Maximizing Your Productivity & Earning with the Amazon Flex App

Maximizing Your Productivity & Earning with the Amazon Flex App

Introduction to Amazon Flex

Are you looking for easy ways to earn extra cash? You should try the latest Amazon Flex app, which allows you to work as an independent contractor. Only you should follow a few steps to sign up for delivering packages for the online shopping giant Amazon to earn approximately $25 an hour. However, the question that comes to my mind is, what is the Amazon Flex App? For this, we will have a close look at the application, its features, its compatibility on different devices, and its functions to use it for earning additional money on your side.

About Amazon Flex

Amazon has a massive share in today’s e-commerce industry. Furthermore, the e-commerce giant regularly looks for every possible resource to fulfill each of its delivery requirements. Here comes the role of Amazon Flex, which categorizes as a stream of Amazon delivery program. It provides several tasks to independent contractors referred to as Amazon flex drivers. Accordingly, fulfillment of the product delivery process or returning incomplete packages to different warehouses are the key responsibilities of every Amazon flex driver.  

What is Amazon Flex Driver App

The Amazon Flex Driver App serves as a primary platform of the Amazon delivery partner program. A Flex driver uses the respective app to manage and accomplish their deliveries. The app also works as a gateway to check the potential earnings and other valuable information related to drivers’ or customers’ accounts. To be a Flex driver, you should consider a few essential things, as not every Smartphone is compatible with the Amazon app, it’s like a taxi business.

iOS Devices

Before a few years, iPhone 5s and other iPhone models operating on iOS11 easily supported the Flex app of Amazon. However, Amazon delivery partners have regularly updated its Amazon Flex App in recent years, increasing the requirements related to the iPhone Flex app. Hence, iPhone users must select a Smartphone that operates on a minimum of iOS 13. Indeed, you may use the iPhone 6s or any other higher version without any problem.

Android Devices

  • As an Android user, you should follow the mentioned requirements related to Amazon Flex App for Android, as mandated by Amazon.
  • Every Flex driver should possess an Android phone with a minimum of Android 6.0.
  • The Android Smartphone should possess at least 2 GB RAM.
  • The camera of an Android Smartphone should possess a working flash.
  • Every Flex App driver should use GPS location service on their device.

Once you meet the requirements mentioned here, you may look for the steps to download Android Flex App in Android. As the app is not available in Google Play Store, you have to 

  • Follow relatively complex download steps, which include-
  • Head to the listing of the Amazon Flex link. Contact Amazon Flex Support for further assistance if the link does not work for you while using your device.
  • Tap on Download Android App. Your device may ask a few questions to confirm that you want to download the APK file.
  • Go to the Security Settings on your phone and turn on Unknown Sources.
  • Go back to the Downloads or Files and tap on your recently downloaded Amazon Flex App to perform the installation.

Requirements to be Amazon Flex Drivers

Individuals may use Amazon App after they sign-up by fulfilling a few compulsory requirements. Primary qualifications for application include the following-

  • One should be a minimum of 21 years of age.
  • Applicant should possess a valid driving license for driving a vehicle.
  • One should possess a social security number.
  • Individuals should show their proof of automobile insurance depending on the specific requirement.
  • Applicants should fulfill and clear a background check.


If Amazon delivery partners find any record related to excessive driving rule violations, they may disqualify your application. Moreover, the complete background check will require between 2 and 5 days.

The best thing is that Amazon Flex entertain applicants even when they do not have extensive license history. Indeed, new drivers may consider this an opportunity to gain driving experience under the Amazon belt.

Vehicle Requirements

Amazon Flex Driver App mandates its drivers to access a qualifying vehicle. In most cases, the vehicle type depends on the delivered service. However, your vehicle should contain enough room if you deliver packages. Accordingly, a midsized and four-door sedan vehicle will be your best choice as a qualifying vehicle. Alternatively, you may choose a pickup truck equipped with a covered bed. Other than that, a minivan is a great choice of transport vehicle for any delivery driver, as it gives extra space for diverse packages compared to trucks with a covered bed.

Steps to Sign Up as an Amazon Flex Driver 

  • The sign-up process for Amazon Flex App is straightforward for every individual who meets every basic Amazon Flex requirement. The steps include the following:
  • Tap on Create an Account, highlighted at the bottom of your device/app screen when you are ready.
  • Use your existing Amazon account to log in and submit your name, email address, and other relevant details with a preferred password.
  • Provide Flex App download requested permissions and tap on Get Started to answer a few qualifying questions. These will include your availability, ZIP code, and type of vehicle.
  • Depending on your eligibility, Flex App will allow you to continue asking for a few mandatory documents, bank account details, and tax details before it approves your background check. 

Steps to Schedule Blocks in Amazon Flex Delivery App

Once Amazon delivery partners approve your application and let you log in to the Amazon Flex App, you may use the platform for scheduling delivery blocks for the first time. Every driver will get work shifts, which run from 2 hours to 6 hours. Moreover, the work shifts remain available all seven days a week. If you are a flex driver, you should book your available blocks in advance to deliver and make money. Visit the section Offers for scheduling the delivery blocks, tap on the blocks you want, and swipe your device to accept. Before that, the Flex App will review the following-

  • The time frame and date of a block delivery
  • The city, where you often find blocks available in your area
  • Your approximate pay

Steps to Complete Deliveries on Amazon Flex App

  • The Amazon Flex App will highlight the driver’s starting location just an hour before the commencement of his/her schedule.
  • When you receive a pickup location, which is a designated delivery station, warehouse, or Amazon Locker, you should follow the signage accordingly.
  • After that, you should tap on I have Arrived. Any Amazon employee will greet you and scan the arrival code to direct you to your pickup delivery items.
  • Use your Flex App to scan the available packages and load your transport vehicle.
  • Once you complete loading your vehicle, you may see the assigned delivery route on your app.
  • Never forget to use the in-app navigation feature of the Flex App during the complete delivery process. Doing so will let you follow the appropriate route and complete your deliveries within the mentioned time.
  • You only have to scan the packages and select where you deliver the package while arriving at each of the assigned drop-off destinations.
  • If you leave any package unattended, take a picture of it.
  • Alternatively, get a valid signature if you leave a package with someone other than the customer.
  • Continue with your delivery route to complete each of the assigned deliveries.

