Internet of Things

IoT (Internet of Things) has changed the way we connect & communicate with the devices. IoT devices have actually outnumbered the number of people. More and more money is getting pumped into the IoT market. Any IoT device goal is to achieve the need of consumer, business or industrial in providing seamless customer experience with a home appliance or device connected and also to reduce the downtime from the manufacturing perspective.

However, the only handful of all these devices are able to deliver the IoT tech. The major reason behind this is due to the complexity. Top mobile app development company such as us are constantly involved in bringing a solution for such a problem. Digital devices are offered in various size, shape, and other features. Such variation presents a difficulty for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to push software updates and view analytics and performance in real time. This gap opens up the bracket for the upcoming investment to venture its major portion of funding into further developing application and analytics of IoT.

Without waiting for further ado, let’s dig deep into the top use cases of IoT and further we will also check the challenges:

1) SLA compliance – Service-level agreements which account for third parties to meet the contract requirements are of very important in the IoT world.

2) Edge performance – Most of the companies seems to be totally unaware of their IoT devices operation due to limited visibility.

3) Device & user segmentation – The primary understanding should be based on the current state & configuration of your existing IoT device system and their impact on performance.

4) Release Validation – Over-the-air updates don’t go planned as always. There is a hiccup in the service whenever there is an update and one might face disruption in connected thermostat, watch, phone, etc followed by the crash of the system. Release validation enables a business to be up to date and function well before and after the update.

Few IoT Challenges To Tackle:

Equipment downtime – For devices or system connected with IoT for e.g, point-of-sale (POS) system, it is hard to know when the device is online & functioning or have been idle & went offline. For most of the businesses, this could result in a huge financial loss through a decrease in sales. Also, a non-working device may limit a company’s ability to correlate performance with business metrics.

Force feed updates to IoT devices – For OEM, it is unpredictable for them to say how a software upgrade will impact a vehicle or device system. You might hold on temporary for the update but that will also result in loss from lack of new features and enhanced services.

Device registration – It is a nightmare when the device registration fails. In a situation where people aren’t able to register their IoT device ultimately, it impacts the revenue.

Compliance – Irrespective of the industry segment, may it be, gaming, healthcare, retail, entertainment, travel – compliance is a much talked about topic in the IoT market.

Concluding Note:

In today’s day and age, we all are generating a surplus amount of data every day. Not only us, but machines and systems also contribute a large part to it. IoT does have a sense of hold on impacting data centers as well. Nearly 4 times of increase in the zettabytes (ZB) is believed to be generated by 2021 as compared to 2016. Most of this data generated will go obsolete and neither be saved or stored. Some of it for say, 10 to 15% of it will be useful to organizations. Performance optimization of such huge data could possibly land some new insights which could otherwise have well been ignored.

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