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Hiring iOS Developers
Published On: June 09, 2023

Privacy and user safety are the two strongholds on which Apple laid its foundation stone, and they hold true today as well. These time-tested strongholds are even more critical in a world where hacking user identity has become very relevant.

iOS App Development gives your business security and privacy, keeping your business and client data safe from all data leaks. This is why the increase in demand for iOS development services has brought you here. Everything you should know is covered in this article before you start looking for “Who will be the iOS app developer?”

Why Is Hire iOS Developers Important For Your Business?

The simple answer is “Revenue.” There is a sharp increase in the demand for iOS app development. This can be described by the fact that  Over $320 billion had been paid by Apple to iOS app developers that sold products and services via the App Store.

This is a self-feeding cycle. Revenue generates a rise in demand for iOS app development, which generates revenue again.

 iOS app development

Thirty-three billion apps were downloaded from the Apple Store in 2021, according to Statista, and thirty-five billion are estimated to be downloaded in 2023.

Responsibilities Of iOS App Developers 

Junior iOS Developers

This group ranges in experience from zero to about two years. One of this position’s primary duties is always to follow the guidance of more experienced experts. They are generally assigned to the coding and testing of the project.

Mid-level iOS Developers

Two to five years of experience are considered at the mid-level. They are capable of working independently and have experience working on a variety of projects.

Along with Jr. developers, they write codes and test them while coordinating with the DevOps team for testing. They are also responsible for the project’s efficient implementation.

Senior iOS developers

These programmers have more than five years of expertise and have contributed to a number of high-level, complex, and demanding projects. They are qualified and experienced to mentor their inexperienced coworkers. They contribute significantly to various tasks, including architectural choice-making, code reviews, test planning, and UI design.

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Technical Skills Essential For iOS App Developers

The language of Apple: Swift

Proficiency in Swift is a must for all iOS developers. Swift is a programming language developed by Apple. Swift makes reading and maintaining APIs relatively straightforward. This is due to the fact that Swift’s named parameters make determining and returning values easier. For iOS developers, inferred types lead to easier code and fewer coding errors.

Swift also supports emojis and a variety of other world languages by using Unicode-correct strings. The majority of use cases are memory- and high-performance-optimized. It is an open-source, multi-paradigm, intuitive language with crisp and expressive syntax.

Xcode Ide

Apple’s own integrated development environment is called Xcode. It is a code editor that facilitates iOS application development with superb user experience using Swift. Numerous languages are supported, including Swift, Objective-C, Ruby, Java, Python, C++, and more. Before uploading their apps to the app store, iOS app developers can use Xcode to write, compile, and debug their programs. Hire programmers with Xcode knowledge.

Core Data

Making data-driven apps is made simpler with the Core Data framework. The management of model items and their connections is simplified. It relieves the developer of tedious tasks connected to object life cycles and graph upkeep.

Core Data considerably reduces the amount of code to support the model layer. Core Data is a tool used to cache temporary data and provide undo functionality. Core Data automatically replicates the schema to a CloudKit container while synchronizing multiple devices with a single iCloud account.

To create customer-focused applications, businesses must employ iOS developers skilled in exploiting Core Data.

Great Memory Management

 The hardware to store data is named memory. The primary short-term memory RAM is incorporated into an iPhone or iPad, temporarily storing data. The operating system of the device dynamically decides how much RAM is allotted. As iOS devices have limited memory, it is crucial to have memory management.

Many Swift Value Types have the “Copy-On-Write” functionality (COW), which enables numerous variables to point to the same memory address as long as no changes are made to the data inside of that location. Thanks to COW, no data modifications are possible.

Apps can operate slower and finally crash because the system only gives them limited memory access. A seasoned developer is aware that the application might stop once it bypasses the per-process limit and should have this knowledge to utilize proper memory management.

Expertise in Source Controls

A technique for system management, keeping track of source code modifications. An essential technique used in developing applications and resolving conflicts among developers who are working on the same application. Source control expertise speeds up the iOS development process and cooperation among the iOS developers.

Fair Knowledge In Unit Testing

The feature used to test the functionality of any application is the unit test. Effective unit tests are brief, quick, and isolated. Each one independently evaluates just one thing. Running new tests immediately after compiling your most recent code modifications will help you identify as many issues as possible.

Unit testing can aid in bug prevention. In order to test its functionality, developers verify that each function in an application produces the desired results using a variety of inputs.

Skills of Using Grand Central Dispatch

iOS applications carry out several tasks simultaneously, including obtaining data from the network, displaying the information, and reacting to touch input. All these activities stress the device hardware.

In order to avoid this, the iOS ecosystem makes use of Grand Central Dispatch, which enhances coordination and parallelism in the OS so that demanding mathematical processes can be performed in the background without degrading the user experience.

You must recruit iOS developers knowledgeable in GCD to avoid crashes and guarantee great speed.

