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As opposed to popular belief, PHP is very much alive in 2022. However, the choice of the framework can make significant differences in the outcomes of PHP-based projects. This topic will help you understand whether you should go for Laravel, CodeIgniter, or Symfony.

When thinking about web development, people with knowledge in the subject and the top mobile app development firm consider mentioning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. PHP comes to mind, combined with the thought that it’s no longer relevant.

If you believe the same thing, your understanding will differ from the experts working with the top mobile app development firms. They say that PHP is still very much alive. Some of the most recognizable names among businesses, such as Facebook and Wikipedia, use it on their sites.

Additionally, research conducted by W3Techs proves that PHP is at the foundation of almost 79% of all web platforms. It’s also more recognized and preferred than ASP.NET – eight times, to be numerically precise. This fact makes PHP the closest rival to ASP.NET in terms of server-side programming languages.

The top mobile app development firms have found that PHP retained its usage share consistency throughout 2021. In other words, PHP programmers of the top mobile app development firms will inevitably rely on a PHP-based framework to write code. In 2022, the most popular choices include Laravel, CodeIgniter, and Symfony.

Through this write-up, the top mobile app development firms will attempt to dissect the three options to make an appropriate choice.

The “Big” three

Based on the info accumulated by Stack Overflow Trends, Laravel, CodeIgniter, and Symfony are the “Big” three PHP frameworks of 2022. Naturally, you can expect the top mobile app development firms to choose one of the three. Here are a few other statistical pieces of information.

  1. Laravel empowers 737,158 websites. Out of these sites, 335,207 are from the USA.
  2. Live websites created using CodeIgniter amount to more than 556,403.
  3. Symfony empowers 55,244 live websites.

Here’s the source of this information.

If you’re going to hire the top mobile app development firms specializing in PHP frameworks, you need to know how these three frameworks fare against each other.

An overview

The three frameworks mentioned above are popular among the top mobile app development firms. Developers use them to increase the speed at which they finish various projects. Laravel, CodeIgniter, and Symfony possess unique limitations and capabilities.

It’s best to start with an overview of each.


Created by Taylor Otwell, Laravel is an open-source and free-to-use framework for web development. It adheres to the MVC model and reuses the existing components of other PHP frameworks, including CodeIgniter and Yii, and programming languages, such as Ruby on Rails.


Created by EllisLab in 2006, CodeIgniter is an influential framework that serves the same purposes as Laravel. However, unlike Laravel or any other framework, it leaves small footprints. The designers of the framework fabricated it specifically for developers who want an elegant yet simple toolkit to create fully-featured web applications.


Here’s yet another open-source PHP framework called Symfony, created by Fabien Potencier about seventeen years ago. An organization called SensioLabs sponsored the creator in designing the framework. Symfony facilitates the accelerated development of web apps and maintains the same. It can also eliminate repetitive coding chores.

An in-depth comparison

Now, the top  development firms explain the points that separate the three frameworks.

1. Community and popularity

Based on Google Trends, Laravel has been enjoying more popularity than all the other PHP frameworks over the last five years. However, this statement is inconclusive. According to the Top mobile app development company in USA, every PHP framework has a massive community.

Community and popularity for Laravel Vs. CodeIgniter Vs. Symfony Framework - Moon Technolabs

  • Laravel

Most business owners and entrepreneurs hire a Laravel development company to leverage Laravel solutions because of its extensive community support, with over 45,000 active users and 66.4k stars on GitHub.

  • CodeIgniter

People rely on a CodeIgniter development company as it has a decent community. It enjoys a rating of 18.2k stars and 1.8k users on GitHub. You can reach out to the community around this technology via StackOverflow and CodeIgniter forums.

  • Symfony

Just like every other PHP framework, Symfony also boasts a lot of support from a dedicated community. It has a rating of 25.8k stars and over 69,000 users on GitHub. According to the best Symfony Development company, SymfonyConnect is the best place for finding community resources.

2. Data Support

When it comes to databases, you have to know whether the PHP framework of your choice will have database support or not. Here’s something the experts from the Top mobile app development company in USA want to share with you.

  • Laravel

For Laravel, a Laravel development company has access to Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, and SQLite for creating Laravel solutions.

  • CodeIgniter

For a CodeIgniter development company, this framework is the best as it comes with a class of abstracted databases that provides support for both conventional structures and Query Builder patterns. Some of the supported databases include MySQL (5.1+) via the MySQLi driver, MSSQL via the SQLSRV drive and PostgreSQL through the Postgre driver.

  • Symfony

The developers of a Symfony Development company won’t have to look for it as the framework comes with all the tools they need to utilize databases in web applications. It’s possible because of Doctrine. It’s a suite of PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB.

3. Architecture

When choosing a framework for the back-end, you have to look at the type of framework supported by it. The Top mobile app development company in USA will help you with it. This factor will affect overall scalability and performance.

Architecture of Laravel Vs. CodeIgniter Vs. Symfony - Moon Technolabs

  • Laravel

Laravel adheres to the Model-View-Controller or MVC pattern. That’s why it’s easier for a Laravel development company to build Laravel solutions while working together. It’s possible because of the tight separation between the presentation and logic layers. Understandably, it makes the task of developing large applications relatively simple.

  • CodeIgniter

Other PHP frameworks force developers to implement the MVC model, but a CodeIgniter development company doesn’t have to worry about it. It encourages them to fast-track and simplifies complex web app development projects.

  • Symfony

Like every other PHP framework, a Symfony Development company must follow the MVC pattern that separates the presentation layer from the business logic.

4. Budget matters

Before you hire people specializing in Laravel, CodeIgniter, or Symfony from the Top mobile app development company in USA, you have to determine your budget. You have to know how much you’re willing to spend on the project.

Based on the information provided by ZipRecruiter and PayScale, a Laravel developer from a Laravel development company earns about $78k per year for building Laravel solutions, while a CodeIgniter developer from a CodeIgniter development company gets about $90k per year. Symfony developers from a Symfony Development company receive the most – about $96k.

  • Laravel

Due to the existence of a massive community of Laravel developers, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right Laravel development company to build your Laravel solutions.

Just make sure the developers have expertise in CSS, JavaScript, HTML, database management systems, and a thorough understanding of the MVC model.

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  • CodeIgniter

Finding an hire CodeIgniter developer should also be equally easy if you collaborate with a web development agency.

The service providers should have experience in JavaScript, PHP, XML, CSS, and HTML. They should also have knowledge of MySQL and other database management systems. MVC framework understanding is also necessary.

  • Symfony

As Symfony has a surprisingly large community, you should be able to find a Symfony development company easily. You can also work with a PHP developer who understands the framework thoroughly.

Nonetheless, you can’t ignore technical skills. The developers must possess knowledge of front-end and back-end technology, Symfony bundles, and the MVC model.

Final considerations

One thing becomes clear from the information provided above – the Top mobile app development company in USA can finish projects faster if it uses PHP frameworks. Then again, each framework has exclusive limitations and advantages.

You have to rely on the Top mobile app development company in USA to help you choose the right framework because it depends entirely on the project and its requirements. Fortunately, Moon Technolabs has the necessary experience in working on almost every type of project associated with PHP.

Frequently Asked Questions

BarChart, Invoice Ninja, and MyRank are Laravel productions. CodeIgniter is at the base of FirstCry, WooBox, and Website Builder Expert. Symfony gave birth to Dailymotion, Spotify, and Vogue.
While all the frameworks described here are popular, Laravel stands above the other two in terms of fame and usage.
The PHP developers working with Moon Technolabs specialize in Laravel, CodeIgniter, and Symfony.

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