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The idea of fantasy sports isn’t new. In reality, it has been around for a long time, but this latest digitized take makes it much better. It also creates business opportunities that should attract a tech-enthusiast entrepreneur who also loves sports.

There isn’t anything new about the “Fantasy Sports” idea. It has been around for several years. If you don’t believe it, check this out – based on Wikipedia, the first league of fantasy baseball started sometime in 1960 in Boston. The ball began rolling from there. There are also reports stating that a businessman based in Oakland and his partner introduced the fantasy gold in the final days of 1950.

Innumerable fantasy sports applications and online platforms are available these days, such as Draftkings, Fanduel, BetMGM, etc. Every fantasy sports app development company and sports-fanatic entrepreneur dreams of creating something like Fanduel as it attracts millions of people. At the moment, this platform has over 6 million members and more than 1,000 staff members.

In today’s day and age, the sphere of fantasy sports started gaining popularity as a fun-filled game worth playing with friends. However, it didn’t take long before these platforms, such as the one mentioned above, started competing against some of the biggest names in sports entertainment, such as ESPN, CNN, Yahoo, etc.

In the future, there’s a possibility that the market of fantasy sports will hit the $33200 million mark. The popularity of the fantasy sports market dictates the app development expenses directly. That’s why there are already multiple applications ruling the market. You already know about a few of them.

The purpose of this topic is to shed some light on how you can penetrate this sector and begin your business journey.

How they work

So, how does such an app designed by a fantasy sports app development company work?

It starts with the fans choosing real players through a web-based selection process, commonly called the draft. Then, they put together a fantasy team.

Once the game starts, the company owning the app will compile the statistics of the real games and draw parallels to ascertain which fantasy team performs the best.

The players, who are also your customers, will keep tabs on their respective teams through your mobile app or website. A few players may even choose to create leagues or join the ones built by others to compete against folks only they know. They may also compete against strangers if they want to by participating in public leagues.

Statistical info

If you take a look at the statistical information unearthed by market researchers concerning the market of fantasy sports businesses, you’ll notice an obvious rise. It’s primarily because of the user base of fantasy sports and the sector’s fame.

Year The approximate number of players
 2015  42 million
 2016  42.8 million
 2017  43.2 million

Now that you have a relatively clear idea of the market of fantasy sports applications, it’s time to move on to the features you have to include in your app if you expect it to be successful.

The features

For players or participants

In Fantasy Sports Applications For Mobile Devices For players or participants - Moon Technolabs


This particular feature is a necessity in almost every application – the registration system. While it involves asking a potential client for personal information, you have to avoid crossing your limits. Ask for only the most necessary pieces of information, such as email ID, personal number, and username.

Landing page

This page is where a new user will arrive once the login process is complete. Here the users will learn about the kind of sporting events you provide. They can filter all the options to pry out their favorites.


This section will provide in-depth information about the contests your users can participate in. Ask your mobile app development company in New York to include details they can filter in terms of specific factors, such as the winning amount, contest type, contest size, winning range, entry fee range, etc.

Joining the contests

As you can probably guess, this feature will allow users to participate in a contest. Here they will pay the entry fee and conclude other formalities.

Profile settings

This section is crucial in any fantasy sports application. Users can customize their profiles with this functionality. Apart from updating things from time to time, users can check account details, bonuses, transaction histories, reward points, etc.

For the admin

Build A Fantasy Sportsbook App - Moon Technolabs

The dashboard

It’s where the admin will gain access to various statistical figures concerning the number of matches played, the total number of participants, etc. It will also show how much a player earns via your application.

User account management

This functionality provides users the ability to handle their entire account. By using this feature, the admin can edit, delete, initiate, or deactivate the accounts of users.

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Contest management

This one supports managing and coordinating various ongoing contests. The admin can use this functionality to manage contest additions, categories, deletion, edition, or account deactivation if necessary.

Inspect the earnings

Why does someone play fantasy sports? They don’t just want to spend time, of course. They play such games because some of them allow the player to win money. The same goes for the business owner who launches such an application. Through this functionality, the admin will access the earnings of players.

Managing reports

This functionality lets the admin access all types of reports, such as earning reports, player rank reports, etc.

Top choices

At this point, you may be thinking about getting started as early as possible. Before you spend money on on-demand sports app development services, though, check out the examples given below. These are some of the most successful fantasy sports gaming platforms in New York.

Top choices of Fantasy Sports Applications For Mobile Devices - Moon Technolabs


You’re already familiar with this name if you’ve been going through this write-up from the beginning. The app of FanDuel is easy to native and surprisingly fast. Also, it offers numerous options to players willing to root for their favorite teams and team members. FanDuel is also the first of its kind as it provides the Same Game Parlay system.

Other than having several fantastic offers for players, it boosts their odds profoundly. One of the noteworthy features of FanDuel is that it allows live streaming. Users can watch their games and scroll through multiple available markets simultaneously.

The app is simple enough for anyone to understand. Players can make deposits and withdraw money within moments.

Caesars App

Caesars is perfect for both experienced and inexperienced players of fantasy sports. The creators of this platform designed it specifically to make things easy for new players. If you wish to know about the most recognized and crucial function of Caesars, you only need to check the homepage. This feature is the reason why this app is famous.

While the offers available are cross-platform, the promotions are some of the best fantasy sports lovers will find right now. Caesars also happens to be an extremely secure platform because it has two-factor authentication. It ensures that every player’s money remains safe at all times.

PointsBet App

This app offers a full range of options and experiences via its website. As it has the most number of markets available for every sportsbook, players won’t have to struggle to seek out what they want.

With a massive selection of wagers, the mobile app can slow down sometimes. Nonetheless, the front page shows all popular and upcoming games, which, in turn, eases navigation.

BetMGM App

BetMGM is one of the most recognized names in the sphere of fantasy sports. It has always been classy and retains its high standards on its desktop website, as well as a mobile application. BetMGM can easily outrun its competitors in terms of sports variety, and it has an unmatched range of props and markets.

This brand offers robust payment options, and it approves withdrawals within 72 hours. The customer service is also incredible. Players can receive help whenever they need it.

Final words

Once you chalk out your plan for on-demand sports app development, you’ll encounter numerous questions you have to answer. The cost of development will be one of those concerns that you need to address. Unfortunately, there’s no way to calculate the exact value without initiating the work.

However, if you entrust your project to Moon Technolabs, a reputable mobile app development company in New York you’ll receive an approximate quote almost immediately. If you wish to learn more about what this company has in store for you, visit its website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fantasy sports allow players to select online players through an online selection process called drafting, followed by assembling a team. It also involves other processes, such as compiling the real-game statistics of the players and drawing parallels.
Building an app like FanDuel should start from $7,000, but if you want to add all the best features, your expenses may reach up to $50,000.
Moon Technolabs is an app and software development agency with enough experience in building fantasy sports mobile platforms.

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