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Healthcare Mobile App Development Services

Our specialized healthcare app development company is well aware of all the concerning features and applications you require in your fully-functional healthcare app.

Custom Healthcare Solutions

There’s no one way to develop soulful healthcare apps. Our experienced healthcare app developers are proficient in various healthcare industry models to provide you with the perfect, one-of-a-kind medical app that fits your business requirements.

Empathetic Patient-Centred App Development

Thinking from the critical patient’s perspective helps our brilliant healthcare app developers to build healthcare mobile apps with empathetic color hues that appease the patient. Trouble-free appointment scheduling, vital signs monitoring, and telemedicine applications devised to attend to patients’ needs.

Digitized EHR and EMR Development

Have a clear report of current and previous medical records of patients with effective electronic health records (EHR) developed by our leading healthcare app development company. At any given moment, access a potential client’s health record.

Medical Professional Assistant Apps

Make it convenient for your dedicated medical professionals and healthcare providers to manage important patient details like appointments and current health routines with our credible healthcare app. Our apps give doctors live info on remote patients with monitoring solutions.

Wearable Medical Devices

Our healthcare app development services include creating custom wearable medical devices that measure patient health metrics like blood rate, pulse, and other necessary data and pass it to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers on a real-time basis.

Healthcare App Support

Our medical app developers are adept at providing consistent support to maintain and manage your mental health apps and wellness apps to facilitate the smooth functioning of online healthcare solutions. Your healthcare organizations can bank on us for technical support.

We Implement HIPAA and HMIS Protocols

We strictly adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or the HIPAA protocols to ensure that the patient’s sensitive health information is protected and not disclosed without their consent. We consistently incorporate the health indicators that are updated in the Health Management Information System portal.

Few Words from Our Beloved Clients

Healthcare Mobile Application Development Process

We adopt an agile working methodology compliant with HIPAA guidelines to facilitate the smooth development of your medical apps and render top-notch mobile app development services.

1 android_process_image_1
Business Research and Analysis

We conceptualize the entire essence of your business’s critical aspects and conduct solid research to identify key UPIs that will set your medical apps apart from the competition.

2 android_process_image_2
UI and Design

After noting down solid crunch points that will define your business model, we’ll fabricate a user-centric design that appeals to the concurrent moods of patients in dire need.

3 android_process_image_3

Once the design is approved, we will facilitate healthcare application development integrating features like EHR medical records, medical assistance portals, and patient outcomes under HIPAA compliance.

4 android_process_image_4
Testing and Quality Assurance

With solid-proof testing methods, our health app developers check for any errors in the developed medical app, ensuring it complies with all health app guidelines as well as maintains the security of patient data records.

5 android_process_image_5
Consistent Support And Maintenance

For the timely performance of your medical apps, we provide consistent technical support after we develop your application. The development team is adept at handling the apps of healthcare organizations.

Top Industries We Serve

There are a plethora of healthcare business models and industries currently in the market having different UPIs and services. Being the best mobile app development company, we facilitate custom healthcare mobile app development for all kinds of medical enterprises, whether small, medium, or large.

Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

Right from established hospitals, and specialized medical centers to private clinics, we devise fully-functional medical apps for mobile devices with features like monitoring, appointment booking, and patient management.

Mental Health

With the growing demand for mental health apps, our healthcare application development company devises apps that remind patients to perform mindfulness activities, and other mood-generating activities to restore their mental health.

Fitness and Wellness

Workout and fitness apps are very trending these times and we develop world-class health apps that help users to stay in shape and record their progress, collaborating with friends in real-time.

Pharmaceutics and Drugs

With the incorporation of advanced technologies, we connect pharma and drug stores with patients directly to ensure on-time medicine delivery and communication between the two parties.

Medical Insurance Providers

For medical insurance companies, we provide on-demand health insurance portability so that your users can avail easily at any given time. Enhance brand awareness with our custom medical app development.

Medical Device and Equipment Providers

To regulate logistics, supply chain, and inventory management, our expert healthcare app provides medical equipment providers with custom healthcare mobile app development solutions that streamline operations.

Monitor the Real-Time Health Condition of Your Patients with a Robust Healthcare App

Our adept healthcare app developers will create a full-fledged medical app for your business

Core Features of Healthcare Applications

Modern healthcare mobile apps enable patients and doctors to stay connected at all times, reducing stress and concerns for all stakeholders in the medical department.


Doctor Profile Look Up 

With healthcare mobile applications, patients can look up doctor profiles and choose the best doctor of the lot. They can get a better understanding of the doctor they are going to connect with.


Real-time Patient Monitoring

Healthcare application development has revolutionized the way doctors get feedback from patients. With actionable devices like IoT wearables, healthcare providers can now monitor patients' real-time health.


Live Video Consultation

Patients who are unable to physically make it to hospitals can now do live video consultations with doctors via video-conferencing platforms. This effectively enhances the efficiency of a healthcare organization.


