Business Model

Hire Dedicated Developer
Fixed Price Model
Time & Material Model
Working With The Dedicated Hired Resources Suites Projects Needs/Requirements
Daily Reporting Of The Work In Progress Is Must To Manage The Project Deadline
Requirements, Features And Specifications Of Projects Are Bound To Change With The Development Process
You Do Not Want To Get Into The Hassle Of Development Process And You Require Dedicated Team Of Chosen Developers Only To Work On Your Project
Clear Scope Of Requirement And Least To Be Altered
Project Duration Can Be Predicted Well In Advance
You Require Only The Timely Update For The Projects
Project Initialization, Discussion And Gathering Necessary Requirements
Research And Analysis From Our Team
Deriving Project Scope And Estimates
Final Discussion On Total Cost & Deadline Set For The Project
Delegating Task And Assignments In Order To Start Work.
Timely Feedback And Work Updates Are Given On Project Status On A Weekly/ Fortnightly Basis
Cost-Effectiveness To Be Achieved By Paying Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly
You Want Flexibility In Working Hours Of The Resources
Time Management Becomes Crucial In Terms Of Resource Aligned
You Wish To Manage Project Related Tasks Hassle-Free
20% To 50% Advance Payment As Per Project Size.
Source Code Release Once Final Payment Is Received.
Rest As Per Milestones.

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