Photo Editing App Development Solutions We Provide


AI-based Automatic Photo Correction App

AI-based photo correction apps use advanced algorithms to automatically adjust exposure, color balance, and sharpness. They are quickly becoming popular in the online photo editing apps market and are being used by both professionals and hobbyists.


Collage Maker and Photo Layout Designer

Collage maker and photo layout apps enable easy collage creation, combining images. Ideal for companies aiming to build a photo editing app that caters to a broad audience in the photo editing app market.


Special Effects and Filters Photo Editing App

Special effects and filters photo editing apps transform images with a variety of artistic filters and effects. This functionality has become a crucial component of contemporary photo editing software, providing users with extensive creative control over their images.


Cloud-based Collaborative Photo Editing App

Cloud-based collaborative photo editing apps revolutionize collaborative image editing. These apps enable real-time collaboration across different locations, making them an indispensable photo editing tool in the digital era and showcasing the benefits of cloud technology in photo editing.


AR-powered Photo Editing App

AR-powered photo editing apps add a new dimension to photo editing. In order to build these kinds of apps, one should approach a leading photo editing app development company, as it requires a specialized skill set.


Photo Restoration and Retouching App

Photo restoration and retouching apps specialize in reviving old or damaged photographs. These apps stand out in the photo editing software market for their ability to correct colors, remove imperfections, and restore faded images, preserving precious memories.

Ready to Boost Your Photo Editing Game?

Boost your photo editing effortlessly with our advanced, user-friendly app solutions, designed to enhance your visual creativity.

Build Photo Editing Apps Like Photoshop, Lightroom

As a top photo editing app development company we are adept at creating applications that compete with renowned names like Photoshop and Lightroom. We prioritize user-friendly interfaces and robust editing tools to ensure an effortless and comprehensive experience for both professional photographers and hobbyists.

Our foray into camera & photo editing apps development involves integrating sophisticated features such as AI-driven auto-correction, smart object removal, and real-time effects. This strategy not only bolsters user engagement but also positions your app at the forefront of the competitive market.

Central to our mission is delivering a picture editing solution that merges cutting-edge innovation with simplicity. Join us as we push the boundaries of digital photo editing, creating experiences that rival the capabilities of Lightroom and Photoshop.

Build Photo Editing Apps Like Photoshop, Lightroom

Photo Editing App Features

We excel in creating feature-rich applications tailored to client needs. As a top photo editing app development company, we use advanced technology to deliver innovative, high-quality photo editing solutions that redefine the user experience in digital imagery.

User App

User App

The user app provides users with a dynamic and intuitive interface, enabling effortless photo enhancements and a seamless editing experience.

Admin App

The Admin App efficiently manages all aspects of the custom photo editing app with a comprehensive dashboard.

Admin App

Advanced Features for a Photo Editing App


Customizable Filter Creation

Offer your users unparalleled creative freedom with photo editing app solutions that feature Customizable Filter Creation. It's perfect for businesses aiming to provide unique, personalized editing experiences.


Layer-based Editing Tools

Offering Photoshop-style layers lets users edit specific parts of a photo without affecting the whole image. This advanced functionality enables creative flexibility and control not possible with basic filters.


Real-time Collaboration Workspace

Enable seamless co-editing through real-time collaboration features like chat, cursors and version history. This allows multiple users to simultaneously work on photo editing software together.


Advanced Color Correction

Advanced color correction enables users to creatively enhance images with professional-quality results. This feature includes pro-level tools like curves for fine tuning tonal range and color wheels for adjusting hue/saturation.


Augmented Reality Effects

Augmented reality transforms photo editing into an interactive experience for the users. This feature allows users to apply AR enhancements, such as masks, filters, and animated text, using cutting-edge technology.


AI-powered Image Enhancement

This feature involves implementing powerful AI algorithms that can automatically improve image quality with one click. AI enhancement tools help users adjust exposure, contrast, and colors for quick yet high-quality edits.

Fulfill Your Image Editing Aspirations

Maximize creativity and propel your business forward with comprehensive photo editing solutions tailored for every requirement.

Hire Photo Editing App Developers

Hire Photo Editing App Developers

Entrust your vision to our skilled team at Moon Technolabs, a leading photo editing app development company. We specialize in transforming concepts into user-centric, feature-rich photo editing apps. Our photo editing application developers blend creativity with technical expertise, ensuring your app is both innovative and functional. Catering to diverse business needs, we craft solutions that stand out in the digital market.

