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Healthcare App Ideas
Published On: October 12, 2023

Blog Summary: Explore trendy healthcare app ideas demanding great attention in the eHealth market space. Know who must invest in healthcare apps and why. Identify key takeaways from medical app ideas and develop your custom healthcare application.

Ever since COVID-19 hit the streets in 2020, there has been an exponential rise in the number of healthcare mobile apps launched. All kinds of healthcare services are being provided by these applications today.

Here are some market insights about the healthcare industry:

The industry is booming owing to the diversity in healthcare app ideas. There is a healthcare app for every specification possible in the market. When you launch a medical app featuring a relevant idea, it will receive huge traction.

In this article, you will find some popular and trendy medical app ideas that will help your startup generate great ROI.

Who Should Invest in Healthcare Apps and Why?

You must invest in medical apps if you belong to either of these categories:

  • Hospitals and Wellness Centers
  • Doctors and Medical Practitioners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Wearable Device Manufacturers

There are inevitably several benefits that you get by investing in a healthcare mobile app:

  • Enhance Patient Outcomes: By facilitating virtual consultations and using IoT-based remote health monitoring technologies, patient outcomes will improve.
  • Provide Value-based Care: With the use of healthcare apps, medical professionals can attend to the timely needs of patients and offer them personalized services.
  • Boost Brand Reputation: Featuring a robust healthcare app will help you boost your brand identity and increase brand awareness. Your core vision and values can be highlighted via the app.
  • Optimize Business Revenue: By providing more value to your target audience via in-app services, you will drive positive patient outcomes and optimize revenue turnover.

Top 10 Innovative Healthcare App Ideas

Creative and smart healthcare app ideas are springing out as the day passes in this digital era. Healthcare institutions and companies are leveraging the power of cutting-edge technology and incorporating them into medical apps to serve patients efficiently.

Let’s look at 10 trendy and innovative healthcare app ideas that will bring significant revenue to your startup business:

1. IoT Wearable for Elderly Health

IoT Wearable for Elderly Health

With the advancement of IoT technology, it has now become possible for healthcare professionals and caregivers to monitor the physiological conditions of elderly patients remotely. The IoT wearables can be used to detect the current heart rate, body temperature, hormonal balance, blood pressure, and many other health variables at any given instant.

As a healthcare startup, it is great to leverage this current trend of healthcare apps and launch an IoT wearable app for the elderly. You can also prepend additional features in the app, such as voice/video calls, to facilitate remote interactions; by integrating a GPS system, you can also enable caregivers and medical professionals to track the location of their patients at any given instant in time.

Wearable biosensors can also be used for the purposes of fitness tracking and disease diagnosis/prognosis. Specific niche cases can be established while you’re launching a wearable healthcare app for the elderly. You can launch an app that monitors dehydration levels or measures the necessary calorie intake.

2. AI-based Symptom Checker App

AI-Based Symptom Checker App

Startups in the symptom checker healthcare app space are flourishing. Thousands of startups in the US are leveraging this healthcare app idea to fuel revenue growth. Buoy Health and K Health are two startups that made a massive turnover from launching symptom checker apps.

These app ideas are one of the dominant healthcare app trends as they allow patients to conduct self-diagnosis of their medical conditions based on their symptoms.

The symptom checker app uses AI & NLP (natural language processing) to understand the symptom description of users and hence provide an accurate disease diagnosis. This allows an outstanding level of self-sufficiency in patients and also helps avoid unnecessary panic and visits to healthcare institutions.

Along with assessing the symptoms, you can also include features such as ‘Steps To Take’ or emergency response techniques that are associated with the treatment of a specific disease. AI-enabled chatbot apps can also be developed wherein users interact with virtual chatbots about their medical symptoms and get personalized responses.

3. Pharmacy Delivery App

Pharmacy Delivery App

In today’s modern age of technological revolution and convenience, customers prefer to get their medicines/drugs delivered to their homes rather than go and buy the medicine at pharmaceutical stores. That is why one of the top healthcare app trends or health app ideas is launching a pharmacy delivery app.

It also helps the patient avoid traveling to stores when they might not have stock of specific medicines. Post-COVID, there has been a great demand for medicine delivery apps, hence its expansion into the market. The primary feature that must be included in a pharmacy delivery app is ‘Upload Prescription.’

