Doctor Appointment App Development Solutions We Provide


Online Prescription

Empowers your patients to connect with the doctor and receive the e-prescription in just a few clicks. Assess the patient and send your e-prescription using the doctor appointment systems.


Health Tracking App

Let your app be the companion for patients seeking doctor’s attention on a regular basis. The app reminds them about prescribed medicines intake and exercises via push notifications.


Integrated Bill Payment

Leave the hassle of managing e-invoices to your own doctor appointment app. It offers integration with bill payment features to receive money easily from remote clients.


Virtual Doctor Consultation

Attending your remote patients is now a matter of seconds, thanks to a virtual doctor consultation app. assess your patients virtually from any location. Use the app to assess your patients via video conferencing from any location.


Disease Diagnosis Software

The doctor appointment app can itself provide checkups for patients if they are suffering from health issues. The diagnosis software comes equipped with the app for improved patient care.


Cloud-hosted App

Keep your important data such as patient’s health records and paperless invoices easily accessible in a cloud environment. Get a cloud-hosted app and nullify the risk of misplacements.

Open a Virtual Clinic for Global Clients

doctor appointment app for clients to receive prescriptions remotely. Collaborate with us to develop a feature-rich app to schedule appointments for patients and receive prescriptions remotely.

Build a Doctor Appointment App Like TelaDoc, ZocDoc and Docon

Get your clinic an online presence through a well-developed doctor appointment app and never lose your patient because of unavailable time slots. A reliable doctor appointment booking system will not only serve your patients in confirming appointments but also assist you in building a strong reputation within the medical community. With decades of experience in doctor appointment mobile app development, Moon Technolabs aims for revenue-generating apps like TelaDoc and ZocDoc rather than creating an ordinary app.

Our enthusiastic team of doctor app developers remain always on their toes to understand your requirements, choose the right platform and release the app at the earliest. Creating a doctor appointment scheduling app with expert’s supervision can lessen your workload of manually booking appointments and managing paperworks. If you wish to build a similar TelaDoc or ZocDoc-like app, we are just a click away.

Build a Doctor Appointment App Like TelaDoc, ZocDoc and Docon

Doctor Appointment App Features

We provide customizable models for online doctor app development services based on your diverse business needs. Whether you are an independent physician or running a multi-specialty clinic, we have a range of different models that offer next-level convenience.

Patient App

Patient App

An app for any non-tech savvy people to quickly confirm the doctor’s appointment on the go. and patients within a touching distance through a video consultation. It keeps physicians and patients within a touching distance through video consultations.

Clinic Assistant App

A dedicated app for your staff to accept or reject the booking as per doctor’s availability. With this app, your clinic attendant can prioritize appointments for needy patients in case of emergency.

Clinic Assistant App

Doctor App

Doctor App

Whether you want to advise medicines to your patients by sharing e-prescriptions or assess their medical history, the doctor app is all you need in your pocket.

Admin Panel

A dedicated panel for administrative users to authorize user rights and key features in patient or clinic assistant apps. Using this panel, you can generate usage reports to analyze medical team performance.

Admin Panel

Advanced Features For Doctor Appointment App

Loyalty Programs

Telenursing Services

Offer intense care and support to needy peoples through telenursing services. Let patients communicate directly with nurses or attendants without stepping out of their homes.

AI-Powered Chatbot

256-Bit Encrypted Chat Messaging

Engage in secure conversations with your patients using 256-bit encrypted messages that ensures complete confidentiality throughout the conversation.

Meal Customization

Online Therapy

Enable necessary mental health support to patients by connecting them with experienced therapists. Encourage them to join virtual sessions in a fully confidential environment.

Nutritional Information Display

Customer Feedback

Receive feedback from new and old patients to find scope of improvements in your medical services. Closely monitor their feedback before taking necessary actions.

Gamified Loyalty Program

Multilingual App

Language barriers should not be the problem for your patients. Break it down by launching an online doctor appointment booking app that supports multiple languages.

Geo-Fencing for Promotions

Service Module

Deploy advanced service modules for healthcare professionals to manage doctor appointments. Integrate service module to ensure increased health workers’ productivity.