Photo Editing App Business Models

As a leading photo editing app development company, we recommend three major business models to our clients for their photo editing apps. Each business model is tailored to different user needs and has different revenue generation strategies.



The freemium model offers basic app functionalities for free, with the option for users to purchase advanced features. This approach caters to a wide audience, making it an ideal strategy for photo editing apps targeting both casual users and those seeking more advanced capabilities.

In-app Advertisements

In-app advertisements allow free access to the photo editing app, while generating revenue through ads. This model is perfect for companies aiming to build a photo editing app that balances free user access with ad-based income streams.

In-app Advertisements



The subscription model provides various feature levels to meet diverse user needs. It enables companies to offer premium editing tools and content, positioning them as leading providers of photo editing app solutions with a focus on sustained user engagement and quality service.

Technology Stack

tech icons
Programming Languages


tech icons
API and Libraries

OpenGLOpenCVAmazon RekognitionMicrosoft Azure Face APIGoogle Cloud Vision APIGPU Acceleration

tech icons
Cloud Storage and Hosting

Amazon S3AzureGoogle Cloud StorageContent Delivery Networks (CDNs)

tech icons
Payments and Monetization

StripeBraintreeAdMob by GoogleChartboost

tech icons
Deep Linking and User Engagement

Branch.ioFirebase Dynamic LinksFirebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)Apple Push Notification Service (APNs)OneSignal

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Machine Learning and AI


Photo Editing App Development Process

Being a leading photo editing app development company, we initiate in-depth market analysis and client consultation. This ensures your app is both innovative and perfectly aligned with your business goals.

Step 1

Initial Analysis & Conceptualization

  • Define specific photo editing functionalities
  • Analyze target users and market dynamics
  • Concept validation and refinement
Step 2

Design & Prototyping

  • Create interactive app wireframes
  • Design aesthetic elements and user interfaces
  • Refine designs based on client input
Step 3

Core Development Phase

  • Execute comprehensive front and back-end coding
  • Integrate unique photo editing features
  • Continuously incorporate stakeholder feedback
Step 4

Testing & Refinement

  • Perform extensive functionality and usability testing
  • Optimize code and enhance app performance
  • Ensure rigorous security and bug fixes
Step 5

Deployment & Support

  • Plan and implement the app's market entry
  • Ensure smooth app store deployment
  • Provide consistent post-launch support and upgrades

Want to Build the Next Unicorn in the Photo Editing Space?

Let's craft a dynamic, feature-rich photo editing app together, designed to propel your business to new heights in the creative industry.

Why Choose Moon Technolabs?

Why Choose Moon TechnoLabs

Why Choose Moon Technolabs?

Choose Moon Technolabs for exceptional photo editing app development services to bring your creative app ideas to life with skill and dedication.

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What is the typical timeline for developing a custom photo editing app?

The development timeline for a custom photo editing app typically ranges from a few months to a year. This duration depends on the app's complexity, feature set, and customization level. Our process includes initial consultations, design, development, testing, and final deployment, each stage meticulously tailored to your project's specific needs.


Can you integrate AI technology into our photo editing app?

Absolutely, integrating AI technology is one of our specialties. AI can enhance your app with features like smart image recognition, automated editing, and personalized filter suggestions. These advanced capabilities not only streamline the editing process but also significantly improve user engagement and experience in the app.


How much does photo editing app development cost?

The cost of photo editing app development depends on your project's complexity, desired features, and customization level. It's influenced by factors like AI integration and platform choice. Please get in touch with us for an accurate quote based on your unique requirements. We're committed to providing cost-effective solutions that align with your vision and budget.


Can you develop photo editing apps with cloud storage integration?

Certainly, we specialize in developing photo editing apps with integrated cloud storage solutions. This feature allows users to securely store and access their photos anywhere, anytime. It enhances the app's usability by providing easy backup, sharing, and collaborative editing capabilities across various devices.


What are the technologies that you will use in developing my photo editing app?

We'll develop your photo editing app using Java, Kotlin, and Swift to create a strong foundation. For image processing, we'll leverage OpenGL and OpenCV, and for storage, Amazon S3 and Google Cloud. Engagement features will come from Firebase Cloud Messaging and, while TensorFlow will enhance machine learning capabilities for precise editing. Our technology choices will be tailored to your project's specific needs