Patients must be able to attach the prescription notes written by doctors in the app and hence avail of its delivery. This will come in handy as the pharmacy store owners will be able to deliver the exact medicine dosage and type. Options like automatic refills will enable the patient to receive weekly or monthly medicine deliveries as and when their medicine is finished.

Boost Your Business Revenue By Launching a Pharmacy Delivery App

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4. AR-assisted Surgery Planning

AR-Assisted Surgery Planning

Surgeons and healthcare professionals across the globe have a hard time preparing for risk-enduring surgeries. Several innovative healthcare companies have come up with modern AR-assisted surgery planning solutions to help surgeons prepare in advance with effective computerized image projections.

You can launch an AR surgical guidance app that enables surgeons to use X-ray vision while conducting complex spinal procedures. The AR images projected from the app can be transferred to a spatial headset to magnify the experience and perform effective pre-surgery procedures.

It is also great to hire healthcare app developers to build AR-based surgery planning apps for wearable devices such as headsets. You can include technologies such as haptic simulators that create virtual but realistic vibration patterns when doctors perform surgeries on human anatomy.

Companies such as FundamentalVR, Augmedics, and Vicarious Surgical are all providing AR-based surgery planning solutions to enable surgeons to prepare for surgeries. This is one of the innovative healthcare app ideas that are revolutionizing the 21st century.

5. VR Therapy for Pain Management

VR Therapy for Pain Management

Dealing with chronic body ailments, pain, and anxiety can tear anyone apart. It is necessary to shrug off the demons and stay mentally well while dealing with a deadly disease. If you are able to calm patients’ minds and give them the relaxation they seek, you’ll get robust user engagement. 

You can make this possible by launching a VR-based app that helps patients with pain management. Upon wearing the headset, users will be transported to ideal environments that make them composed. They can choose for a nature setting with the sound of birds chirping or go for an underwater scuba dive. 

Various features can be deployed into the VR-based app to enhance user engagement and improve patient health. You can include mindfulness exercises taught by virtual instructors and even specific fitness programs for people dealing with body ailments. Medical professionals have noted that VR-based therapies help to distract the brain from hovering over pain signals while focusing on positive thinking. 

6. Women’s Well-being Healthcare App

Women’s Well-Being Healthcare App

Have you heard about Femtech? It is one of the trending healthcare app trends, with several mobile healthcare apps launching apps that are primarily oriented toward women’s health. In fact, the market is enormous! Women across the world are using well-being healthcare apps for various purposes.

Right from pregnancy apps and period-tracking apps to mental health apps, all kinds of healthcare apps are being released in the market today to help women in all journeys of life. While developing a women’s well-being app, you can look at all sorts of possibilities.

Consider all the phases of a woman’s life. Her journey from teenage to motherhood and eventually to a senior lady and come up with niche healthcare app development ideas that benefit your business as well as the target market.

You can launch creative apps that help women plan their daily activities, schedule time for household duties, and perform fitness-come-mindfulness exercises. Developing a women’s health monitoring app is an excellent idea as it helps to keep her health in check always, addressing dangerous diseases like breast cancer.

7. ML-driven Remote Patient Monitoring

ML-Driven Remote Patient Monitoring

While developing a healthcare app, you need to be sure the healthcare app idea is relevant and purposeful. That is precisely what an ML-driven remote patient monitoring app can be for both doctors as well as patients. These remote patient monitoring apps are in huge demand in the healthcare app market.

A healthcare monitoring app is essentially useful for doctors who have to be consistently updated about patients suffering from chronic diseases, mobility issues, and post-surgery procedures. Necessary steps can be taken on time, as well as emergencies attended with the help of these monitoring apps.

ML-based algorithms in the RPM app will help in analyzing the medical and health data of the patients and support clinical decision-making processes. These machine learning algorithms help medical professionals to understand the dynamics of disease proliferating in a patient and take necessary measures to prevent it.

These monitoring systems help improve patient outcomes, reduce hospital costs, and provide value-care services to patients, which serves a greater purpose.

8. Online Hospital Management App

Online Hospital Management App

Hospitals cannot afford to lose sensitive data or mismanage patient info. Admins, staff, and medical professionals in healthcare institutions need to be alert while entering patient records and managing files. To combat data loss, hospital management systems have been in the picture since the 1960s.

