Justin G.
(United States)

Moon Technolabs is a pioneer in the WebRTC based project as they have fixed complicated segments of the module by fulfilling different product lines by providing 24X7 customer support. We really recommended Moon Technolabs as they are able to develop products as per the module deadline and project timeline.

Jay M.
(United States)

Moon Technolabs is the best company that provides advanced apps and websites development services in the USA and Europe. I am a newbie to develop my app with an external team. I am really happy to work with them as I am not that much mobile apps user. Here, the team and specially the CEO of Moon Technolabs helps me to let me know about the benefits of my app to generate revenue. Thanks, Moon Technolabs as I like their components as Trust, Commitment, Quality and Price.

Dr. Sumeet T.

The developer team at Moon Technolabs is really excellent and provides me a great solutions as per my requirements. Thanks Moon Technolabs!

Moon Technolabs have helped me in designing & developing this attractive iPad/iPhone Coloring book app and have supported me from scratch till uploading the app on App stores. I am highly recommending them for the best company in iPhone and iPad app.

Vincent C.
Belgium (Dutch)

We have used Moon Technolabs now for six years, They are very creative in creating and maintaining our iPhone apps. Our Social Media app immediately won Apple's Editors Choice and is currently used in 42 countries. They respond immediately to any requests - and their pricing beats any competition we have seen. I can recommend them to anyone planning on developing...

John Peckham

Truly, the quality of mobile & web app development service they offered was up to the mark. They provide a top-quality mobile and web app at a cost-effective package. I would strongly recommend Moon Technolabs to those searching for mobile & web app solutions. Recommended for all IT needs. Thanks, MTPL Team.

Andy Marty

The best company for mobile app development. Moon Technolabs team is very professional and providing the best services for the mobile app development. It was a great experience to work with Moon Technolabs.

McGuirk Stefoglo

Moon Technolabs Pvt Ltd delivered a quality app, and the solution launched as planned.

Founder, Mobile App Agency

The updated app has yet to launch, but Moon Technolabs Pvt Ltd met every milestone ahead of time without sacrificing quality. Customers can expect an experienced team that provides speedy service and prompt responses to questions or issues. Their timeliness despite time zone differences stood out.

IT Manager, Institute for Intergovernmental Research

The client has been happy with both the web design and marketing services provided. The time difference and slight language barrier have been a modest hindrance to collaboration, but have not impacted overall satisfaction.

Sole Proprietor, Trendkiste

The work was carried out very well with excellent communication throughout.

Michael H.
United Kingdom

Excellent work and very responsive and knowledge iOS developers. Highly recommend them.z

Roberto D.
United States

It was a pleasure to work with Moon Technolabs. The communication and flexibility on their part was amazing. I will definitely work again with them in future projects.

Corneliu S.
Ayse D.

I highly recommend Moon Technolabs as the quality of service is wonderful. We have hired this company to develop the product based on some complex & technical issues. We get the best quality services as compared with others in the market. Huge Thanks to Moon Technolabs as the team is always ready to give the solution all time.

Yousef A.
(Jordan (Middle East))

Moon Technolabs provides the best mobile app development solutions and as a team, they are amazing to fulfil my requirements of sports mobile application. I recommend all the time Moon Technolabs. Thanks!

Ehis E.

Moon Technolabs has created a portal by integrations with multiple modules including ETR functionality as per the requirement of the client. Here, the challenging part is to gather information, understand the idea and know about the scope of work in a given timeline. For that Team MTPL has discussed different modules and was clear about the requirements with a deadline and developed a robust solution. I am highly satisfied with their work and I strongly recommend Moon Technolabs.

Moon Technolabs helped me design a great landing page and helped rank high on google. My call conversions have increased by ten fold thanks to their efforts.


The new site is high functioning and has experienced an increase in users. The Moon Technolabs Pvt Ltd team’s availability made the collaboration effortless and productive. They fostered a professional environment and produced a final product with no major problems.

CEO, Reliyo

Moon Technolabs completed the project on time and met each of the requirements. Their efforts enhanced user experience and streamlined many in-app processes. As part of the internal team, Moon Technolabs’ diligent work ethic and communication skills continue to push the project forward.