Spatial Reasoning

The ability to reason spatially is one of the critical competencies for iOS app developers. It is the ability to manipulate items of varied scales and comprehend them cognitively. How users can use the app is addressed. Reliable and user-friendly apps can be developed if the developer comprehends the user’s point of view. Hence this talent has a significant impact on their skill set.

Human Interface And Design Guidelines

Apple has established design and human interaction guidelines that all iOS app developers must follow to make a great app. Topics like ergonomics, touch input, display, app interactions, and system features are widely covered in the guidelines. It is a directive by Apple which helps the developer in the development process.

iOS app developers can also access various UI resources for multiple Apple platforms. The design rules ensure the same quality level of all the iOS apps any iOS developer designs.


Comprehension of JSON is a must for any iOS developer as it is needed to transmit and receive data via networks. Moreover, it can process data and create several JSON strings. Core data enables users to save their progress on Apple devices. If products don’t use core data per the specified standards, they risk losing user data, which might reverse all the effort that iOS app developers have put into their creations.

Ui And Ux Design Experience

The UI and UX are the design elements responsible for the look and feel of the application. Apple is known for its commendable UI and UX.  UI/ designers, often known as “user experience design experts,” focus on the visual appeal of iOS applications. To enhance the user experience, they design programs’ appearance, feel, and navigation.

An app’s UI and UX are crucial to its design. UX involves navigation, branding, usability, etc., while UI deals with appearance. You must recruit iOS developers who understand design principles to produce appealing applications.

To produce eye-catching designs hiring dedicated iOS app developers is a wise decision.

Knowledge Of Storyboards

A storyboard for an iOS application is a diagrammatic representation of the user interface and how they relate. Each scene in a storyboard comprises a view controller and its views, and the objects that represent screen transitions link them together.

Storyboards can help you picture how your application’s user interface will appear and feel. Storyboards are the most effective method for designing your application’s user interface since they provide you with a clear concept of how it will function.

Essential Soft Skills For iOS App Developers

In every field, two sets of skills – Hard and soft are present and are required to create a balance. Hard skills are relevant to the core field, whereas soft skills are general life-saving skills that help sail through professional life.

 “It is possible to fly without motors but not without knowledge and skills.” Wilbur Wright

Communication Skills

It is a skill for life, but when working in an environment where problem-solving is of utmost importance, it becomes a necessary attribute. A skilled developer with poor communication will need help expressing his ideas to colleagues or clients. But a good orator with okay developing skills will reach heights and bring in sales.

Time-Management Skills

There is a reason for keeping deadlines. It shows the time-management skills of the developer. It is a critical attribute as it helps achieve the target, but delays create a terrible impact on the overall project and a wrong impression on the client.

A strong work ethic will show in good time management, which shows the discipline of iOS app developers and the organization.

Critical Thinking

Working with technology challenges your thinking paradigm. It tests your problem-solving skills along with developing your critical thinking.

“Critical thinking” is critical for iOS app development as many coding challenges arise. Rational thinking and thorough analysis are friends of iOS developers, leading them to the appropriate solutions for a problem.


With the rapid advancement of technology, new trends are continuously entering the workplace. Therefore, adjusting and proactively learning to handle change when things are not going differently than desired. This, however, does not imply giving up in the face of difficulty. It is a smart decision to have people in an organization adapt quickly to the changing environment to make it more appropriate for the circumstances at hand.

Adaptability is the skill that helps you embrace difficulty.


A practical iOS application demands a collaborative effort to develop. In order to satisfy client expectations and achieve the intended result, synergy is essential. Effective communication is the key when working in a team and bringing out the best performance of teammates. Preserving the team’s dynamics is essential, even if working in a team is uncomfortable. Therefore, while selecting to recruit iOS developers, search for developers who enjoy working in teams and who make the most of their own strengths.

Interpersonal Skills

iOS app developers with strong interpersonal skills encourage acceptable employee tolerance, use workplace humor, and show compassion for their coworkers at trying moments.

Leadership Skills

Strong leadership qualities are a must for an IOS app developer. A person with leadership qualities possesses accountability and takes the initiative for new tasks. They excel at inspiring team members when a project doesn’t go according to plan and guiding them toward success with words of encouragement and an optimistic mindset.

Work Ethic

Work ethics is how ethically you commit to work. It can be in the form of being punctual, staying focused, dedicated, organized in the work culture, disciplined, or meeting deadlines. Attributes like these show how strongly a candidate believes in and prioritizes his work. Following a work ethic ensures a positive and motivated work environment.

Another aspect of Work ethics is job satisfaction. Ethical companies promote creativity and provide liberty to the employees, which in turn comes out successfully contributing to making them happy. A candidate who follows an excellent work ethic becomes the primary choice of employers. For employers, hire a candidate who believes in pursuing and maintaining a good work ethic to make your organization successful.

How To Hire iOS Developers For Projects?

Preparing Description Of Project

Regardless of the project or work, define your needs thoroughly before looking for a developer. This will help you comprehend the expertise and experience required for the project. In addition, you need to explain your team’s responsibilities, create a budget, and establish specific deadlines.

