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The importance of sports in our daily lives can’t be overstated. With that being said, there are many athletes and players who are skillful in what they do and make their countries proud. And then there are those who love watching sports. And fortunately for them, a fantasy sports app works like wonder. Out of those who love watching sports, there are many of them love to bet while watching their favorite sports. Fantasy sports apps have managed to turn around the sports industry. With the advent of these apps, it has attracted many businesses to start developing a fantasy sports app business. 

Let’s first take a look at the graph that entails the importance of a mobile app. 

graph that entails the importance of a mobile app


In 2020 alone, 218 billion apps were downloaded. And if you haven’t realized, the number is pretty huge. In this blog though, we’re going to explain how you can increase fantasy sports app downloads in just 2 months. 

Before that, let’s just quickly take a look at the statistics of the fantasy sports app. 

Fantasy Sports Players Statistics 

This image encapsulates the number of players who use fantasy sports apps. As you can see, each year the number is growing. Making the popularity of fantasy sports app developers better. 

popularity of fantasy sports app developers better.

Without much further ado, let’s just take a look at these tips to increase fantasy sports app downloads. 

1. Start With The Launching Campaign

The absolute most effective way to guarantee bunches of downloads for your mobile online business app is to make a pre-launch campaign.

That way you will develop mindfulness and interest for your app way before you discharge it. What’s more when you do as such individuals will be eager to download it. So this is the way to make a launch campaign for your fantasy sports app. 

Declare It Before Launch

This is a vital platform for your prosperity. You should tell your crowd straight away that you’re chipping away at an app that will permit them to shop with their cell phones.

After that, you ought to consistently draw in with your crowd and let them in on how the development cycle is functioning. This will additionally connect with them and make expectations.

Make certain to develop your Social media adherents and email list. They are key channels for speaking with your local area.

Likewise, go ahead and make content identified with the development interaction. This could be anything from blog entries, videos, official statements you ship off the media, and so on

Develop A List Of Early Adopters

Permit individuals to become beta analyzers and get early admittance to your mobile app.

Make a different presentation page with a pick-in structure for individuals to buy in for your launch. Compose an unmistakable incentive and let them in on what they will get assuming that they buy-in ahead of time.

Direct people to this presentation page from your landing page and other inward pages on your site. Simply place a flag as an afterthought or utilize a top bar as a source of inspiration.

That way the entirety of your guests will be aware of the forthcoming launch. You can additionally optimize your point of arrival with Facebook advertisements, AdWords, and retargeting.

Test Your App And Ask For Feedback

Before you present your app to App Store and Google play you need to be certain that it is easy to understand and it works without a hitch.

The most exceedingly awful thing is to present an app that is loaded up with bugs and crashes constantly. The most ideal way to stay away from that is to let your initial adopters or purported beta analyzers attempt your app. That way they can furnish you with input before you launch it. At the point when they do as such you can undoubtedly distinguish and fix all bugs.


Remember that your app should be pre-endorsed by the store before you can launch it. That is the reason it’s brilliant to submit it ahead of time.

Furthermore, you should realize that Google or Apple may request that you make changes to your app to accommodate their rules. But it is also advisable that you go through the entire process of how fantasy sports app development works. 

2. App Store Optimization

Probably the most ideal way to get more downloads for your fantasy sports app is to upgrade it for the watchwords individuals are looking inside the stores. This cycle is called App store optimization and it is practically the same for both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Before we get to the variables that influence it, going for the best ASO company is a must in order to get benefits for your mobile app. 

Here are the 7 most significant variables that influence it:

  • App Name

How you name your app has a tremendous effect with regards to the number of individuals who will find and download it. Make certain to incorporate your image name. This is the thing that individuals realize you will be searching for.

Furthermore, inside the app name, you can incorporate any catchphrase that best portrays what’s going on with it.

  • App Keywords

You can incorporate a bunch of watchwords for which to upgrade your app inside the store. Be exceptionally cautious while picking them to guarantee you will draw in your ideal crowd to your app page. To pick the right watchwords you ought to do a catchphrase examination and observe those your clients are bound to utilize while looking inside the app store.

You ought to constantly enhance and test new watchwords to see which ones perform better. As the main KPI that you should follow here are the number of downloads. So do the new watchwords increment or reduction your downloads?

  • Number Of Downloads

They profoundly influence how well your position in the app store. The more downloads you have for that app the higher you will rank.

That is the reason it is so basic to make a pre-launch campaign since this will siphon your download from day 1.

You ought to likewise utilize some other approaches to moreover optimize your app and increment downloads. We will additionally discuss this in this post however you should realize that this will likewise assist you with positioning higher in the app store’s web search tool.

  • Appraisals And Reviews

More audits and higher evaluations help your app rank higher inside the app store. That is the reason make an all-around planned, easy-to-use app that assists individuals with achieving their objectives without any problem. This is the place where your beta analyzers will contribute the most. They will initially give you the input that you want to work on your app.

Likewise, they would have the option to rate and audit your app from day 1. Make certain to request that they do as such and don’t take a risk with that.

Send them an email at the launch and request that they rate your app. Likewise, routinely ask individuals that utilization your app to do likewise.

