Technology has penetrated into businesses, just not only to optimize the automation process in manufacturing, packaging etc but also now in enhancing the marketing and driving sales strategy. A huge surge has been spotted in large organizations and huge enterprises grabbing their sweepstakes profit through their company’s own mobile apps. In fact, most of having noticed that even small businesses like your corner grocery store to downtown coffee shop are all alluring, engaging and finding innovative interacting solutions in everyday life to attract more customers and hence drive more sales through their business’ dedicated mobile app.

Looking at the same metrics, if you are wondering why businesses need to build their own mobile app platform, take a glance at the following benefits:

Customer Visibility:

Gone are the days when customers had to rely on business operation hours in order to view products or to avail services. Average smartphone users spend around 2 hours a day on their phone. While operating, a user unlocks, scroll and perform many other tasks involving apps. Just at this point, your business app could make an impact with its visibility to make it work in your business advantage with a notification or message.

Direct Marketing:

Apps serve many functions like providing general information, product pricing, store location, booking forms, news feeds and many more. However, the best part is that with your app, you can attract your customers with special sales offer and promotions which in a way will act as a direct marketing channel between your app & customers. Push notification goes beyond a step further and acts as a direct interaction with new releases or products to your customer base.

These push notifications pave the way for you to have an open discussion, carry out market surveys and address their queries or concern, as and when needed.

Create Awareness:

One can also opt for introducing their business services & practices in a very unique, fun and innovative way corresponding to their business nature and target audience. For e.g, Starbucks offered directions to the nearest store, coffee recipes and reward for the early risers. You can also think of a way to introduce a service that parallelly explains your business service and also create some buzz among others.

Predictive Analysis:

Of course, your business app is a pool of information & data about your customers likes and dislikes of goods and/or services. Using your app as data collection tool, you can categorize the progress of products and services to either increase the sale of specific one or to focus on creating more awareness about the slow-selling goods and items.

Reward & Loyalty Programs:

Who doesn’t like to get something in return? Especially when it is gestured with being honest, trust and thankful. With so much of advertising influx in various ways only to project product and services sales, businesses might lose the impact and grip on customers. Hence, time to time, you have to giveaway certain rewards to encourage their loyalty and can retain valued customers. One can also start to digitize these loyalty programs and instead of giving away those point-collecting cards, you can easily reward via your mobile app. This will result in more downloads and more sales.

Attracting Millennials:

The younger generation of today is already comfortably learning App development since their early childhood. Integrating the use of mobile apps to drive customer satisfaction for these young generations will not only skyrocket the sales but also once connected with your business brand and reputation, will remain loyal customers for a longer period of time.

Improve Customer Engagement:

No matter you own a small corner store or a flower shop, you need to create a way and platform wherein your customers can reach you easily. Inducing your app with a messaging or help desk feature really makes a difference in your communication channel. Personalized message drafted by analyzing your customers spending behavioral pattern assures them that your business as a brand is attentive to their needs and hence builds the trust in your business.


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Jayanti Katariya

Jayanti Katariya is the CEO of Moon Technolabs, a fast-growing IT solutions provider, with 18+ years of experience in the industry. Passionate about developing creative apps from a young age, he pursued an engineering degree to further this interest. Under his leadership, Moon Technolabs has helped numerous brands establish their online presence and he has also launched an invoicing software that assists businesses to streamline their financial operations.

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