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DevOps Development Services

Supercharge your software projects with faster and more accurate diagnoses with managed DevOps services to automate and reduce infrastructure waste and redundancies. Shift your focus from responding to emergencies to constant monitoring, decreasing the risks of failures.


DevOps Consulting Services

Achieve coordination between the teams needed to complete a product lifecycle on time. We offer DevOps consulting services from a project’s inception and suggest strategies to manage automation, costs, new features, and response times.


CI/CD Services

Simplify setting up your delivery pipelines by reducing time to market and cutting costs simultaneously with continuous integration and continuous development. Our DevOps services and solutions include automation tools, quick release of new features, and advising on the tools and platforms as and when needed.


Containerization Services

With containerization, process changes can be addressed at the right time by easily moving and carrying the dependencies required to operate. Our containerization services reduce manual efforts for mundane tasks and automate scaling, networking, and load balancing to cut costs by huge margins.


Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC)

Achieve alignment between IT system requirements and cloud-native resources for faster deployments, version control, and higher ROIs. We help you manage your IT infrastructure with automated provisioning of end-to-end deliveries by providing consultation on tech stack, implementation, and optimization.


Cloud Infrastructure Management

Decentralize your application deployments across multiple cloud environments to migrate your legacy infrastructure to the cloud. We provide cloud devops services with AWS, Azure, and GCP to make your infrastructure cloud-compatible and scalable.


DevSecOps Services

Combine DevOps and Security as Code to automate application deliveries to prevent data breaches and detect application vulnerabilities. Our DevSecOps consulting services enable threat modeling, secure your CI/CD pipelines, and check code dependencies by leveraging the right tools.

Our Approach to DevOps Software Development Services

Our DevOps development approach focuses on meticulously planning every decision that aligns with your business goals. We construct a comprehensive roadmap, prioritizing stakeholders' interests.

Implementing infrastructure as code enhances management efficiency, allowing automated provisioning and configuration. Continuous integration keeps product evolution seamless, with automated tests ensuring quality. A swift feedback loop and direct release on successful pipeline completion enable developers to focus on enhancements.

Our strategy ensures utilizing resources wisely and flexible scaling to meet business demands. Through efficient deployment and adaptable strategies, we accelerate delivery, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profitability.


An Ecosystem of DevOps Consulting Services

Accelerate the launch time of your software products by reducing isolation between development and operations teams. By comprehensively re-engineering your entire IT infrastructure, we aim to introduce a DevOps mindset with enhanced collaboration, faster deployment cycles, and secured enterprises.


DevOps Cloud Migration

Combine cloud computing with DevOps to eliminate the risks involved in migrating data and seek stability, flexibility, and agility in business from testing to deployment.


DevOps Automation Consulting

We streamline workflows, automate processes, and integrate cutting-edge tools, ensuring faster delivery cycles and improved collaboration from version control to deployment.


AWS and Azure Consulting

Elevate your cloud implementation strategy with our AWS and Azure consulting services, whether you're migrating to the cloud, optimizing existing infrastructure, designing architecture, or optimizing costs.


Project Launch and Recovery Consulting

Navigate the complexities of project management with consulting services for successful project launches or revitalize stalled initiatives with risk analysis, workflow optimization, and strategic insights.


Technology Implementation Consulting

We ensure a smooth transition with tailored strategies for feasibility studies, whether you’re adopting new solutions or upgrading existing systems for seamless integration.

Optimize Your Product Lifecycles With DevOps Automation

Begin your DevOps journey with us to fix all your efficiency, productivity, and revenue problems.

Our Achievements


Got 4.9 Stars by Recognized as "Top App Development Company" by Clutch.


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Got "Top Rated" Badge with 100% of Job Success on Upwork.


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Case Studies of Successful Projects

With a keen focus on user-centric design and seamless functionality coupled with advanced frameworks, our clients have seen tremendous results that align with their business objectives.

Zero Eyes
Moon Dialer
Moon Invoice

Zero Eyes

Zero Eyes employs computer vision with existing surveillance cameras to detect weapons and alert responders to active shooter threats. Our platform, designed by veterans, enhances security in schools, retail stores, government buildings, and public spaces, effectively managing numerous camera feeds that human operators cannot monitor alone.


  • Security

Tech Stack

  • CodeIgniter
  • Objective C
  • JavaScript
  • Swift

Moon Dialer

Moon Dialer leverages Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to enable cost-effective voice calls via broadband connections. It supports calls to phone numbers worldwide, offering one of the best dialing platforms in the industry. Designed with the latest technology trends, Moon Dialer stands out as a top VoIP application.


  • Telecom

Tech Stack

  • Twilio
  • VoIP


Ara addresses the essential need for water by delivering pure, glacier-filtered water with just a tap on your mobile. Originating from the Vaucluse region in France, Ara offers the purest water directly to your doorstep. Developed by Moon Technolabs, Ara's user-friendly app ensures easy ordering and delivery, making it the top choice for water on demand.


  • Business

Tech Stack

  • Java
  • Laravel
  • Swift

Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice is a comprehensive accounting software app designed for time and expense tracking to optimize business expenses and enhance profits with accurate billable hours. It offers free trials and subscription packages payable via PayPal. Available on iOS, macOS, Android, Web, and Windows, it features a user-friendly interface, a web admin panel for user management...