CEO, The Money Club Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The team delivered top-tier apps that garnered positive feedback from users and had minimal issues. They excelled at project management and were committed to surpassing expectations.

Co-Founder, Safe Surfer

Their team did a great job of managing the timeline and communicating their progress throughout the project. They were accommodating in the face of unexpected changes and delivered all key features. The updated app made it easier to track budgets and improved the finance department’s efficiency.

Former IT Director, Nevis Island Administration

Truly, the quality of mobile & web app development service they offered was up to the mark. They provide a top-quality mobile and web app at a cost-effective package. I would strongly recommend Moon Technolabs to those searching for mobile & web app solutions. Recommended for all IT needs. Thanks, MTPL Team.The completed deliverables have allowed the company to stably offer and retain customers through a subscription service. Their ongoing maintenance of the app has remained successful due to their quick response times and willingness to challenge themselves with new projects.

Founder, Interview Training App

I have spent the last 3-months working with the team from Moon Technolabs and they have been fantastic to work with. The quality of work is great, very responsive with getting back to me in a timely manner and all the developers understand the tasks well and deliver on time. I will continue to work with Jayanti, Bhanu and all the team members that have helped with our project. I look forward to what we can achieve in the near future. Thanks guys!

Adam N.
New Zealand

Highest recommendation, think this was our 5-6 projects, plan to do at least 2-3 more plus they are doing an app. Great guys, have good quality, competitive pricing and have been very honest. I don't take any of those for granted.

Jay M.
United States

Moon delivered the solutions we wanted on time and with great technical quality. There were some delays, as are expected in a complex project, but the team addressed them properly. We will continue working with them in the future.

Felipe O.
Flavio S.

I am happy to recommend Moon Technolabs for their app development services. They successfully developed apps for me, and I am highly satisfied with the overall outcomes. The development team has swiftly addressed the issues with responsive and effective communication to understand the requirement quickly and actively resolve the back-and-forth problems that arose. The team also displayed great expertise in fixing bugs. Whenever issues were identified, they promptly decided on them, demonstrating their technical proficiency and commitment to delivering a high-quality product.

Jacquis F.

We have developed mobile apps and web applications using Flutter to provide solutions in cross platforms such as Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows & Web. Here, you can refer to a client testimonial in his own words about our IT services.

Very supportive and knowledgeable and professional staff. It was great working with this company for my project. Thanks team to deliver on time.

Brendan Sampaio

Moon Technolabs did great work. He made my app LoopVid just as I wanted and even made last minute changes for me. Thanks for the great work Moon Technolabs. Will definitely use again!


We got our time schedules together and we communicated very well by email.

Owner, PeopleFlasher

The level of repeat business speaks for itself regarding the mutual benefits of the partnership. He appreciates the team's frank communication when project requirements are not within their wheelhouse. One drawback is that end of project adjustments can be a little costly at times.

Principal, Developers 4 Lease

Delivered on time and on budget, the app was received well at a national event and met critical metrics. Moon Technolabs Pvt Ltd. provided prompt response to issues and adhered tightly to initial requirements. Customers can expect proactive project management and consistent communication.

Co-founder and CTO, CodeMax Sdn Bhd

The team’s composition was good; they provided a project manager who communicated well and was responsive. After the engagement, application usage increased noticeably.

Project Manager, Fitness App
Boston, MA, USA

The enhanced system eliminated delays, streamlined reporting processes, and simplified every department's workflow. Moon Technolabs Pvt Ltd communicated clearly and delivered each task on time. Their prompt, thorough approach kept the project on track.

Assistant Secretary Ministry of Finance, Nevis Island Administration

The project timeline and estimates were on point and the end client was ultimately happy with the product.

President, Bend Cloud

The client has been happy with his experiences thus far. There have not been any notable issues with quality or timeliness of deliverables. External feedback for a customer-facing website has also been positive.

COO, Media & Marketing Co
Boston, MA, USA

Thank you for the quality of work. Thanks to Chirag and Hiren for the great availability. The project is complex and long but the progress has been steady and always step by step. I keep this partner for my future projects. I am very happy with the quality.

Roman A.

This was an amazing experience and will use them again in the near future for any mobile app development we will have. Can't say enough of how great this was for the budget and the speed in which everything was done.

Joel M.
United States

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