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Are you wondering whether you should build an app for your beauty salon or not? This topic will convince you to create one with a few compelling reasons. You’ll also find the names of some of the app development firms operating in Dallas that can work on your project.

Are you the owner of a beauty salon? It probably used to run well before the pandemic. Now you’re struggling to bring in customers, right?

Well, the truth is that you need to transfer your business to the world of the web. To be clear, creating a website won’t be enough. You’ll need a mobile application designed by a custom beauty salon app development company.

Almost all customers will turn to Google to search for the best salon before visiting one. They do it even for the establishments in their neighborhood. After exploring all the options, they’ll choose one depending on availability, cost, and ratings. You aren’t getting enough business at the moment simply because you don’t have an online presence.

A few facts

The following trends will help you contemplate what the beauty industry is going through right now.

  • According to the researchers working with Groupon, every woman spends about $3,756 per year on appearance enhancements in salons. As you can guess, it’s a massive industry for you to target. If you own a salon, you have to target it as soon as possible. In that regard, nothing will work better than an application.
  • Presently, mobile applications contribute more than $40 billion to the beauty industry – an astonishing figure, don’t you think? However, only app-based businesses are receiving a share of this lucrative pie.

These statistics prove that small businesses have a chance of growing and outrunning even the largest brands. Since you operate locally, you have to battle it out against your rivals working in the same locality.

The most significant challenge for you is to retain your existing customers. You need to make them happy, and it’s something a custom beauty salon app development company can help you with.

Whether it’s about emergency appointments, access to great deals, facilitating cashless transactions, or sending instant notifications about exclusive offers or discounts, you can achieve all these and more with an application.

The reasons

So, what’s the point of investing in on-demand beauty care and salon app development when you’re low on funds? Here are a few compelling reasons to go down this road.

Reasons Why Does Your Salon Need An App And Where Can You Get It Created In Dallas? - Moon Technolabs

Reducing waiting periods

For a salon that operates traditionally, appointment booking can be a challenge. You may have to employ a separate caller to handle phone calls, set appointments, fix stylists, etc.

If you build an app for your establishments, you’ll allow your customers to book appointments on the fly. It’s a benefit that’ll set you apart from your competitors. Of course, you have to hire professionals to work on the app if you expect the best results.

Tech-driven management will tailor your inventory and simplify management tasks.

Clarifying everything

What do you do when your customers arrive at your establishment making various styling demands?

Everyone asks about the latest trends in facial makeup, haircut, nail art, hair removal, and whatnot. Some of the requests can be queer, as well. Explaining things will always lead to time wastage for you, as well as your customer.

With an app, however, you can present everything in a library style. Your app’s database will be full of choices for them to explore. It’s also one of the reasons behind the profound popularity of mobile apps in recent years.

Just make sure that the UI or user interface of the app is beautiful and intuitive. Don’t hesitate to upload a few “before-after” photos of customers, either. Of course, you’ll need their permission to do so.

Reward programs for loyalty

It’s safe to say that everyone loves rewards. Whether it’s an exclusive holiday deal or a weekend offer, on-demand beauty care and salon app development services will keep you connected with your users 24/7.

An app will also allow you to provide attractive rewards and launch loyalty programs for regular customers. You can entice them with your offerings the moment they enter specific geolocation. When they learn about your giveaways, they’ll come to you and stick with you.

In short, in-app loyalties and reward programs for your regular customers will give you and your establishment a firm foothold.

Cashless payments

Why do so many people travel without cash these days? They do it because they have their credit/debit cards. Today’s customers also choose to leave these cards at home because they carry their smartphones in their pockets everywhere.

Indeed, a massive section of the popular is now financially stable enough to enjoy a better standard of life. However, most of them avoid carrying cash in their purses and wallets.

It’s time for you to understand the necessity of cashless payments and embrace the theme. Folks avoid carrying money to reduce risks. That’s why cards and digital wallets are gaining fame. Also, experts believe that contactless payments will replace traditional payments entirely.

When you delegate your app development project to an agency, ask the developers to integrate mobile payments systems into your digital solution. Rest assured, it’ll boost your business more than you can imagine.

5 app development firms in Dallas

At this point, the importance of building an app should be relatively clear to you. Now, it’s time to check out the names and descriptions of a few app development agencies in Dallas that can work on your project.

App development firms in Dallas - Moon Technolaba

1. Moon Technolabs

Here’s the first mobile app development company in Dallas for you – Moon Technolabs. It has been building apps and software solutions for businesses for thirteen years. Since 2009, this agency has worked on more than 1,200 projects, and it employs more than 150 tech aficionados.

If you want your mobile app to stand out from the ground, you should hire this award-winning development agency.

  • Global Customers: 600+
  • Founded: 2009
  • Projects completed: 1200+
  • Average hourly rate: <$20/hour
  • Number of employees: 200-250

2. Semaphore Mobile

Semaphore Mobile is the next mobile app development company in Dallas on this list. Located in Dallas, Texas, it’s a custom app development organization that builds applications for iPad, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry mobile devices.

Until now, this organization has completed more than 350 iPhone/iPad and Android applications, including Content Guard, ZAGAT TO GO, Deal News, Standard Supply, All City, My Grocery Master, and Craigslist.

  • Minimum project size: $25,000+
  • Average hourly rate: $50-$99/hour
  • Number of employees: 10-49
  • Founded: 2002

3. Swenson He

Swenson He comprises of a passionate team of skilled professionals that works closely with founders of all stages of funding to build custom mobile and web solutions. This organization has in-depth experience designing and engineering custom mobile and web solutions that have led its clients through explosive user growth and award-winning digital experiences.

The work of this agency has helped its clients earn more than $50 million.

  • Minimum project size: $25,000+
  • Average hourly rate: $100-$149/hour
  • Number of employees: 10-49
  • Founded: 2014

4. The BHW Group

The BHW Group isn’t just a Dallas mobile app company, but a turnkey digital product agency excelling in mobile and web app design and development. Over the last seventeen years, this organization has built numerous award-winning applications, including the 2015 SXSW Innovation Awards Finalist, the 2014 National Association Government Communications first place winner, and the 2017 Golden Stevie.

This agency has been selected as one of the best places for app developers to get employed by the Austin Business Journal.

  • Minimum project size: $50,000+
  • Average hourly rate: $100-$149/hour
  • Number of employees: 10-49
  • Founded: 2005

5. Five Pack

The last Dallas mobile app company included in this list is called Five Pack. The organization describes itself as a creator of “big things for small screens.” Fortune 500 companies, as well as entrepreneurs, appreciate working with this organization because of its friendly, talented, and created mobile app development experts.

The agency has delivered hundreds of incredible apps successfully. It achieved such a level of proficiency by tailoring mobile development strategies based on the needs of its clients.

  • Minimum project size: $25,000+
  • Average hourly rate: $150-$199/hour
  • Number of employees: 50-249
  • Founded: 2008

Conclusive statements

Yes, building an app isn’t easy, but you have to undertake this journey if you rejuvenate your salon business and survive the market at the same time. With enough effort and dedication, your business will gain more popularity than ever.

For a head start, you should sit for a detailed whiteboarding session with one of the app development agencies enumerated and described above. If you expect your app to work like on-demand mobile solutions, don’t hesitate to explain your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, mobile apps can retain existing customers because you can use them to offer more than what you provide at your salon.
It’s possible to build apps for Android and iOS devices separately, but it’ll be expensive. Instead, you should go for cross-platform app development.
All the organizations mentioned above are good at what they do, but Moon Technolabs has experience building beauty salon applications.

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