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iOS App Development Cost
Published On: June 05, 2023

Do you know Apple’s App Store releases an average of 31,500 apps per month? That is a vast number – isn’t it? Moreover, that leads us to our topic of discussion on how companies afford to create, maintain and release their apps on the App Store. What is the iOS app development cost?

iOS App Development Cost

The direct answer to iOS app development cost is It depends on several factors such as features, technology, etc.

The main factor is the app’s complexity, while the hourly rates and targeted devices (iOS-based) rank afterward. This all affects the iOS App Development Cost the most. As a business person, to make a smart choice and avoid overspending on the iOS app, it becomes crucial to understand the factors contributing to the total cost of app development.

Well, talking about the costs – many business owners are keen to know if there is any significant difference in iOS app development cost vs. Android. Or are both the same? And if not, which costs you more?

Is There any Difference Between Android & iOS App Development Costs?

Usually, the Android app development cost equals the iOS app development cost. The only issue that should be brought up is that working in an Android environment is more difficult than working in other environments owing to the wide variety of Android devices and screen sizes. For this straightforward reason, the development of an Android app takes much more time.

Now that we are discussing how much it costs to develop an iOS app, let us understand what key factors affect the cost of iOS application development at any stage.

GoodFirms found that a simple application development would cost you about $38,000 – $91,000. (that’s an average price). When we are talking in the context of the complex app it would cost you about $55,000 – $131,000.

Thus, at a rate of $40 per hour, developing even a basic application would set you back $90,000. You may expect to spend about $160,000 on a moderately sophisticated application and perhaps more than $240,000 on a complex one.

What Costs are Included in iOS App Development?

When you hire a dedicated iPhone developer, the time required to create an app, whether for Android or iOS, is a significant factor in determining how much money will be spent on it.

  • Total time (in hrs) for UX/UI design
  • Total Time (in hrs) for Back-end Server Development
  • Total Time (in hrs) for Platform-wise Development

All these times are then multiplied by the developers’ hourly rates, giving you the total iOS app development cost.

Formula for iOS App Development

What are the Key Factors Which Directly Affect the iOS App Development Cost?

When attempting to answer the question “How much does it cost to develop an app?” there are many different aspects to consider. Before settling on a price for creating your iOS app, there are many things and elements to consider.

One of the critical factors is the type of application that, as a business, you want to develop (we will see the major types of applications in the next section).

To make it more straightforward for you to plan and identify iOS app development costs consider the following factors:

1. The Complexity of the App

Unique app categories may demand you to build a unique collection of features. It is important to note that some features often tend to cost much more than others, which tends to impact the overall pricing of an app.

Let’s talk about the App Store categories with the most popular to learn more about the key features and the estimated cost of developing them.

Most popular Apple apps

As the figure says, gaming apps are the most popular on the App Store in the 3rd quarter of 2022 with 12.68%. Business Apps come on 2nd with 10.35%, followed by Education apps.

When defining the development cost, the key components are the number of features and the complexity. Adding more functionality to an app might increase its price tag.

For Example – Let us consider a To-Do / Notes taking app, then

  • Text formatting variations
  • Adding and deleting a new Node
  • Share notes on social media, etc., are the basic small features

In contrast to IKEA‘s furniture app, the very minute detailed features have more minor features but more expensive and complex cognitive technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality integrations.

2. Type of the Device

When estimating iOS app development cost, it’s essential to consider the specific iOS device you’ll be targeting. The problem is that the iPad and the iPhone are two wholly different devices with screens that are noticeably different sizes.

Because of its bigger screen, the iPad can accommodate a more significant number of user interface components. Compared to the iPhone, as the screen size is a bit large, the cost to have the features and functionality working properly the expenditure increases (Which cannot be a fixed %) but yes -the change of devices affects the iOS app development cost. This is because app designers need to spend more time designing an application.

Depending on the type of application you want to develop, you may choose to concentrate on building solutions for iPads or iPhones.

For example

  • Apps like Google Maps require a development focus with the iPhone as a target.
  • While apps like Netflix or OTT (frequently used on large screens) require development focus with iPad or Mac as the target.

You should be prepared to spend extra resources on your iOS product if it is probable that your target audience will require iPads to utilize your app.

