with a platform to build apps for the web, Android, and iOS.
  • Developers can use it for client-side and server development, even if they’re familiar with JavaScript only.
  • It can update things automatically whenever a change takes place in the database.
  • Meteor has universal applications. In other words, it allows developers to use the same code for mobile devices and web browsers.
  • It comes with a MongoDB database written in JavaScript.

To conclude

Well, there you have it – an all-inclusive list of the best replacements for AngularJS you can use. They’re incredible for any kind of app you want to build in 2022. Of course, most developers and development agencies favor AngularJS, but there’s one organization that doesn’t hesitate to use these alternatives. It’s called Moon Technolabs – a reputed software and app development firm.

If you have plans to build a digital solution that AngularJS won’t be able to support, you need the services of an agency like the one mentioned above. Such agencies excel in using every substitute of this framework available under the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

AngularJS is one of the most popular open-source web frameworks created by Google in October 2010 for frontend development.
Every project has unique requirements. Even if AngularJS is one of the best frameworks of all time, it isn’t suitable for every project. What you’re trying to create may benefit from an appropriate substitute for AngularJS.
Some of the most widely used alternatives for AngularJS include ReactJS, Vue.js, Aurelia, Backbone.js, and Meteor.

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