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Windows App Development Services

Our expert team ensures your Windows applications are dynamic, user-friendly, and perfectly aligned with your business goals. Let us help you create an impactful Windows app that reaches a wide audience to get the full potential of your business.


Custom Windows App Development

We create exceptional Windows apps to boost your business's sales and conversions. We excel in developing plugins, extensions, client-server applications, and other complex solutions. Share your vision with us; we'll bring it to life with the latest features and technology.


Modernization and Migration

Staying competitive means keeping your software up-to-date. As technology evolves and market demands shift, applications can quickly become outdated. We can help you upgrade your apps to meet current standards, ensuring they stay relevant and effective.


Windows UI/UX Design

We build custom Windows apps with intuitive interfaces and seamless experiences. Our expert team of desktop app developers ensures user-friendly layouts and easy navigation in our Windows UI/UX design services that enhance engagement and satisfaction.


Testing and Quality Assurance

Ensure your apps are flawless with our comprehensive testing and quality assurance services. We conduct rigorous testing to guarantee the reliability and performance of your Windows applications. Our thorough Windows app testing ensures your app performs exceptionally.


Maintenance and Support

We enhance your app's functionality, provide regular updates, and offer technical support consultations. Count on Moon Technolabs for continuous support to keep your Windows applications optimized, secure, and delivering consistent performance and reliability.


Windows App Consultation

We offer expert Windows consultation services to guide you through the entire app development lifecycle. Our experienced desktop application developers help you make strategic insights and actionable recommendations for success.

Moon Technolabs' Approach to Windows App Development

Our approach to Windows app development is rooted in innovation, expertise, and client satisfaction. Backed by a team of adept developers well-versed in the Windows ecosystem, we deliver high-performing apps that drive business transformation. Utilizing the latest technologies, innovative frameworks, and flexible methodologies, our experts create compelling user experiences.

Throughout the development process, we maintain open communication channels, providing regular updates and actively seeking your feedback. This approach ensures transparency and alignment with your expectations, making you an integral part of the development journey. Our custom Windows app development services offer you a competitive edge over your rivals. With a focus on leveraging the power and flexibility of Windows Apps, we ensure that your applications remain ahead of the curve.


Extensive Windows App Development

Choose our extensive Windows app development services to ensure your business benefits from broad accessibility and impressive performance. We deliver robust solutions that ensure optimal performance, scalability, and user satisfaction.


Custom Enterprise Solutions

We offer tailored Windows applications to meet your enterprise needs and goals. We ensure our custom Windows app development services enhance your business productivity and efficiency with personalized features and workflows.


Windows Game Development

Create highly immersive, engaging, high-performance games for the Windows platform with the top desktop app development company. We leverage advanced graphics, technology, and interactive features to captivate users.


Windows Cloud Integration

Count on our expert Windows app developers to seamlessly integrate your Windows applications with cloud services. We ensure scalable, secure, and efficient cloud-based solutions tailored to your business requirements.


Windows App Security Implementation

As a leading Windows application development company, we implement robust security measures to protect your Windows apps from threats and vulnerabilities. Besides, we ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.


Windows IoT Development

Hire Windows app developers to create innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. We leverage Windows OS to connect, manage, and optimize smart devices and systems, empowering digital transformation initiatives.


Windows App Analytics and Reporting

We integrate advanced analytics and reporting tools in your Windows applications to monitor app performance, user engagement, and other key metrics. Get actionable insights for continuous improvement and optimization.

Ready To Maximize Your Audience Reach?

Build feature-rich, user-friendly Windows apps that captivate your target audience and boost engagement.

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Case Studies of Successfully Completed Windows Projects

Still trying to make a decision? Explore our portfolio section to see some completed Windows projects and how we've helped businesses like yours achieve their goals.

Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice is a comprehensive accounting software app designed for time and expense tracking to optimize business expenses and enhance profits with accurate billable hours. It offers free trials and subscription packages payable via PayPal. Available on iOS, macOS, Android, Web, and Windows, it features a user-friendly interface, a web admin panel for user management...


  • Business

Tech Stack

  • Laravel
  • php
  • CodeIgniter


AirPoint is a wireless, finger-wearable air and surface mouse designed to elevate your computer and presentation experience. This innovative gadget functions as both a regular mouse and a wearable presenter. The AirPoint Ring, a ring-shaped air mouse, allows you to control the cursor with your fingertips, making it perfect for presentations, gaming, 3D modeling, and more.