3. Size of the iOS App

To determine the total iOS app development cost, as a business, you must perform in-depth market research, what devices users more uses, features that users like, issues that prevent outstanding user experience, etc., and analyze the competition. You can accomplish all this by looking at conceptually comparable applications to the one you plan to create.

The more complex your iOS applications are, the longer it will take to build and the more it will cost. Before beginning the app development process, you may validate the app concept and its features by applying various techniques and procedures to select the features and functions you pick.

4. Hiring Approach

The final iOS app development cost will be heavily influenced by the time and effort you put into finding the perfect expertise or outsourcing your project. There are essentially three routes you may go with your iOS project at this point:

  • Hire Freelancers
  • Hire In-House Team
  • Outsource to an Offshore Company

We will discuss each option in detail later in a separate section. Now, let us discuss the types of apps you can build for iOS.

5. UX & UI Design

No matter what device you are developing the iOS app – the app’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are critical. Consult with the iOS development company you will be working with to guarantee that your app will have the best user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) possible and will succeed in the market.

Several instances demonstrate how badly designed user interfaces and user experiences led to the dramatic failure of several applications when they were released into the market. Because of this, you should never engage in such behavior with your application.

UI/UX design cost

6. Back-end Infrastructure

The back end of an application is the server that hosts it and facilitates data exchange with other systems. When making an iOS app, you’ll need server support to synchronize data over the web. Alternatively, you may construct your back end by caring for your server.

However, it is more costly and has fewer features. Back-end developers, sometimes called “side server developers,” hone in on databases, back-end logic, application programming interfaces (APIs), and servers.

7. Cost of Maintenance

Post-release app maintenance contributes to the total development cost. If you want your iOS app to be successful, you can’t afford to overlook this crucial aspect. No matter how complex or basic your application is.

The price will cover fixing any problems, optimizing the code, upgrading to the most recent OS, keeping an eye on the app’s stability and performance, and upgrading any necessary third-party services. Two types of app maintenance are available: on-demand services and continuing assistance. Due to the time and effort put in by the development team, this aspect of the cost will be greater.

There is a specific cost associated with the maintenance of iOS apps, which includes payment for the following services:

Change in Design

The only thing that is constant is change. This remark compels us to conclude that in today’s rapidly evolving technology and fashion, one must always be on the lookout for any opportunities for advancement.

Your typical front-end maintenance cost for iOS app development will most likely increase if you regularly make design changes to your app.

Constant Updates

Because of the rapid pace at which technology evolves, your application must be kept up to date whenever a new version of the operating system is released. This will guarantee that your app is compatible with the most recent version, and you can give your consumers an experience unhindered by any issues.

Bug Fixing

Regarding the bugs in your app, you can never be too vigilant. It makes no difference whether your application has already been released or is still being developed; flaws might be discovered in any scenario. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there are expenses involved with the upkeep of a bug-free application.

What are the Major iOS Application Categories Which You Can Aim for?

With an infinite variety of iOS mobile apps available, the cost of creating an app for the iPhone varies greatly depending on the app’s intended use. Features, demographics, safety standards, etc., vary by category. Here are some examples of the types of iOS apps available:

1. On-demand Applications

The idea behind on-demand applications is to give users access to desired services at the precise moment they are required. You can get these things with the touch of a button. They meet market needs by connecting service providers and end users on a single hub. This means that nobody’s time or energy is wasted.

Customers previously had to actively seek out the service they needed and shop around for a lower price. Everything you need may be accessed within minutes on your smartphone screen nowadays.

Real-time monitoring, chat assistance, and in-app payment for syncing, purchasing, etc., are just a few of the many capabilities available in on-demand apps.

2. Customized Business Apps

In simple words, a customized business app is specifically developed to solve a business problem or to gain business productivity for employee efficiency. When it comes to getting work done, nothing beats the efficiency and effectiveness of a business application. Sometimes when you are working with multiple clients, you can also share your business app credentials to get your & client’s team working on the same platform.

Such applications may be custom-made for a business or bought as a ready-made service. A company’s application is primarily determined by its requirements and available resources. Business applications may be broken down into three categories.

3. Stand-alone Applications

An app that doesn’t require any internet connection or any other extra package or integration to run the app is known as a stand-alone app. It also doesn’t require any third-party services.

You can consider Google Health as an example of a stand-alone application. Low-cost data entry applications include clocks, calculators, calendars, and similar tools. As a result, this implementation of default settings is more straightforward and cheaper.

