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October 16 to 20, 2023

GITEX 2023: Join Us For The Most Anticipated Tech Gathering

Be prepared to be spellbound with the most inclusive and influential global tech community stage at GITEX! This year, we promise to mark our presence with a whirlwind of cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.

As the frontline exhibitors for the Global DevSlam, we invite you to join us and witness our prowess in redefining customer experiences. In this five-day riot of revolutionary business solutions, we grace this event to showcase our compelling expertise in advanced business solutions and products in WebRTC, VoIP, Web 3.0, AR and VR, AI and ML, Cloud deployments, and so much more!


Things Not to Be Missed

Donning your geek robes, get ready to be thrilled in this one-of-a-kind event where developers, coders, programmers, startup owners, and entrepreneurs meet and greet to combat their technological weaponry. Insightful workshops, conferences, hackathons, and training programs will serve as the breaking grounds for exploring, learning, and debating that will transform the future digital landscape.

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Showcasing Our Game-changing Innovative Solutions

Moon Technolabs will be the proud participant of Global DevSlam where our experts will display and challenge the tech community across the globe. Take a deep dive into this tech-steered hackathon where hours of tech content will offer you a chance to connect with a steadily growing tech ecosystem.

Our Services

An open-source technology for real-time audio and video communication directly in web browsers. We offer influential services:

  • Peer-to-peer voice and video calls
  • Screen and Data Sharing
  • Web-based applications
  • Video conferencing
  • Online gaming
  • JavaScript APIs
Our Premium Products

Unlimited Invoices, Estimates, & Receipts

Experience 60 seconds of invoicing with Moon Invoice! Crafted especially for small to medium-sized businesses, contractors, professionals, and freelancers- our online invoicing software (incorporated with IoT, APIs, & Cloud Computing) offers easy invoicing and accounting solutions. Get 66+ PDF templates for generating customized invoices, estimates, credit notes, receipts, and purchase orders.

  • Unlimited Invoicing
  • Business Accounting
  • Online Payment Methods
  • 360° Financial Reports
  • Purchase Orders & Low Stock Alerts
  • Customer Portal & API Integrations

Manage Orders, Sales, Inventory, & Payments

Designed for single and multi-chain store outlets and supermalls, Moon POS is a single platform for managing your restaurant and retail outlet’s orders, sales, inventory, and bills. Our feature-rich and modern POS solution (incorporated with IoT & on-premises cloud computing) helps boost store or restaurant productivity by speeding up the order management and billing process.

  • Quick Checkout & Stock Management
  • Online Store & Orders Management
  • Table Management & Team Module
  • Happy Hours & Custom Discounts
  • Sales Summary & Reports
  • Online Payments

High-Quality VoIP & WiFi Calling Application

Call center agencies, businesses, institutions, and government organizations save 90% of their total calling costs with Moon Dialer, a revolutionary VoIP solution developed by our VoIP experts. The iOS app offers unlimited international calling with high-quality recording, followed by call scheduling and forwarding services.

  • SIM-Free Calling via Wifi
  • Unlimited International Calling
  • QR Calls: Keep Your Phone Number Private
  • Call Recording & Scheduling,
  • Call in progress details
  • Auto-Dialling & Call Broadcasting
  • Browse Unlimited Call History

Ultra-Secure Connections with Remote Servers

Elevate your remote computing experience with the command-line tool SSH Client! Get encrypted, hacker-resistant communication and authentication to protect your data and commands from unauthorized access. Discover the power of OpenSSH, PuTTY, SecureCRT, and more tools - your all-access pass to a safe and efficient digital future.

  • Adaptive Terminal
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility
  • Secure PuTTY, PowerShell, Mosh
  • Built-in Passcode Features
  • SFTP Functionalities
  • RSA/DSA Key Generation
Moon Invoice
Moon POS
Moon Dialer
SSH Client
Our Intuitive Successful Projects
Food & Drink

Take your digital journey to the next level with our exceptional expertise, innovative solutions, and unwavering dedication to ensure your success in the digital landscape.


Social Networking

NIVI is a groundbreaking social networking app that introduces night vision video chat capabilities. This app empowers users to engage in video calls and capture photos and videos in low-light conditions, redefining the way people connect in challenging lighting environments.



CoinCrypto is a cutting-edge finance app that introduces innovative solutions, aiming to redefine the financial sector by providing users with a decentralized array of products, safeguarding against inflation and fraud



Enhancing security with real-time weapon recognition using computer vision technology, providing rapid alerts to responders and safety teams in active shooter or workplace violence incidents.


iOS Android
Sports, Fitness

Freelap is a sports-focused mobile application designed to assist athletes in recording and monitoring their performance. This app aims to empower athletes by providing them with a convenient platform to track their progress and achieve peak performance levels.


iOS Android Web
Why Should You Trust Moon Technolabs as Your Tech Ally at GITEX?

The future of dynamic inventions starts with Moon Technolabs as the most noteworthy exhibitors at Global DevSlam! As we unveil our excellence on this portal that opens up limitless networking and collaboration possibilities, this voyage through the Dubai seas will be nothing short of an exhilarating journey.

All your business triumphs await at Hall no. 26 at the Dubai WTC, where we give wings to your dream projects with:
  • On-demand tech-driven solutions
  • Expert development team for hire
  • Powerful product conceptualization
  • Agile project management
  • Competitive consulting services
  • Adaptable delivery models
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Meet Our Visionary & Expert Team of Mentors in Action

Seize your chance to meet the genius minds behind the industry-leading Moon Technolabs. Register with us to avail our stellar technology solutions delivered at your convenience and requirements.

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Chirag Nayi

Business Development Manager

Chaitanya Borad

Business Development Executive

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We always aim to lead from the front at the epic global race of tech supremacy, and our clients have witnessed the biggest impact.

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