  • Business

Tech Stack

  • Laravel
  • php
  • CodeIgniter


iDare is an app designed for those seeking to challenge themselves and grow. Offering thousands of challenges, it encourages users to step out of their comfort zones and improve their skills. The primary motivation behind iDare is to help users break free from their bubbles and adapt to new scenarios. With iDare, you can track your progress, achievements, and personal growth...


  • Entertainment

Tech Stack

  • Flutter
  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

Words from Our Valuable Clients

Take a look at how our revolutionary DevOps consulting services for accelerated development processes elevated software deliveries and left a lasting impression on our customers.

Looking to Accelerate Project Deliveries and Reduce Expenses?

Let us help you identify patterns and break them down to increase team communication.

Our Process for Managed DevOps Services

We prioritize full automation and flexibility in DevOps, emphasizing the integral connection between development and operations. Our focus is on continuous processes—development, integration, testing, monitoring, feedback, delivery, and deployment—for efficient production stimulation.


1. Discovery and Planning

  • Analysis of current SDLC
  • Checking IT resources and infrastructure
  • Mapping expectations and capabilities

2. Roadmap and Prototypes

  • Designing a containerization approach
  • Configuring CI/CD tools
  • Identifying challenges and solutions

3. Automation and Integration

  • Configuring build servers
  • Testing production environments
  • Merging and checking code changes

4. Deployment and Testing

  • Deploying complex applications
  • Running changes through CI/CD pipeline
  • Preventing bugs and delays

5. Support and Updates

  • Integrating strong security protocols
  • Mentoring DevOps practitioners
  • Maintaining infrastructure operability

Frameworks Used for DevOps Development

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Streamline collaboration, automate workflows, and enhance code quality with GitLab’s comprehensive suite of version control and CI/CD pipeline tools.

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Automate your building, testing, and deployment pipelines with continuous integration & delivery and increase development speed with Jenkins in diverse environments.

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Terraform’s simplified infrastructure, such as code (IaC) with declarative configuration files, automates the provisioning and management of cloud resources across AWS and Azure.

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Kubernetes is an orchestration platform that automates containerized application deployment, scaling, and management for efficient container orchestration, ensuring seamless deployment of cloud-native applications.

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With Grafana, you can unify metrics from various sources, create interactive dashboards, and gain actionable insights for effective decision-making and performance optimization.

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Loki is a log aggregation system that efficiently manages log data in Kubernetes environments. It reduces log management complexity and enhances troubleshooting capabilities.

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Open ID Connect (OIDC)

OIDC enhances security in web applications, built on OAuth 2.0, to facilitate secure user authentication and authorization, providing a standardized identity layer for secure user access.

What We Can Build Together?


Ever felt the complexity of adopting DevOps without expert guidance? We're here to simplify. Our DevOps consultants bring a wealth of knowledge—knowing what works, what doesn't, and how to avoid costly mistakes. With our expert guidance, you can avoid costly pitfalls, ensuring effective adoption and maximum ROI. Unlike in-house teams, we offer that external perspective, ensuring your DevOps journey aligns with your goals. Let's streamline your operations, enhance performance, and fortify against challenges.


Take Important Management Decisions at The Right Time

Get experts on your team to spot the slightest code defects early on with a feedback loop.

Looking for other App Development Services?

Explore our wide range of app development services designed to bring your innovative ideas to life, tailored to meet your unique business needs.



Why do I need DevOps for my organization?

Embrace DevOps for streamlined workflows, faster delivery, and improved collaboration. It enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and accelerates software development, ensuring your organization stays competitive.


How does DevOps increase the security of my IT infrastructure?

DevOps integrates security into every phase, ensuring continuous monitoring, rapid response, and automated compliance checks. This proactive approach safeguards your IT infrastructure against potential threats.


Why should I choose DevOps services from Moon Technolabs?

Moon Technolabs offers tailored DevOps solutions, reducing complexities and maximizing ROI. Our seasoned consultants streamline operations, enhance performance, and fortify your organization against potential challenges with dedication and expertise.


What are the tools used for DevOps?

DevOps tools include GitLab, Jenkins, Terraform, Kubernetes, Grafana, Loki, and OpenID Connect. These tools automate processes, streamline collaboration, and enhance efficiency in software development and infrastructure management.


Can DevOps increase my ROI?

Yes, DevOps can significantly increase ROI by reducing time-to-market, enhancing collaboration, and optimizing resources. Streamlined workflows and automated processes contribute to cost-effectiveness and improved overall business outcomes.


Do you re-architect existing IT infrastructures?

Yes, our DevOps consultants can re-architect existing IT infrastructures. We analyze, optimize, and implement solutions to ensure your IT landscape aligns with the efficiency and scalability that DevOps offers.


How long does it take to implement DevOps?

The implementation timeline varies based on organizational needs. However, our experts focus on efficiency, ensuring a smooth transition to DevOps practices while minimizing disruptions to your ongoing operations.


How do you make DevOps projects successful?

We ensure DevOps success by customizing solutions that are aligned with your business goals. Our consultants provide comprehensive guidance, from streamlining operations to enhancing performance and fortifying against potential challenges, resulting in a successful and efficient DevOps journey.

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