As a startup in 2023, it is profitable to release an online hospital management app that helps hospitals manage all departments, such as clinical, financial, and document management needs. It helps remove the paperwork and maintain digital files of all important information.

You can include features wherein the medical details of patients can be easily entered and maintained. All details regarding the patient’s medical history, current medical symptoms, treatment procedures, and appointment dates can be stored and managed effectively.

There must be a credible billing tracker that manages all the bills of patients and classifies them based on paid/on-due. You can also include options such as discount authorization and EMI payment to offer flexibility to your service availed.

9. Virtual Health Assistant with AI Chatbots

Virtual Health Assistant with AI Chatbots

Imagine if you could offer an all-in-one healthcare solution to your target audience. One healthcare app that plays the role of a personal medical records app, doctor booking app, and medicine price comparison app! People are looking for that one app that provides all healthcare solutions.

That is why launching a virtual health assistant app integrated with AI chatbots is essential. It is one of the prominent startup ideas in healthcare in today’s scenario. The app can be primarily used for self-diagnosing symptoms and getting clarity on specific disease treatment plans.

The app should use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify user texts or voices and provide suitable solutions. So, whether a user asks for info regarding treatment options for a specific disease or news on the latest medical discoveries, the AI-powered health assistant app must be able to give them an appropriate response.

The user can conveniently book and schedule doctor appointments, create and manage reminders for fitness activities, and come up with healthy nutrition plans with the aid of the health assistant app.

Improve Patient Health Outcomes by Launching a Virtual Health Assistant App

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10. mHealth Education App 

mHealth Education App 

When the world is swirling with deadly viruses such as COVID and Nipah and other life-altering diseases such as Cancer, HIV, etc., it is necessary to be cautioned and prevent their uphold. The market for mHealth education apps is huge, given the vast demand for such apps that help combat deadly diseases and mental health issues.

A pocket guide that helps both medical professionals as well as the general public in learning about methods to live a healthy lifestyle is a decisive hit. The mHealth education app can consist of detailed info concerning disease types, preventive measures to keep away, and treatment plans for the same.

The app must cover the latest medical news and discoveries with links to authentic reports and research papers. Such an app must be able to provide medical data about various kinds of medical services. They can also serve the purpose of medical reference apps that provide info concerning surgery procedures and dietary intake.

Key Takeaways From Healthcare App Ideas 

Alright! So there you go! Those were 10 innovative ideas for healthcare applications from which you could derive inspiration to launch your own health app.

Let’s look at the key takeaways from those healthcare app ideas:

  • Identify a Suitable Healthcare Niche: As we saw, you need to define the target audience for whom you’re catering your healthcare services. For example, do you want to cater to the elderly or women in particular? You can choose a niche healthcare app idea based on your service preferences.
  • Consider the Market Demand: While choosing a medical app idea, you need to ensure that the idea you’ve chosen has great demand in the market. Analyzing market demand based on demographics is also important as the audience type varies from place to place.
  • Healthcare App Scalability: It is not just about considering the app’s idea potential in the present. When you choose a healthcare app idea, you need to be able to scale the app. By studying the future projections and the scope of the technology used in the app, you can determine its full potential.

Now, it’s time to launch your profitable healthcare app. If you want to develop a world-class healthcare application featuring a trendy idea, all you have to do is partner with Moon Technolabs. We are a leading healthcare app development company expert at developing custom health apps that derive great success.


According to several authentic studies & future projections, there’s going to be a great influx in the development of mobile healthcare apps in the near future. These healthcare apps will have AI and ML-based algorithms, IoT technology, and blockchain integrated into them to provide personalized healthcare services.

There are over 54,546 healthcare apps in the Google Play Store and more than 41,517 healthcare apps in the Apple Play Store as of today. Medical apps are being launched on a daily basis into the market with several relevant ideas being featured.

eHealth or digital health is the provision of healthcare services via online platforms such as mobile applications. It enhances patient health outcomes and helps doctors & medical professionals to reach out to patients in effective ways.

All healthcare apps that we develop comply with data privacy and security standards such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and US Food and Drug Administration FDA.
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