4. eCommerce Applications

The typical cost of these apps is higher than that of stand-alone apps since their creation takes much more time. With the meteoric rise in popularity of e-commerce apps like eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba, it’s no surprise that they have difficulties fulfilling all of the features necessary for online purchasing.

These apps must be able to interface with third-party APIs, serve millions of users concurrently, and have robust system security and reliable back-end performance.

An example would be eBay. It’s a mobile commerce website with a downloadable shopping app. You may do your shopping and product research online.

5. Social Networking Applications

Social Networking Apps are another category that is seeing a constant rise. Still, they are costlier and more time-consuming than standard apps because you must ensure that the app runs smoothly and has robust scalability even when millions of users are in real-time.

When figuring out iOS app development cost, the kind of app being developed is the essential consideration.

A native app runs natively on a device and its operating system. Because of the longer production cycle and higher expense, these apps rarely appear in the app stores.

Hybrid applications are those that are compatible with a wide variety of mobile platforms. Since they may be made using pre-existing code or frameworks, they cost far less than native applications.

We call “web apps” applications that can be accessed from any online browser. Since they don’t have to be optimized for a particular platform or device, universal apps tend to be the most cost-effective to create.

Complete Time and Cost Breakdown of Developing an iOS App as Per the App Categories

Regarding iOS app development cost, here is the complete breakdown per application category.

 iOS Application Development cost

Top Benefits of iOS Application Development

Let’s talk about the benefits now.

You can Have an Established User Base

However, the established subset of customers who want nothing less than Apple’s quality and performance standards has altered the playing field.

The platform’s massive user base is the most significant upside of creating an app for iOS. Apple’s roots are deep in software and technology. The majority of the current iOS users have used Android in the past.

It’s been suggested that an Android user who switches to iOS will never look back.

You can Generate Better Revenue

The return on investment (ROI) is and will always be higher for iPhone applications than for Android apps. And this is the general truth that is added to the advantages of developing iOS apps.

Easy Integration in the Apple Ecosystem

This is yet another essential advantage that buyers try to find. The iPhone app development platform enables users to transmit data across several Apple products, including the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

When moving data from one Apple device to another, the process only takes a few fractions of a second. As a result of this, your organization must invest in the development of iOS apps.

High-end Security

Apple’s iOS is the platform of choice for enterprise apps due to its superior support for the security and accessibility of corporate data. Since iOS provides superior mobile device management solutions, businesses may confidently adopt BYOD policies. In addition, iOS makes it simple to manage all iOS devices from a single location.

iOS Apps have Minimal Fragmentation

Apple’s closed environment greatly benefits Android and other operating systems. iOS can only be installed on several devices because of its closed ecosystem design.

As a result, there is a seemingly infinite number of smartphone manufacturers and versions to consider while testing Android applications. If you’re developing Apple devices, you need only test your app on iPads and iPhones.

What are the Hiring Approaches to Consider While Finalizing iOS App Development Costs?

Now that we are returning to our core topic – what are the hiring options you as a business have when it comes to finalizing iOS development cost?

You may Hire Freelancer iOS Developers

When you hire freelancers, it may help your business to have the use of specialized skills and knowledge without hiring them in the organization. When you hire a freelancer, you may avoid hiring a development company. Also, you may outsource only a few segments to the freelancer while others are developed in-house.

Freelancers are especially helpful to startups since they allow them to outsource just a small part of their work at competitive prices. This will keep the expenses down and guarantee timely delivery.


  • Freelancing is the best choice you can make if you want to develop a basic iOS application.
  • It serves as an extra resource, allowing for the timely completion of an existing project.
  • It is necessary to have a straightforward activity that has to be completed.


  • If your applications have safety and privacy concerns, freelancing is a bad option.
  • Your application contains crucial data points that must not be accessed improperly.
  • You do not have enough time to coordinate with freelancers every day or week.

You may Hire In-house iOS Developers

In-house hiring of specialist iOS app developers may help you save a significant amount of time throughout the development process while also improving the quality of the solutions. It is most effective for companies working under strict time constraints and needing resources to scale up their development operations rapidly.

Most successful startups, like Uber and Zomato, relied on a committed in-house staff before growing their personnel and transitioning to an outsourced strategy.


