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salon booking app like fresha
Published On: May 04, 2023

Hey Guys, It’s just fantastic & thanks to you for giving us the best opportunity to serve our customers with a salon booking app, which already gives us tremendous more business opportunities with a healthy booking system. We hope we’ll give you a 10 out of 5 stars.

Just imagine that you will also put a review for us when we do a salon booking app like Fresha for you. 

Yes, you heard right!!!

We receive excellent reviews from our customers who developed salon booking apps with us. Many applications in the market fulfill various salon needs like Booking, schedule timing, discovering spas and similar services, and online payment.

However, we are unique in our development and design, with 14 years of experience in app development; we are a pioneer in salon appointment booking app development. We are unique in terms of features and a lot of things. Here are the must-have features for beauty app development, aka salon app development apps like Fresha, which we follow as basic steps.

The Features Required in Spa & Salon Booking App Development Like Fresha

Here are the essential features we’ll cover in our salon booking app development.

  • Web & Mobile Applications

As everybody isn’t keen on mobile applications to book their timetable. In any case, creating web and mobile applications for the customer is obligatory.

  • Online Booking & Cancellations

This should have highlights we’ll have to cover in application development, so clients can undoubtedly book their services and drop them for any reason.

  • Online Payment & Pay in Cash Options

As everybody isn’t keen on paying online, you also need to give in-store payment choices once they arrive at their favorite salon and do their activity.

Essential Features For Salon & Spa Booking App (For Users)

  • Register &Login

This is the essential thing we want to cover in salon booking application development, but the registrations and login modules should also be easy to understand.

  • Explore Services

The clients likewise need to investigate new services and things that salon proprietors are giving or in the lineup, so exploring services benefits additionally should be included in each module.

  • Demonstrative Images

The pictures and videos generally draw in clients to get the services; the modules additionally need choices like showcasing the service pictures alongside videos.

  • Calendar

By adding a schedule in the application, clients can synchronize their booking arrangements and timing to get notifications and similar things.

  • Book Appointments & Confirmations

These are the essential modules that each application needs to follow, but notifications through mail or mobile are vital while booking, so it will be simple for the client to go for it.

  • Booking History

As consistently similar clients likewise needed to know their past Booking and subtleties, the booking history modules should also have been set as a piece of the applications.

  • Online Payment

The payment gateway is the last thing for users who want to believe in digital payment instead of cash. So the integration of a trustworthy payment gateway is also necessary for every salon booking app development.

  • Notifications & Rating Reviews

Many clients need to give their criticism in the wake of taking your administration, so notifications alongside application surveys/ratings are obligatory for each application. You can further develop your services with the input or get inspiration.

salon booking app development company

Essential Features For Spa & Salon Booking App (For Vendors)

  • Staff Management & Working Hours

These are the different modules for vendors wherein they can advise each client, and they can undoubtedly set working hours alongside occasions and staff the executives’ movement and accessibility.

  • Service Listing with Plans

Vendors need to add their current or upcoming service administration, so this module is again required to draw the client towards their administrations.

  • Booking & Customer Management

This is the essential thing that each seller needs to use, as it will give all the subtleties of current and past clients alongside their booking subtleties. Still, it can likewise be utilized for merchants to get their information and send custom messages or notifications for promotions.

  • Track Changes, Bookings, & Cancellations.

From these modules, the sellers can undoubtedly see the clients who went with their choice to drop their Booking. The custom application shows the reasons, too, if a client can give.

  • Reporting & Analytics

The reporting and analytics modules can easily give customer activity and analysis to the vendors; however, the vendors can quickly identify their service and improve from this data.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop Salon Booking App | SalonApp?

The cost depends on various factors, including design, coding, customizations, and other things. However, a dedicated beauty or salon appointment booking app development company like us will give a maximum discount along with a free digital marketing activities trial for one month.

MoonTechnolabs is the final destination for everyone looking for a beauty salon booking app known as the best salon booking app. We always follow our Software Development life cycle for every development, bringing innovations to the hair salon booking app. Here are the things we will follow for your salon booking app like Fresha.

  • We follow Wireframe alongside a model that prompts an ideal UI plan.
  • Cross-platform application development rather than a specific platform.
  • Continuously pick a consistent innovation stack called backend for your applications.
  • To wrap things up, testing and quality affirmation.

Why Did Everyone Choose Us As a Salon App Development Company?

  • As the best salon app development company, we are ready to meet your expectations even in custom app development.
  • Our expert developers are ready to add new features per the requirements and trends; we follow trending technologies that give satisfactory results.
  • Yes, We take some time for development, but our unique design and app are unbeatable in the industries, which is a brutal competition to the salon app development era.
  • Our updated geeks are always ready for simple to complex projects that fulfill all your needs.

Conclusion | Salon Booking App Like Fresha

So, we hope you understand the journey and modules for salon booking apps like Fresha. With the trends and technology, everyone must go with digitizations. However, App Development and Web Development are the first things you need to consider for your business. Let’s connect with us for your next beauty spa, and salon app development & the sky’s the limit for your business.



Salon app development is not easy as you might think; it requires a lot of planning, design & development. However, We are the pioneer in salon app development, and We can create the best salon appointment booking app for you.

The cost depends on functionality, specifications, designs and resources. However, it might start with 5$k, 10k$ and 15k$.

The salon booking system called salon appointment booking system is the application for salon businesses who want to put their next journey on digitalization mode. It is an application where customers can book their appointment with a salon.

The salon booking system project is time-consuming for every company. However, We have an experienced professional and an extensive portfolio in app development, and we can complete your assignments within the stipulated time.
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