Hire Blockchain Developers

Are you looking to build a wholesome blockchain system that’s not easy to manipulate or tamper with? Trust our experienced blockchain developers to increase your business potential by developing an unbeatable security system. Build decentralized networks for faster operational processes with no central point of failure.

  • Automated Smart Contracts Implementation
  • Higher Accuracy and Accountability
  • Reduced Operational Processing Costs
  • Built-in Settings for Easy Traceability


Hire Blockchain Developers for Enhanced Security

In a world driven by cybersecurity, the need for building resilient blockchain systems is critical. A central network is highly susceptible and vulnerable to failures. Hence, building decentralized networks is one of the highest selling points.

Blockchains guard your transactions, increase processing speed, and make them high-performing. With fewer intermediaries, you take control of authenticating access only to trusted parties. Each node authorizes transactions before they occur, offering trust, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

Hire blockchain developers from Moon Technolabs and save your business systems from interception from hackers, viruses, malicious actors, and any other third party spying on your data.

  • Extensive experience in dApps
  • Integration of consensus algorithms
  • Coding in Hyperledger, Ethereum, Solidify
  • Streamlined smart contracts and tokenization
  • Encryption with Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs)
  • Highly secured system architecture
  • Real-time media consumption
  • Asset management and fraud detection

Ready to Take Control of Your Business Transactions?

We build your ideal full-scale applications with a highly experienced team at your disposal.

Leverage the Expertise of Our Skilled Blockchain Developers

Develop full-proof blockchain applications from scratch or consult with our expert developers to integrate your existing systems. Build high-performing decentralized solutions that enable your business to distinguish itself from the competition and accelerate your business operations.

Custom Blockchain Apps

Smoothen your business operations by developing quicker & safer public and private blockchain solutions with our expertise and fluency in coding with Ethereum, Stellar, and Hyperledger for assets, peer nodes, and ledgers.

Blockchain Consulting

Gain valuable insights from our expert consultants to solve your most complex decisions related to selecting the right technology. With project analysis, strategy development, and infrastructure assessment, our blockchain consulting solutions have made many successful projects.

Supply Chain Development

Transform your supply chain management processes and transactions with decentralized networks carefully adapted according to modern managers to improve transparency in data, communication, and document exchange.

Blockchain NFT Marketplace

Launch a highly secured marketplace system to offer your customers a seamless experience of trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and generate higher returns on investments(ROI) through public blockchain systems.

Blockchain Smart Contracts

Build self-executing smart contracts for automating business operations and customer transactions that you can integrate into your existing platforms like marketplaces, crowdfunding, wallets, and ICOs.

Enterprise Blockchain Applications

Our enterprise blockchain solutions include integrating IoT for data storage and computation, decentralized mining networks, anti-money laundering protocols, wallets, and cryptocurrencies for developing highly secured applications.

Projects Developed by Our Skilled Blockchain Developers

Embark on a brief journey through our accomplished blockchain app development ventures, where we blend accuracy with a user-centered mindset. Explore our vast portfolio and witness the extraordinary solutions we have brought to life.

Why Clients Trust Us?





Tailored Approach

Tailored Approach



Global Reach

Global Reach

Data-Driven Insights

Data-Driven Insights

Double The Benefits of BlockchainTechnology with Moon Technolabs

We’ve got you covered to process thousands of transactions with a distributed network.

Hiring Process for Our Experienced Blockchain Developers

Through our hiring process, you can find your perfect candidate based on your project requirements. We understand that each project is different and requires conducting a separate hiring process to guarantee a project’s success.


Outline Your Needs

Communicate your requirements openly, detailing the project scope, the skills you desire, and your timeline expectations.


Scouting Top Talent

Moving forward, we identify potential candidates within our skilled development team. We locate them and ensure they bring relevant specialized expertise along with a compelling track record.


Evaluating Coding Skills

Thirdly, we conduct technical interviews and assess the coding skills, problem-solving capabilities, and familiarity with the Blockchain development landscape of dedicated blockchain developers.


