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Let’s find solutions together to your employee’s unique challenges around remote work during corona times.

How might we as Moon Technolabs support our colleagues as a family in these uncertain times so we all enjoy an effective collaboration remotely?

The world is in an existential crisis! We all are facing a wide range of new challenges amid the measures to prevent the spread of the COVID19. As humans we feel worried, scared, lost, uncertain, hopeful, curious about how the next days will unfold. We have been asked to attempt the impossible! Suddenly work remote, learn new tools and keep productive while homeschooling our kids or managing to work while worrying about our elderly parents locked down in a high risk country far away from where we are. Challenges are diverse and yet unique for each one of us.

In these tough times where it is getting complex to stay connected and maintain the credibility of deliverables, Moon Technolabs makes sure that our clients receive the best services. 

  • Schedule a session with employees to provide solutions seamlessly
  • Talk out the issues employees might be facing and get the result at the end of the day
  • Prioritisation and selection of needs/topics
  • Break out sessions to brainstorm solutions to problems
  • Reflection and takeaways

As a Moon Technolabs Employer, we need to empathise with our colleagues’ specific needs and support them in the best way more than ever to navigate this corona-complexity all together.

Some of the challenges wandering in our minds are:

* How can we keep employees’ spirit up and foster our collaboration remotely?

* How can we enjoy working remotely as if we are working in the same office?

* How can we keep employees connected and the communication running?

* How to make sure that employees stay also mentally healthy considering that public places are closed?

* What have you observed?

There are many more challenges like that which we all struggle with.

We know we are working alone in their organizations and we can only imagine how overwhelming it must be to handle so much information from the media while having to come up on the spot with ways to take care of their colleagues’ specific needs.

What if we could all bring our brains together and help each other come up with ideas to our common challenges?

  • Learn something new, help your community
  • Get to meet new people in the HR community,
  • Learn what has worked for some of you in different aspects of this topic and
  • Find solutions to common challenges in an employee-centric way experimenting with Design Thinking methods and Mural, a digital workplace for visual collaboration.
  • It will be a playful way to address this topic and learn new methods you can use in your daily work.

Above all, Moon Technolabs family has found the best way to keep the work going on smoothly and uninterrupted with the use of online tools like Google Chat, Basecamp, Moon Invoice, Skype and many which allows work to be done remotely with ease.

These are the tough times we are living in, let’s all get together (without meeting) and fight this thing and come out better and effective from this.

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