Specific symptom checking

For patients diagnosed with cancer and other diseases that tend to grow or reduce over time, a symptom-checker can tell doctors the exact condition of the patient at any given moment.


Boosts patient moods

A mental mobile health app can rejuvenate patient moods with timely meditation suggestions and mindfulness exercises. Healthcare professionals will see the occurrence of positive moods in patients using the app.


Digital prescriptions

Doctors can write digital prescriptions for patients concerning medicine dosage, frequency, and other relevant details easily with the help of a robust mobile health app. Patients don’t have to now be bothered about precision intake.

The MOANS are heard by the Moon!

We hear the cries of patients who need the right doctor at the right moment and doctors who want to stay well-informed of their beloved patient’s health updates. Here at Moon Technolabs, we dissolve a layer of empathy into your healthcare apps that have the power to heal and rejuvenate diseased patients when it matters the most. With our remote monitoring and live video-conferencing applications, your doctors and patients will be on the same page.

Top Trends Driving Healthcare Mobile App Development

The amplifying growth of smart technologies like IoT, AI, and Blockchain, to name a few, is influencing the way people think before choosing a medical app. Here, we integrate the latest tech into healthcare apps.

Internet of Medical Things

With the integration of high-quality sensors, cameras, and wearables into your healthcare applications, you can monitor real-time patient health, check for symptoms, and measure important health metrics like heartbeat rate, pulse, calories burnt, sleep activity, and much more. Treatment of chronic diseases becomes easier will automated reports.

Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of AI and ML to enhance productivity measures with your medical apps, using chatbots, and voice assistants to guide patients through their medical journeys and requirements. We are one of the top application development companies that leverage the power of AI and ML to analyze patient behavior patterns and leverage productivity.


To protect patient data of healthcare institutions in the healthcare space, businesses are using adherent blockchain technologies that facilitate the maintenance of medical records, EHR, and medical networking. Third parties cannot outsource data that is encrypted in a blockchain, taking safety and compliance to the next level.

AR and VR

Creating virtual environments that evoke positive moods in stressed patients is a great way to bring the best out of your healthcare apps. Augmented reality experiences also help patients to feel as though they are actually in the hospital or clinic, meeting face-to-face with doctors. There will be great traction for AR and VR-incorporated medical apps.


Modern-day telemedicine applications are so life-changing as they help connect patients with doctors across the globe. It allows for efficient communication and helps doctors prescribe medicine digitally. Those living in remote areas get access to world-class healthcare because of the powerful impact of telemedicine features.

Cloud-based Records

Patients are keen to observe and track their medical journey. Modern healthcare mobile app development is centered on incorporating features that allow patients and doctors to keep personal track of their medical records. It’s ported into the cloud to facilitate easy access to electronic health records.

Why Choose MTPL for Healthcare App Development?

Talk about developing mobile health applications and we love it. There’s that grit and determination in our medical app developers that set MTPL apart from the competition.


Expertise in Healthcare Technology

Our healthcare expertise gives us the confidence to approach unique and diverse healthcare models and develop a mobile health app that’s most relevant to the services offered by the business.


100% Patient Satisfaction

Our health app developers create patient portals that attend to their immediate needs while also settling their nerves with appropriate color codes. It also gives doctors relief as to how to deal with each patient.


Purely Result-Oriented

We facilitate custom medical mobile app development as per your healthcare mobile app requirements. You can be assured of getting the perfect medical app that you envisioned in your mind.


Consistent Technical Support

Calm down your nerves when your healthcare application runs into an issue as our healthcare software developers will address the issue at the earliest and rectify it to assure you of seamless app performance.


Flexible Engagement Models

You can choose the desired medical app development hiring model according to your requirement. Save on budget with the perfect healthcare business model.


Transparent Communication

To facilitate the smooth workflow of your medical app development projects, we have great communicators in our team to coordinate between the client and the developers.

Hire Healthcare App Developer

At Moon Technolabs, we have an amazing bunch of super-versatile healthcare developers with extensive experience who facilitate superior healthcare mobile app development. Hire our healthcare developers to build a one-of-a-kind medical app that enhances user engagement and drives great doctor-patient activity.

  • Highly experienced healthcare app developers
  • Top-level industry practices
  • Up-to-date with the latest technologies
  • Vast domain knowledge
  • Consistent technical support


Mobile app development services in the healthcare industry drastically enhance user experience and facilitate optimized functioning of medical procedures and routines like appointment scheduling.

The cost to develop a health app depends on the integrations and features you want to add to the overall layout of the app. Like do you want IoT and Blockchain applications, then the costs can go up.

We have three hiring models, a dedicated hiring model, a fixed price model, and a time and material model. For consistent support and long-term projects, you must choose the time and material model.

Yes, you will get consistent updates on the progress of your projects via our project managers and project management tool. We will let you know if there is any extra time needed for a particular feature incorp.

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