Functions of the Amazon Flex App

Depending on the delivery packages or delivery blocks available for Amazon Flex drivers, the App will have the following functions-

Amazon Locker

Flex drivers often deliver packages to special electronically operated Amazon lockers. The lockers are the most convenient type of delivery for drivers. In this case, you have to scan the available package via the app, and the related door will open. Once you secure the package, Amazon will close the respective locker to complete the transaction.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime deliveries are time-sensitive deliveries. Hence, delivery drivers must take additional care whenever they receive any Amazon Prime-related delivery block.

Prime Now

Prime Now is also time-sensitive to deliveries or transactions. However, the difference is that deliveries via Prime Now are available in bags, not boxes.

Merchant Pickups

Delivery drivers will pick up different packages from pickup stations powered by Amazon. However, drivers must also pick up any item directly from retailers depending on the underlying situation.

Features of the Amazon Flex app

Navigation Guide

The Flex app is user-friendly and easy, as it has the same interface for iOS and Android phones. Common features of the application include the following-


The home screen welcomes users every time they sign in to the application. It houses every possible relevant option and highlights the essential scheduled block in the bucket of delivery drivers. Furthermore, drivers may view their upcoming scheduled blocks and may change their status available on the home screen.


The Offers section of the app will give details on the availability of any reserve and on-demand blocks. The section allows delivery drivers may view the types of blocks from Prime Now, Amazon Fresh, and related Amazon functions/services. Drivers will also get push notifications whenever any block becomes available. From this section, one can accept or reject any scheduled block.


The Calendar section gives a quick overview of any open schedule for Flex drivers. Any day marked in gray indicates the unavailability of the block, while a day marked with an orange dot will signify an active and scheduled block. Once you click on the orange dot, you will get every detail related to your scheduled date or time. Besides, you will get an option of Forfeit Block in the Calendar. However, you must cancel the delivery block at least 45 minutes before its starting time. Otherwise, you will end up paying the penalty. Multiple infractions will result in termination from the Amazon delivery program.


The Earnings screen will provide details about the accomplished deliveries of Amazon Flex and other related blocks. The section will also highlight drivers’ earnings from their accomplished scheduled blocks and their potential earnings from any new scheduled block. Amazon drivers receive their payments every Friday and Tuesday. Friday’s payout will cover every completed block of a driver from Tuesday to Thursday, and Tuesday’s payout is for every completed block from Friday to next Tuesday. Each payout will show a breakdown of the accomplished block pay and the driver’s earnings.


The Account tab contains information about the app’s account holder. The details include the bank account, address, contact number, and almost everything related to the driver’s account. The account tab also houses the option of Checking for Updates. You only have to check the section regularly to ensure the Amazon Flex App for download stays updated. The tab also contains the Sign Out option, which allows a Flex driver to log out from the application.


Video materials are present in the Videos section to review during the sign-up process of Amazon Flex. Accordingly, the section doubles up as refresher courses.


The Help section gives a few interesting FAQs related to topics that potential drivers may face during their deliveries. The Help tab also has a Contact Us screen, which acts as the gateway to submitting problems by drivers to their support professionals.


The Feedback section connects the opinion of every Amazon Flex driver about the respective app or platform. It is also a perfect avenue for recommendations and improvement in the offered service.

Cost Estimation to Develop App Like Amazon Flex

The cost to develop an on-demand delivery or courier service app will be between $10,000 and $50,000. However, our experts at Moon Technolabs will consider the following factors to determine the most appropriate cost to the clients for developing any app like Amazon Flex-

  • Required deliverables
  • Features of the on-demand delivery app
  • Android or iOS platform
  • Selected technology stack
  • Geographical location

Key Takeaways for Amazon Flex App

  • Amazon Flex App allows job seekers to earn anything from $18 to $25 an hour to work as Amazon Flex drivers for delivering packages under the Amazon delivery program.
  • Individuals may become Flex drivers, but he/she should meet a few eligibility criteria and vehicle requirements.
  • Whether a person uses an Android or iOS device, the Smartphone should be compatible with the Flex App.
  • App provides a generous amount to its drivers. Hence, everyone may consider it the ultimate choice for an on-demand job.
  • There are many other services and tools available through AWS that can help you with cloud development. To learn more, you can visit the AWS website or consult with a cloud development specialist.


Amazon Flex App is an excellent choice for every type of on-demand job based on the latest Android and iOS apps. It pays well compared to its other counterparts. Besides, Flex app drivers may have valuable insights into the amount they will earn once they lock in their delivery blocks. Therefore, if you are facing downtime, you should consider being a Flex driver instead of wasting valuable time.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may expect to deliver a minimum of 35 orders to a maximum of 80 orders during a 3-hour block.
Until now, dedicated Amazon Flex drivers have succeeded in earning about Rs 120 to Rs 140 per hour.
A relatively fast way to receive Amazon Flex blocks is to refresh the app regularly.
You should check reliable websites to get the Amazon Flex link and install its APK file to create your Flex account.

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