  • IoT

Tech Stack

  • Swift
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Nordic Chip
  • OTA
  • DFU update

Feedback from Clients

Gain insight into the level of service and quality of results you can expect when you partner with us for your project. Hear firsthand from our clients about their experiences working with us.

Looking for a Trusted Windows App Development Partner?

Leverage the full potential of the Windows platform with our tailored desktop app development solutions. Gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Windows App Development Process

Our process efficiently brings your vision to life. We collaborate closely to understand your needs and then translate them into a seamless Windows app experience. Our proven process ensures clear communication, on-time delivery, and a polished final product.


1. Project Inception

  • Project Ideation & Conception
  • Understanding the market
  • Planning timeline and resources

2. UI/UX Design & Prototyping

  • Design Windows app wireframe
  • Define features & layout
  • Developing Windows app structure

3. App Development and Testing

  • Write & implement code
  • Test usability and compatibility
  • Assess security and performance

4. App Store Deployment

  • App metadata optimization
  • Checking guidelines adherence
  • Market Windows app

5. Maintenance & Support

  • Address Security issues
  • Resolve technical issues
  • Gather Feedback

Frameworks for Windows Application Development

At Moon Technolabs, we utilize industry-leading frameworks to enable seamless integration of advanced functionalities and dynamic user experiences. Explore how our team leverages the power of these frameworks to build high-quality, scalable, and engaging apps.


Ideal for creating desktop applications across major operating systems. Integrates seamlessly with any frontend framework.


A user-friendly framework requiring expertise in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Builds high-performing cross-platform apps.


Cross-platform development is made easy with a drag-and-drop interface. Perfect for developers with basic web skills.

WPF Toolkit

Next-generation Windows app development with WPF components, controls, and utilities by Xceed Software.

Flutter on Desktop

Flutter extends its popularity to desktop app development, offering a versatile framework for building responsive applications.


Cross-platform framework suitable for desktop and handheld devices, compatible with advanced web programming languages.


Efficient framework for building Windows desktop apps using WinRT APIs for responsive user interfaces, robust security, and availability of versatile toolkits.


An open-source framework for multi-platform app development, offering access to native features and following the MVVM design pattern for visually appealing apps.

What We Can Build Together?


Trust our team of the top 1% of IT talents, possessing core custom desktop app development skills. Our UI/UX designers tailor user experiences to match your target audience's needs and preferences. Engaging and performance-driven interfaces ensure a truly personalized experience for your users. Our QA engineers and software testers are well-versed in working with various Windows apps, ensuring impeccable quality and seamless functionality. Choose Moon Technolabs for unmatched expertise in Windows app development.


Stay Ahead Of The Curve With Top-notch Windows Apps

Leverage our Windows app development expertise to create scalable, secure, and high-performance Windows applications.

Looking for other App Development Services?

Explore our wide range of app development services designed to bring your innovative ideas to life, tailored to meet your unique business needs.



How long does it take to create a Windows application?

The timeline required to build a Windows application varies based on its complexity, scale, and specific requirements. For instance, a project audit may span 1-2 months, while app development extends longer. We set realistic timelines during project planning and adhere to the schedule at every stage. We ensure that the projects are delivered on time.


Do you test applications before handing them over to customers?

Rest assured, testing and debugging are integral steps in our Windows application development process. Our dedicated Quality Assurance engineers conduct thorough testing to identify and resolve any issues, ensuring the final product is of the highest quality.


How do you maintain intellectual property rights?

Our contracts clearly outline the transfer of these rights, and we uphold strict non-disclosure agreements to protect confidential information. We only showcase projects on our website and other platforms with explicit client consent, respecting their ownership and control over their ideas.


What technologies do you use for Windows application development?

We use various integrated development environments, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Windows SDK, and frameworks like Qt for cross-platform development. We choose specific technologies tailored to each project's requirements and objectives.


Can I expect post-launch support and maintenance for Windows apps?

We offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure your Windows apps stay updated and performing smoothly, even in crucial situations. Our expert team of Windows app developers offer 24/7 support to resolve issues like technical bugs, security leakages, etc.

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