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Hire dedicated windows app developers from Moon Technolabs to tackle project complexities. Our experts possess wide knowledge in building Windows applications with modern technologies like C# and .NET. We offer all types of Windows app development services to keep you ahead of the competition.

  • Expert-guided Windows App Solutions
  • Developers with Expertise in Visual Studio 2019
  • Windows App Development at Budgeted Price
  • Dedicated Windows App Developer to Work on Your Project


Hire Certified Windows App Developers

For decades, Windows has been the top pick for users seeking easy-to-use operating systems for desktop or mobiles. Currently, the Windows app market is growing following the availability of Windows 11 and has gained popularity in recent times. Thus, providing an opportunity for businesses to enter the market with innovative Windows apps.

We, at Moon Technolabs, offer Windows app development services to convert your app idea into reality. Our developers carefully integrate all necessary features to create an unique app and enhance the user experience. Hire Windows application developers from us can assist you in developing a robust Windows app that increases user engagement.

  • Customized Windows app solution
  • Experienced team of Windows developers
  • Compliance With industry regulations
  • Agile methodologies
  • Project transparency
  • On-time project delivery
  • Regular Windows app maintenance & checkups
  • Thorough testing by QA engineers

Want Someone to Look After Your Windows App Project?

Let our developers do all the hard work of developing a Windows-based application.

Expertise of Our Windows Developers

With hands-on experience in the latest technologies and frameworks, our developers have redefined the way of building a Windows-based application. Such unmatched expertise of developers not only delivers Windows app solutions but also keeps you in the driver’s seat amid increasing competition.

Custom Windows App for Desktop

Our professional developers deliver Windows solutions that align perfectly with your business requirements. Whether it is for desktop or mobile apps, our experts provide customized Windows solutions.

Windows Multimedia Apps

Build a multimedia app for Windows with our expert guidance. Encourage users to watch their favorite shows from their home comfort and boost engagement levels.

Windows Game Development

Hire proficient Windows app developers to deliver next-level gaming experience in 2D or 3D. Let our best minds lead your way in building Windows apps for the gaming community.

Windows Social Media Apps

Develop an appealing social media app on Windows platform to let users interact with their friends. With an intuitive user interface, our experts create user-friendly social media apps.

Window Enterprise App Development

Get a unique Windows app for your business to manage on-field operations, analyze sales reports and record payment history. We build all types of Windows apps for enterprise-level businesses.

Windows Application Re-engineering

Have an existing Windows app? Let our desktop developers upgrade it in no time. Our industry experts will not only move an existing app to the new platform but also add the lacking functionality to your app.

Case Studies of Windows Projects Successfully Completed

We believe in delivering reliable and long-lasting Windows app solutions. Go through our case studies to explore our successful Windows projects.

Why Clients Trust Us?





Tailored Approach

Tailored Approach



Global Reach

Global Reach

Data-Driven Insights

Data-Driven Insights

Achieve Desired Business Success by Hiring Experts

Get certified Windows app developers for improved project efficiency and achieve your business goals in less time.

Windows Developers Hiring Process

Our process of hiring Windows developers consists of a few steps, in which we listen to your business requirements before assigning developers to handle your project. We ensure designers, developers and testers combinedly work to build your dream app.


Understanding Project Requirements

Whether you want to build a Windows application from scratch or upgrade the application to the new platform, we make sure your project requirements are heard carefully before moving to development stages.


Sourcing Windows Development Candidates

Our team will be involved in sourcing the right candidates based on their expertise and knowledge. We source an expert to build your Windows-based app that meets your expectations.


Screening of Candidate

Our technical team will lead your way in screening the candidates from a pool of developers. We pick someone who has vast experience and better understanding of the latest technologies.


Shortlisting Windows Developers

Our team will shortlist Windows developers who possess high knowledge of programming languages and frameworks. An expert who can build a desired Windows app using the latest technology stack.


Finalizing Project Model

Our technical team will assist you in choosing a suitable project model after understanding your business requirements. This phase ensures a structured development process and aims to meet your clients’ expectations.


Begin the Windows app development

After finalizing the candidate, we conduct internal meetings of team leaders, developers, designers and testing engineers to start the development process. We keep you updated with progress status until the completion of the project.


Engagement Models

We offer multiple engagement models to help you achieve business objectives. Our developers ensure you choose the suitable model in order to rule the current Windows app development market.


Fixed Price Model

It ensures a fixed budget for Windows app projects even if it results in time expansion. Businesses choose this model in case they don’t want to breach the financial limit and have no additional project requirements.


Dedicated Model

Choosing this model means to deploy a team of professional developers that dedicatedly work on your project and help you build an innovative Windows app in a timely manner. If you want to hire remote Windows developers, this dedicated model is ideal for your project.


Time/Material Model

Businesses usually opt for this model in case they often require changes in cost and resources. This model mostly serves enterprise businesses because of their ever-changing requirements.

Benefits of Hiring Windows Developers From Moon Technolabs

Hiring skilled developers to create an innovative Windows application can lead to a multitude of benefits. We, at Moon Technolabs, ensure you get all benefits, from cost-effectiveness to timely project completion.

Dedicated Windows Developers

Whether you develop a Windows app from scratch or ask for post-development services, our developers work solely on the assigned project. We empower you to utilize the developers’ time and skills to the fullest.

Periodic Reporting

Your project team leader provides you in-detail reports to keep you posted throughout the development process. With timely updates, we allow you to keep an eye on the development cycle.

Robust Security

Our experts provide a robust security layer so that users can hassle-free access Windows-based mobile apps without worrying about their data security.

Cost-effective Development Process

When you have dedicated Windows programmers to take care of your project, it leads to reduced overall costs. We offer post-development services for Windows apps without any extra cost.

Minimized Development Life Cycle

Partnering with a trusted Windows app development company means reduced development process and timely completion. Our developers make sure your Windows app gets ready before the launch date.

Round-the-clock Support

Our developers ensure your Windows mobile app keeps performing at the efficient level with 24/7 support. Experts working on your project will offer regular checkups and maintenance.



What are technologies used for Windows app development?

Our Windows app developers make use of latest technologies which consist of frameworks like .NET and programming languages such as C#, VB.NET, and ASP.NET. Utilizing such technologies, our experts aim to build a modernized Windows app.


How will I monitor app development progress?

While developing a Window-based application, our experts make sure you get a clear view of the development process. Our team sends you periodic updates and also engages in virtual meetings to know your feedback. You can even contact us any time if you feel there are some points to be discussed with the development team.


What are the project management tools used during the app development?

We use popular project management tools like Jira, Asana and Trello to streamline project management and achieve the deadline. Using such tools, we aim for smooth workflows that help us in timely delivery of Windows app projects.


Do I need to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA)?

Yes, we do have an NDA for businesses partnering with us to embark on the Windows app development journey. Hence, you can have peace of mind that your app idea won’t be disclosed to anyone. Besides NDA, we also assure you of IP protection.


Can I hire expert Windows developers on a contractual basis?

Of course, you can hire developers on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis. When hiring Windows developers team, businesses can discuss their requirements with us and we will deploy knowledgeable individuals to fulfill their project goals.

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