Make Your Doctor Appointment App to Enable Online Bookings

doctor appointment app and avoid the mixups of client’s appointments. Call the best developers to work on your own doctor appointment app and avoid the mixups of patient appointments.

Hire Doctor Appointment App Developers

Hire Doctor Appointment App Developers

Hiring knowledgeable and skilled doctor appointment app developers can transform your vision into a reality. We, at Moon Technolabs, believe in creating a specialized doctor appointment booking app that will exceed your expectations. Your app can work as a virtual assistant for bed-ridden patients in such a way that they can make a payment without getting out of a hospital bed. Honestly, it is possible when you have industry experts like us to build white-label doctor appointment booking apps for driving business productivity and success. Is this what you want at the moment? Then, let’s collaborate to take this discussion further.

Doctor Appointment App Models We Offer

We provide customizable models for online doctor app development services based on your diverse business needs. Whether you are an independent physician or running a multi-specialty clinic, we have a range of different models that offer next-level convenience.


Doctor Finder App

Provide the convenience of finding the right doctor to your patients in a fraction of a second. Let them fix the appointment instantly using their mobile app after completing the doctor search.


Doctor App for Clinic

Never let your patients struggle for a long time to receive a doctor's attention. Switch to an online clinic where you can provide medical advice without being physically present at your desk.


Doctor App for Hospital

Get your hospital's digital presence through a comprehensive doctor appointment app. Save time and money by connecting specially-abled patients with medical professionals in a jiffy.

Get Rid of Manual Appointments Once and For All

No one likes to keep track of manually-booked appointments and engage in phone calls. Upgrade to an online doctor appointment app.

Tech Stack

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Programming Languages

HTMLJavaScriptKotlin (Android)Swift (iOS)PHP

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React JSAngular JSNode JSPHP

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Doctor Appointment App Development Process

Be our valued client and see your doctor appointment app getting ready through five phases. Our developers go through every step carefully to ensure smooth functionality of your app.

Step 1

Planning & Research

  • Elaborate on your requirements
  • Analyze the market situation
  • Discuss your app idea
  • Identify a solution for app
Step 2

Wireframing & UI/UX Design

  • Get wireframes ready for each screen
  • Decide color scheme, fonts, etc.
  • Client-side review
  • Make necessary design elements
Step 3


  • Carry out front & back-end development
  • Add third-party integrations
  • Work on feedback for each milestone
  • Manage patient, client assistant & doctor panels
Step 4

Quality Assurance

  • Gauge app performance
  • Code assessment
  • Assessing responsiveness
  • Fix bugs & check app security
Step 5

Launch & Maintenance

  • Decide on release date
  • Launch on app stores
  • Promote your app via marketing techniques
  • Post-development app support

Why Choose Moon Technolabs?

Why Choose Moon TechnoLabs

Why Choose Moon Technolabs?

As a premier Healthcare App Development company, Moon Technolabs excels in creating user-friendly doctor on-demand apps that improve appointment scheduling, patient management, and overall healthcare accessibility.

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Why Clients Trust Us?





Tailored Approach

Tailored Approach



Global Reach

Global Reach

Data-Driven Insights

Data-Driven Insights



Will you add any extra features during the development process?

We usually build an on-demand doctor appointment mobile app, consisting of each and every prominent feature. However, if you need any extra features such as clinic finder, doctor directory, or biometric authentication, we are happy to add them as well.


What’s the solution for connecting with my remote patients?

Video consultation using a doctor appointment mobile app is a reliable solution if patients are advised to take rest and cannot travel to the clinic. Besides existing patients, you can also reach out to new patients or have virtual meetings with fellow surgeons from anywhere.


Can a doctor appointment app help me earn money?

Yes, your on-demand doctor appointment app comes with subscription-based models along with premium features that help you earn money. Also, you can charge commission fees from fellow doctors whenever they connect with new patients.


What are the frameworks used in creating doctor appointment apps?

Generally, we use popular frameworks like React Native and Flutter to develop doctor on demand apps. The use of frameworks actually depends on the project complexity, features-to-be added, and resource availability.


How will I know if clients complete the online payment?

Whenever your patients make online payment you will receive push notifications on your mobile app. Also, you can check the payment details in the doctor appointment app any time to confirm the payment.