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The only way for you to get ahead of your business rivals in the sphere of fashion e-commerce is to build a mobile application. To do that, you’ll need the help of one of these app development firms. They’re the best in all of Boston.

Even a few years ago, the presence of an app meant staying ahead of competitors. If your business had an app, your customers and prospects would look at you as an innovative brand. Today, innovation doesn’t mean what it used to. It’s about taking measures to avoid falling behind.

Just take a few minutes to think about your patrons. What do you think you know about them? You’re aware that almost all of them use smartphones, and they dedicate a lot of their time to it. Do you know exactly how much? According to researchers, adults in the USA spend about three hours and twenty-five minutes every day using different applications.

On the other hand, they spend only about fifty-one minutes on the internet, and they use mobile devices to do it. It doesn’t happen only in the USA, either. Almost 80% of the mobile time spent by people in all markets goes into mobile applications. Therefore, the conclusion is a straightforward one – you need eCommerce fashion app development services for your business.

As the average customer spends most of their time browsing apps, you have to offer your services through those digital solutions. Regardless of how impressive your website is, customers won’t go to it as long as they have your business rival’s mobile app to play around with.

It’s the reality of today’s day and age. Everyone says that you have to be strong to survive, but at the moment, it seems that you need to be adaptable to stand up to your competitors.

All the estimations for the future point to one thing – the market for mobile devices is on the rise. Mobile apps will play crucial roles in every industry, including fashion retailing. Additionally, the amount of time dedicated to mobile devices rises by 69% with every passing year. It’s a trend you can’t ignore, no matter what you think.

Almost all the retail clothing brands have an app right now. If you download a few of these apps, you’ll notice that most of them look like digital catalogs. Some of them also have an option that allows buyers to “order to store.” If you download and test ten apps, only three of them will let you purchase products with the shipment.

You should try to avoid building such boring applications because boring digital platforms tend to recede into the background. However, if you hire one of the following providers of eCommerce fashion app development services, your app will be stellar.

7 e-commerce app developers in Boston

Here are the top e-commerce app developers operating in Boston. They have experience in building mobile applications for fashion retail brands.

Moon Technolabs

Moon Technolabs is a global innovation partner of small, medium, & large businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups spread throughout the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Dubai, and several other parts of the world.

Moon Technolabs Best E-Commerce App Development Companies In Boston

It’s an app and software development agency that has completed more than 1,200 projects and has over 12 years of experience. Also, more than 150 tech maestros work with this agency. It stands out when it comes to delivering groundbreaking custom software solutions and apps for mobile devices and the web.

  • Global Customers: 600+
  • Founded: 2009
  • Projects completed: 1200+
  • Average hourly rate: <$20/hour
  • Number of employees: 200-250

Hedgehog Lab

Here’s another excellent agency for your on-demand customized store app development project – Hedgehog Lab. It’s a global digital product consultancy firm that partners with enterprises and brands to help them achieve their business objectives using new and emerging technologies.

Hedgehog Best E-Commerce App Development Companies In Boston - Moon Technolabs

With more than a decade’s experience in technology, design, and product development, this organization employs experts in delivering digital solutions. These solutions deliver genuine, demonstrable business impact for every client working with it.

Whether it’s about Android, iOS, the web, voice systems, or digital immersion, this organization’s incredible design and engineering credentials have helped it to allow some of the biggest businesses to challenge their status quo and offer disruptive and transformative digital experiences.

  • Minimum project size: $75,000+
  • Average hourly rate: $100-$149/hour
  • Number of employees: 50-249
  • Founded: 2007


Since 2009, ChopDawg.com has been partnering with various enterprises and startups around the world to launch over 350 next-gen applications. The mission of this agency is to guide every business owner and entrepreneur that approaches it for the right game plan for their business venture’s success.

ChopDawg.com Best E-Commerce App Development Companies In Boston - Moon Technolabs

This organization employs experts in digital product design, development, and strategy, and it also offers a predetermined pricing rate with dedicated project management to form partnerships its clients can rely on. It operates with full transparency, offers detailed project roadmaps, and adheres to deliverable schedules.

  • Minimum project size: $25,000+
  • Average hourly rate: $100-$149/hour
  • Number of employees: 10-49
  • Founded: 2009

Rocket Farm Studios

Some people say that Rocket Farm Studios is the best app development agency in Boston, but it’s for you to decide. However, it’s also worth mentioning here that this organization deserves to be on a list enumerating on-demand customize estore app development service providers.

Rocket Farm Studios  Best E-Commerce App Development Companies In Boston - Moon Technolabs

This organization follows tried-and-tested processes. It takes ideas from concepts, designs an MVP of the digital product, develops it, and launches the same into the marketplace. From there, it finds tractions with users and scales accordingly.

  • Minimum project size: $25,000+
  • Average hourly rate: $150-$199/hour
  • Number of employees: 10-49
  • Founded: 2008

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Founded in 2000, Blink specializes in building user experience strategies, researching, designing, and developing mobile applications. It’s an agency dedicated to helping clients achieve their business objectives through flexible, user-centric design approaches.

Blink Best E-Commerce App Development Companies In Boston - Moon Technolabs

The organization has partnered with hundreds of innovative clients ranging in size and type, from startups to Fortune 100 brands, including Disney, Apple, Google, NASA, Starbucks, and Microsoft.

It primarily operates in Boston, but it also has offices in San Francisco, Austin, San Diego, and Seattle.

  • Minimum project size: $25,000+
  • Average hourly rate: $200-$300/hour
  • Number of employees: 50-249
  • Founded: 2000


If you’re after a mobile app development company in Boston that can build beautiful apps while writing bulletproof code, Echobind should be your choice. It’s an app development consultancy that combines technical understanding with deep user insight to ensure your app doesn’t just appear in the market but receives the love it deserves.

Echobind Best E-Commerce App Development Companies In Boston - Moon Technolabs

This organization’s experts will build an app from the ground up or empower the client’s in-house team members so that they can do it themselves. The services offered by this agency include team augmentation, code audits, custom training, digital strategy, and, of course, app development.

  • Minimum project size: $25,000+
  • Average hourly rate: $150-$199/hour
  • Number of employees: 10-49
  • Founded: 2015

SYNERGY Consulting

SYNERGY started its operations by supporting midsized businesses and startup companies in building, launching, and branding its products in the existing and emerging markets by leveraging modern technology and industry-specific marketing technologies.

SYNERGY Consulting Best E-Commerce App Development Companies In Boston - Moon Technolabs

It was the result of this agency’s personal struggles to get one of its internal products off the ground. It witnessed all the issues concerning outsourcing, poor discipline, bad communication, and inappropriate documentation. In a bid to counter these problems, this organization found its calling.

  • Minimum project size: $25,000+
  • Average hourly rate: $50-$99/hour
  • Number of employees: 10-49
  • Founded: 2006


Well, there you have it – an all-inclusive list of every mobile app development company in Boston that deserves your attention. As the entire world is going mobile, you have to change your game with a digital solution to stay in the competition.

Also, app development shouldn’t just be about the future, being innovative, or coming up with ways to oust your rivals. It has to be a statement that proves you’re ready to take on the hurdles and obstacles of tomorrow. It has to inform everyone that you’re willing to do what it takes to get closer to your customers and clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you ask an expert, they’ll say that a mobile app is the only way to survive in today’s competitive business environment?
Today, the process of app-building is no longer pricey. However, the cost of building an app will depend on what you wish to include in it and what you hope to achieve with it.
All the companies included in this list are the best in the business, but if you want an all-inclusive service provider that can handle everything associated with building mobile apps, Moon Technolabs should be your choice.

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