Choose The Most Suitable Model

Understanding your business objectives is vital before beginning to hire iOS app developers. This will make it easier for the developer and the rest of the team to know how you want the app to be valuable for your company. This, along with feature lists and development specifications, will assist you in identifying the right fit for the project.

Conduct The Interviews

One step in hiring an iOS developer is to interview the developer. Questioning the candidate gives the understanding of the candidate’s knowledge and how he will be helpful in the app development process. The right questions bring out the level of expertise of any candidate and aid the filter process.

Finalizing and Signing The Contract

The last and most crucial step of hiring a developer. It is a reassurance that the developer will only leave the organization if the project is complete.

Options to Hire iOS Developers


The most convenient and hassle-free approach is to hire freelancers. You can hire dedicated developers for very little or no upfront iOS development cost. The payment mode for freelancers is hourly, so you need to pay for the total hours worked, not a monthly salary.

In-House Development

It considers multiple categories like taxes, operational fees, HRA, and salaries. Hiring an in-house development team requires access to servers, databases, and other hardware and software as well. If you have access to these and plan on creating an in-house project with a novel idea, you can opt for In-House development.

Mobile Development Company

Reaching for a helping hand is a good way of approaching a problem. When you need to gain expertise in building any app, reaching out to a mobile app development company that provides excellent iOS development services is an ideal solution. They provide guidance and tech support, helping you solve app development issues. The company is equipped with an expert team and skilled developers, which is the quick fix with your desired features in the application.

What Should You Offer iOS App Developers?

The only answer to this question is “Depending on the need.” Every project has different requirements and structures to maintain. So the workforce and the skill of the workforce are again dependent on the project. The remuneration you pay depends on the skills and hierarchy. There is a pay difference between a Junior developer and a Senior developer.

One different angle to take into consideration is that if you come across any exceptional developer, then irrespective of the experience, organizations are likely to hire them. 

There is no defined pattern for hiring and payment. Only one senior developer is hired in some organizations, and other juniors are under him. In some, the hierarchy goes like senior, mid-level, and junior. Places working simultaneously on multiple large-scale and complex projects, the structure changes totally.

A clarity of vision for the project execution is the basis for successful iOS app development. Clearly defined goals and responsibilities help decide the flow of the project.

Why Hire iOS App Developers With Moon Technolabs Can Help?

There are many reasons to talk, but one reason is enough if it helps resolve your query. Evidence proves better than words.

Experience and skill are the attributes of Moon Technolabs iOS developers. They have proven experience and skill with various complex projects to excel at any challenge.

Compliant with Apple’s design, iOS apps developed with Apple’s UI guidelines are proven to be accepted more and become more popular than those that do not follow. We design iOS apps following Apple’s design complacency with high-resolution displays designed with “points” in mind for better resolution, superb ergonomics, and apt screen size, according to the app.

Do You Have A Customized iOS App For Your Business?

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Hire Dedicated iOS Developers

Saving Time and Money Hiring our iOS development services is a competitively affordable option. We make sure to use the resources in an efficient and practical manner. We are prudent that “Time and Money” are too precious resources to waste.

Applications like the Moon Invoice App make it a point to save your time and money.

The business has billing hassles. And to make your billing and invoicing easy comes an easy iOS-friendly application. Power-packed with an elegant user interface and easy user operability. It lets you seamlessly generate and manage your invoice.

Credible and trustworthy iOS apps secure from third-party threats keep your information and data safe. Our iOS developers sign an NDA to give you complete ownership and authentication of the app design.

Transparent and clear communication from our iOS developers to convey their ideas. They understand your requirements and business needs for the application.

Keep up with the latest Apple ecosystem to deliver modern and trendy iOS apps. Our iOS developers are updated with the latest guidelines by Apple to keep the app in line with customer needs and Apple updates.

Our iOS technicians are knowledgeable about the most recent technology stack, including 

technology stack

With our flexible engagement models, hire iOS developers conveniently and based on your requirements. You can choose the model according to your needs. We offer various models: A dedicated model for long-term projects, A fixed price for urgent and need basis models, and one specially designed for iOS app development.

A simple 4-step process to hire iOS developers

process to hire iOS developers

Just letting you know!

When it is about the journey of business app development, the only destination you want to reach is increased sales or better ROI. Moon Technolabs offers various iOS app development services to choose from the list.

  • Customized iOS app development
  • iOS UI design
  • iOS App integrations
  • iOS app maintenance
  • iOS app consulting
  • iOS app testing

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We suggest you give us a call and understand our cost-effective, smooth services. We are proficient in iOS development, custom iOS app development, iOS app for iPad, iOS apps for wearables, integrating iOS apps with iPhone and iPad, and iOS apple pay.

We have various models. Depending on your project need and duration, we suggest the perfect model for a smooth experience.

We are happy to help you even after the application is developed and submitted to the App Store.

Yes, privacy is of utmost importance. We understand and respect client privacy, and we sign an NDA.
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