Building Your Winning Squad

At this juncture, the process involves careful selection of our final team members, considering their collective strengths and diverse skill sets for a well-rounded team.


Selecting the Right Project Model

Before starting the development, we carefully choose a project model that aligns with the project's scope, timeline, and client expectations for maximum efficiency.


Developing Your App

Kickstart the development phase, where we prioritize consistent communication, progress tracking, and stringent quality assurance over anything else to ensure timely and successful delivery.


Engagement Models to Hire Blockchain Experts

Select from our options designed for projects with defined timelines, evolving requirements, or long-term collaborations. Our customization ensures a perfect fit for your project's complexity, budget, and desired level of control and flexibility.


Fixed Price Model

The model is suitable when you have a set project scope and the budget is pre-defined. Though it offers you limited flexibility, you have the advantage of having fixed prices. Choose this model when your project is for small to medium and requires continuous support.


Dedicated Model

The model is ideal for hiring dedicated blockchain developers when you need resources on a full-time basis, and projects will go on for a longer period. It has higher flexibility and scalability when you have a complex project on your hands. Choose this model when you need any time maintenance.


Time/Material Model

The model is perfect when you only have to pay for the resources, time, money, and talent that you have used. It is perfect for projects with dynamic project requirements, and there’s no certainty of the projects. Choose this model where you get regular tracking of project progress.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Blockchain Developers

The demand for remote developers to build blockchain applications continues to grow, offering secure and decentralized systems. We ensure that there’s always transparency, trust, and efficiency with our blockchain developers for hire.

Strong Understanding of Cryptography

Our blockchain developers possess an in-depth understanding of cryptography, ensuring robust security features and encrypted transactions for your decentralized applications.

Multiple Platforms, Single Codebase

Streamline development across various platforms with a single codebase, optimizing efficiency and reducing development time for versatile blockchain solutions.

Faster Market Launches

Accelerate time-to-market by leveraging our developers' expertise in creating Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), allowing quick validation of concepts and rapid market entry.

Cost-effective Business Solutions

Benefit from cost-effective blockchain solutions tailored to your business needs, optimizing processes, reducing operational costs, and enhancing overall business efficiency.

Flexible Hiring Models

Choose from flexible hiring models tailored to your project requirements, ensuring scalability and adaptability as your blockchain initiatives evolve.

Strict Security and Authentication

Our developers implement robust security measures and user-authentication protocols, ensuring the highest standards of safety and confidentiality for your blockchain applications.



Which niche do your blockchain developers have expertise in?

Our developers have extensive experience in whether you want to build a mobile app or web app, migrate your existing system, or develop a new one from scratch. We have experience in varied niches for startups and enterprises.


I want to protect the confidentiality of my idea. Do you sign an NDA?

Yes, that’s our highest priority in every project. You can rest assured that all your terms, original ideas, and source code are completely safe. We make sure we sign an NDA to protect the assets and rights of both parties involved.


Do you work in my country’s time zone?

Yes, all our hiring models are built to adapt to your preferences, which includes time zone compatibility. Our developers are always ready and dedicated to providing any kind of support, calls, and meetings when they work on your project.


Which is the best technology to use for developing blockchain apps?

We use Hyperledger, Ethereum, and Multichain, along with powerful libraries and platforms like Solidity, Stellar, TRON, and WebAssembly. Other than that, we leverage programming languages like Python, NodeJS, and JavaScript to deliver the best codes.


What would be the cost of developing a Blockchain app with Moon Technolabs?

If you have a long-term project, our best bet is to choose a dedicated model. Similarly, if you want to scale up your app in the future, you can choose team augmentation. For the exact cost of the resources, time, scope, and timelines, we are just a call away!


What if I want to make changes to the app after the launch?

That won’t be an issue because we always tell our clients to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It’s the best way to assess and gauge user interest and gain feedback based on which you can add more features and changes and adapt over time.

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