  • You will have full ownership of the application and control over its management.
  • During the year, you are working on several different projects.
  • You will be able to finish the project because you have free time.
  • If you are working on a tight budget, then it’s a pretty compelling option.


  • You may have to pay additional non-deferrable expenses associated with sustaining an employee, such as bonuses, increments, sick days, and so on, apart from the salaries.
  • It would be a costly option if you have only a one-time need.
  • You are not equipped with the necessary technical knowledge to interview iOS developers.
  • You may engage more time in micromanaging your iOS development staff.

You may Hire Dedicated iOS Developers from an Offshore Company

Finding an iOS development company for outsourcing is most effective when businesses are expanding and need more resources. When trying to scale, it may be rather costly to do so by recruiting resources in-house.

Managing everything on one’s own might be a laborious and time-consuming endeavor. It prevents you from concentrating on the most critical components of expanding your firm.

Both WhatsApp and Google are great examples of successful organizations that have successfully outsourced substantial elements of their software development to outside contractors. They could save expenses, efficiently expand, and concentrate on what they did best by using the outsourcing model.


  • It is an ideal option when you need to control iOS app development costs.
  • It is ideal when you need a top-notch business-level application.
  • You will have access to a pool of specialized and international IT expertise.


  • Do not go for it if you don’t want to give up control of your business activities.
  • It is not ideal to go for if there are high variations in time zones.

Dedicated iOS Developers

The Complete Cost Breakdown for iOS App Development as per Developer Location

India has the lowest overall cost for developing iOS apps. Developers may expect to make anything between $15 – $45 per hour, depending on the country they work in. The choice of development location is crucial in the overall cost of creating an iOS app.

cost for developing iOS apps

What are the Key Tips to Control or Reduce iOS App Development Costs?

You probably know there are a lot of expenses you’ll have to consider while making an iOS app. The sheer magnitude of these figures, though, may be overwhelming.

This is why we can’t just abandon you to the stress of calculating all these prices on your own. Here are some tried-and-true methods for cutting down on the expense of creating an iPhone app:

Have a Clear Idea About What You Want to Build

Determining what you want in the app in terms of app platform, technology, and features will save you a lot of money on iOS app development costs. The most excellent option for any considerable cost reduction is thoughtful planning.

Build an MVP

An MVP is a cheaper version of the application that gives you a taste of your finished product. An MVP is a way to go if you are skeptical about the viability of your application’s concept.

It’s the most stripped-down option for learning about your product’s reception among consumers, how it addresses their pain points, and where it may be enhanced. As a result, you may make any necessary adjustments to your final iOS software before releasing it to the public rather than later.

Build a Cross-Platform Application

Native iOS applications have more features and functionality; it’s unlikely that you’ll need those extra bells and whistles to meet the needs of your target audience.

With cross-platform app development, you can create your app for much less money and have it available on the two most popular mobile app platforms, iOS and Android.

There are benefits and drawbacks to both approaches. However, the expenses of creating iOS apps that work on many platforms are often cheaper. Access the App Store and Google Play by selecting this option.

However, they have drawbacks, including poor performance, sluggish programming, and a restricted user interface. However, the advantages of developing a native iOS app outweigh the additional expense, including better security, less maintenance, and more scalability.

Outsource to an Offshore iOS Development Company

Imagine that you come from a background that is not technical or don’t want the hassle of controlling or overseeing the app development process. In such a scenario, you may think about outsourcing your app development to an iOS development company with a track record of success and a solid reputation.

As was said previously when we were discussing the elements that affect the cost of producing an iOS app, the location of your app development firm is a crucial factor in determining the iOS app development cost.

Suppose you outsource your iOS project to an iPhone development organization. In that case, you may be able to save a significant amount of money on the creation of your application. 

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The answer to this question is not easy to come up with since the cost of designing an iOS app may vary greatly based on a number of different aspects. The ultimate cost of the app is determined in part by various factors, including its level of complexity, the level of expertise of the development team, and the number of hours needed to create the app.

The amount of time needed to build an iOS app is proportional to both the app's level of complexity and the team's level of expertise. The development of a simple app may take as little as two weeks, whilst the creation of a more involved app might take up to two months or more.

While creating the codes, the MTPL team follows the most up-to-date and effective security procedures. Second, in order to protect the confidentiality of the information on your company, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement.
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