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WebRTC Application Development Services

WebRTC technology is a cost-effective solution for businesses to enhance instant interactions between employees and customers. We have industry expertise in developing highly protected real-time communication apps using WebRTC apps that safeguard your data while communicating through files, browsers, and video calls.


WebRTC Mobile App Development

We develop highly scalable WebRTC mobile apps with pre-built libraries for platform-specific features to establish robust P2P connections and keep them running smoothly.


WebRTC Browser App Development

We have a team of certified WebRTC developers who build web apps that efficiently exchange data and maintain stable connectivity across web browsers even under high network traffic.


WebRTC API Development

Our skilled developers integrate APIs for business software with video conferencing, calling, and data-sharing features into support systems, collaboration tools, and websites.


WebRTC Multi-platform Streaming

Using W3C and IETF security protocols, we create high-quality WebRTC multi-platform streaming apps compatible with other audio and video systems for seamless data exchange.


Live Video Streaming App Development

Our WebRTC solutions provide a seamless experience with integrated features of personal chats, social sharing channels, and all types of live video streaming.


Webinar & Event Broadcasting

We integrate WebRTC technology with hybrid and virtual event platforms and create easy setups for conferences, lectures, and webinars from anywhere in the world.

Moon Technolabs Approach to WebRTC Development Solutions

At Moon Technolabs, we approach each of the WebRTC solutions with a focus on making your interactions with customers more personal, engaging, and frictionless. Our ability to inject real personality into real-time communications is reflected beyond standalone, cloud, and hardware applications.

With the power of WebRTC, we implement all communications in seconds with specialized systems accessible over the Internet across any device, anywhere. Whether you want to develop a custom WebRTC module for demonstrating product features, conducting conferences, or providing customer support, our solutions provide an opportunity to facilitate efficient communications.


An All-inclusive Range of WebRTC Solutions

All WebRTC business solutions we provide focus on providing secure data exchange for streaming audio and video API protocols. Whether the data transmission is between browsers or devices, WebRTC makes it easy to deploy plugins with SDP packages and signaling servers to determine information regarding connectivity.

Audio and Video Conferences icon

Audio and Video Conferences

WebRTC allows secured authentication and encryption of audio and video conferences with RTP protocols to protect your connections even when using public networks.

Live Streaming icon

Live Streaming

The low latency of WebRTC for live streaming enables real-time broadcasting through PCs, laptops, or any other device, enhancing business-to-client interactions.

Video and Audio Calls icon

Video and Audio Calls

WebRTC is equipped with high-quality codecs like Opus and SILK, which promote excellent video streaming quality and ensure interoperability without using additional codecs.

Data Exchange and Messaging icon

Data Exchange and Messaging

Each data exchange session is end-to-end encrypted to ensure safe communications. We also optimize robust bandwidth even in cases of poor connectivity.

Screen Sharing and File Transfer icon

Screen Sharing and File Transfer

WebRTC solutions allow screen-sharing and file transfer by integrating two-way chatting, whiteboards, and other conferencing features without any code refactoring.

Server Functionality and Signaling icon

Server Functionality and Signaling

We ensure a robust platform for real-time communication with STUN/TURN servers to establish connections with NATs firewalls and facilitate signaling servers with WebSocket and Node.js.

Maximize Connectivity and Simplify Communications

Upgrade your real-time communications with user-friendly WebRTC features across devices.

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Case Studies of Successfully Completed WebRTC Projects

Take a look at our successful case studies that boast of our powerful integrations of WebRTC features and functionality across a variety of industries.

Moon Dialer
GD Entry

Moon Dialer

Moon Dialer leverages Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to enable cost-effective voice calls via broadband connections. It supports calls to phone numbers worldwide, offering one of the best dialing platforms in the industry. Designed with the latest technology trends, Moon Dialer stands out as a top VoIP application.


  • Telecom

Tech Stack

  • Swift
  • Twilio
  • VoIP


NIVI - Night Vision Video Chat is perfect for nighttime activity enthusiasts, transforming your phone into a night vision device. Ideal for capturing the night sky, dimly lit events, or night walks, NIVI uses full screen brightness to illuminate your face during video calls and adds a white border for enhanced visibility


  • Social Networking

Tech Stack

  • Swift
  • WebRTC
  • Twilio

GD Entry

GD Entry integrates with Grand Dunes Entry Systems to enhance apartment and building security. Residents can see, talk to, and grant access to guests via a touch screen panel and live webcam feed. The app works with IoT and IT door systems, enabling residents to receive video calls when guests ring the doorbell and decide...