Influence your glad clients to produce more downloads and increment your app store rankings.

  • App Description

It has 2 fundamental purposes here.

To start with, you can compose your depiction in a method for creating more downloads. Zero in on your incentive and what you deal with the client.

Enroll in every one of the advantages and features that your app has. Just as any friendly evidence – rewards (top app in Health and Fitness class), tributes, media surveys, and so forth

Second, in your portrayal, you ought to by and by incorporate catchphrases that you accept will assist you with positioning higher.

  • App Screenshots

This doesn’t straightforwardly influence your rankings inside the app store. However, having extraordinary app screen captures will trigger more downloads which will bring about higher rankings.

So contemplate screen captures that persuade the client to make a move and download your app. Show how it functions in real life and every one of the main features.

Make certain to occupy out all accessible spaces for pictures. You can amount to 5 in the App Store and up to 8 in Google Play.

  • App Localization

Interpreting and focusing on your app for various nations and dialects will additionally assist you with expanding your inquiry rankings.

At the point when you decipher your app make certain to likewise adjust to social contrasts, customs, weight and estimation frameworks, monetary standards, date and time configurations, and whatever else that may influence how individuals work with your app.

3. Market Your App On Social Media

Social media is perhaps the most ideal way to optimize your app and get more downloads.

You should utilize the channels that permit you to arrive at your ideal interest group, at whatever point this is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or something different.

Here, for your fantasy app, one thing is pretty important. Figuring out your audience, It has been observed that people who fall in the 18-34 age group are more likely to use this app. And people who are avid sports lovers are more likely to use this app. 

This is the way to utilize social media to create more downloads for your fantasy sports app:

Share It On Your Profiles

You ought to consistently begin with sharing your app with your present crowd. They are probably going to change over – they have any familiarity with your cerebrum and some of them have even purchased from you more than once.

Optimize It With Ads

One more method for connecting past your organization is to publicize the app via social media. Facebook has a publicizing choice made particularly for advancing apps.

That way you connect mobile clients straightforwardly in their news source. Advertisements are conveyed as supported stories named Suggested app. 


Pay-per-click is an advertising method that works efficiently. Based on the clicking, the advertisers will have to pay for the click, to gain traffic to your app. This model is quite helpful in various ways for a business to accelerate. Subsequently, there are many PPC companies, but not every company gets your requirements. And given the increasing PPC in the USA, it is always advisable to go with the top PPC company in the USA

4. Streamline Your App For Google Search

When figuring out how to build mobile app downloads, comprehend this point. Do you realize that you can likewise optimize your mobile app for Google Search too? That way your app page inside the store will be displayed in list items and this can drive you extra downloads. This is what you want to know to do this right:

Remember Your Brand For The App Name And URL

In the app, store be certain to utilization your image name in the anchor text to feature your page. Just as in the URL of your app download page. And it is also to be observed that an ideal fantasy sports app development company can always help you accelerate your business. 

Connection To Your App Page From Your Website

A verifiable truth is that great applicable backlinks can help any page rank higher. Your app page isn’t a special case. So that is the reason you should zero in on building connect to it also. To start with, remember to incorporate a connection from your site. In particular – your landing page and your site footer.

You can make an uncommon presentation page for individuals to download your app with more data and connections to your apps.

Remember Brand Name For Anchor Text Pointing To Your App URL

Anchor text influences significantly how well your position for specific watchwords. Each time you connect to your app make certain to remember your image watchword for the anchor text. Try not to wrongly utilize messages, for example, “Download our iPhone app”.

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5. Utilize Your Website

Another way how to increment app download is by utilizing your site guests. Your present site guests and clients are the ones that ought to be the most intrigued by your mobile app. So utilize that traffic and direct it to your app page to drive app downloads.

  • Landing Page Banner

Place a pennant on your landing page and any remaining significant pages on your site about your mobile app. This could be your class or item pages. The thought is to tell all guests of your site that you additionally give this stunning experience to them.

At the point when individuals click on the pennant, they ought to be taken to a uniquely planned page where they can dive deeper into your mobile business app and track down the connection to their app store.

  • Convert Mobile Traffic

At the point when individuals peruse your site from a cell phone offer them a superior involvement in your mobile app. Your mobile guests will be significantly more liable to download your app. They’re now perusing your webpage with your cell phones and it will more straightforward for them to download it.

Show a little message on the highest point of the screen. Try not to put a flag covering the whole screen. This will estrange individuals.


To put things into perspective, these tips will make up for the finest fantasy sports app development, if you choose your fantasy sports app developers wisely. And Moon Technolabs is what you’re looking for as we’ve years of experience and have developed many fantasy sports apps for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Fantasy sports app developers who are well versed in developing trendsetting apps can be a huge advantage for your business. Having been developed more than 30 apps in this niche segment, our developers know the best approach to kick-start your business without spending much time in the process.
Yes, definitely. You will be given the entire source code for this app. You’ll be the owner of this solution.
Developed by our fantasy sports app developers, they don’t end with just the development of your application. We offer 90 days of free post-development services and support to every customer of ours. After that, it depends on the requirements and services you require.

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