  • IoT & Home Automation

Tech Stack

  • Swift
  • WebRTC
  • NexiGo(Live WebCam)


Read the experiences of our clients who have seen their businesses transform by implementing advanced WebRTC technologies with seamless real-time communications.

Ready to Empower Your Real-time Interactions?

Let our expert developers be your guide to the smooth customization of WebRTC solutions.

Our WebRTC Development Consulting Process

The process for developing WebRTC applications constitutes a continuous five-step process of gathering your unique project requirements and understanding your vision to build custom apps.


1. Ideating Your Vision

  • Market research and analysis
  • Define objectives and features
  • Finalizing timeline and milestones

2. Creating and Designing Prototypes

  • Sketching interface layouts
  • Navigation and user flow
  • Developing prototypes

3. Developing Code

  • Coding the features
  • Review and version controls
  • Process documentation

4. Quality Testing

  • Functionality tests and fixing bugs
  • App responsiveness and compatibility
  • Implementing user feedback

5. Deploying and Support

  • App Store optimization and promotion
  • Performance monitoring and quality checks
  • Implementing additional features

Frameworks for WebRTC App Development

We integrate all the essential frameworks for building WebRTC applications, equipped with tools and libraries that streamline development and enable the creation of powerful products with real-time communication technology.

WebRTC Native APIs

Browsers provide the native WebRTC APIs, which allow developers to access and control direct audio/video communication in web applications.


It’s a JavaScript library that simplifies building real-time communication applications by providing high-level abstractions and easy-to-use APIs.


Another JavaScript library to build WebRTC applications to facilitate the features of audio/video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, and more.


A simple JavaScript library providing an easy-to-use API for establishing peer-to-peer connections and transmitting data between clients.


Socket.IO is often used to handle signaling to negotiate and establish connections between clients in a real-time communication application.

Twilio Programmable Video

Twilio offers a programmable video platform that provides APIs and SDKs for building WebRTC-based video conferencing and screen sharing.


Galene is designed for seamless communication. It stands out for its simplicity and ease of use, making it ideal for creating scalable video conferencing and streaming solutions.


An open-source WebRTC server-side media processing library for building scalable, efficient, and advanced media processing capabilities in real-time communication applications.

Why Choose Moon Technolabs as Your WebRTC Software Development Company?


WebRTC technology is a cost-effective solution for building secure and robust communication channels for internal and external business interactions. At Moon Technolabs, we assemble a customized team for your WebRTC app project to help you reduce operational costs. With pre-built libraries and cloud services, we ensure that each corporate call you make is protected, private, and secure.

  • Dedicated teams for RTC app development
  • Cost-effective solutions without compromising quality
  • No time-zone barriers
  • Agile development methodology
  • Prompt project deliveries
  • Open and honest communication

Create Immersive Event Broadcasting Experiences

Engage your audience with multimedia-rich content and deliver interactive experiences.

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Is WebRTC a reliable technology?

Yes, WebRTC is a reliable technology for real-time communication as it provides a secure and robust framework for peer-to-peer communication with Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) and Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS). You can be assured that we will always ask for your permission to access your camera and microphone for data sharing.


How much does WebRTC app development cost?

The cost of WebRTC app development depends on the app’s complexity, features, and team expertise. The exact estimation of developing any open-source project or technology is decided after discussing your requirements for designing any app.


Can I integrate WebRTC technology into third-party applications?

Yes, we offer integrated solutions for enhanced customer support and engagement to connect to various platforms. Some of the most used integrations include YouTube, Facebook, and cloud-served phone calls.


What are the different types of WebRTC apps that your company develops?

We have expertise in developing WebRTC mobile apps, web-browser apps, live streaming apps, webinars, and event apps for remote collaboration. All these are protected under standard protocols for interactive content sharing. We also develop customized online customer support services for real-time assistance.


How do you hire the best WebRTC developers?

Hiring WebRTC developers involves a thorough assessment of candidates based on their experience with real-time communication projects, proficiency in WebRTC protocols and APIs, and familiarity with relevant technologies like JavaScript and HTML5. Our hiring process focuses on selecting candidates with problem-solving skills, a strong understanding of networking, and a proven track record in developing secure and scalable applications.

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