What's new in shift to develop iOS App faster at lower cost?

Do you want to learn what awaits you if you select Swift for your iOS app development project? Here you’ll learn everything about it, including the changes it underwent when it became open-source.

Whatever you wish to learn about Swift to create iOS applications is here. Since its appearance, this programming language has altered the course of the entire industry of iOS application development.

It’s an exceptionally intuitive programming language suitable to create iOS applications. Developers can also use it to build digital solutions for watchOS and macOS.

This language has opened several new doors for established business owners and entrepreneurs to make their ideas flourish. Previously, if you wanted to create iOS applications, you had to spend large sums of money and time. Furthermore, the resulting apps would crash frequently.

Today, thanks to Swift, you can create iOS applications of the highest quality.

A few statistics

Based on the information on Wikipedia, Apple introduced Swift at the WWDC or Worldwide Developers Conference in 2014. Since then, it has undergone several changes, adjustments, and enhancements.

  1. Swift has secured an eighth place among the most recognized and widely used programming languages in 2019.
  2. Those who create iOS applications are in love with Swift. It holds the fourth spot among the most loved languages among programmers.
  3. Compared to every other app development language, Swift pays much more. Developers specializing in this programming language receive an average salary of $54,000 to $57,000/year.
  4. PYPL and TIOBE index bolsters the fact that the popularity of Swift and its usage is rising with every passing year.

Apple’s decision

Before learning more about the specialties of Swift for business, you should check out what Apple recently did. Apple had about until the end of this year to make Swift an open-source programming language. Now, you can use it to create iOS applications without spending significant amount of money.

Everything associated with the language, including the libraries, compiler, and debugger, has become open-source. The release of Swift took place under the license of Apache 2.0. In other words, if you want to create iOS applications, your developers can use the language to build commercial products. It provides support to OS X, iOS, and Linux.

Apple has even designed a dedicated website called www.swift.org for app developers to create iOS applications. They can get their hands on every piece of information they need to start their projects using Swift, including technical documentation and source code links hosted by Apple on GitHub.

The website also provides data on what Apple wants to do and achieve with Swift 3, along with API guidelines. It’s also where problem tracking will take place. The site will handle issues and comments. On the other hand, language-related contributions will take place over GitHub. Apple describes this website as the product’s home.

By making Swift an open-source language, it appears Apple wants every developer to create iOS applications with it. The power source of the language is now easy enough to integrate into just about every system without bypassing multiple obstacles.

However, Apple has retained most of its platform-specific functions, such as the HomeKit, CloudKit, and SceneKit. Of course, a developer can gain access to them by creating an Apple developer account to build Swift technology iOS app in the best possible way.

According to experts, it’ll be quite unique to see how Swift will fare as an open-source language. The ResearchKit of Apple is already open-source, and so is the WebKit, as well as the rendering engine powering Safari.

Reasons to choose

So, what makes Swift technology iOS app development so popular and appropriate for businesses? Due to the concise yet expressive syntax, Swift technology iOS app development becomes easier. Of course, the advantages of using Swift technology iOS app don’t end here. You should continue reading to find out what they are.

  • Ease of coding

Programming languages for app development purposes demand app developers to write highly complex code. It’s the only way to deliver complex solutions to clients. Swift technology iOS app is a popular choice among developers because it’s concise and can reduce LOC. As a result, programming becomes faster and more efficient.

  • App maintenance

Objective C, used previously for iOS app development, had one significant problem. As the language was a subset of C, it could evolve only when its base evolved.

App maintenance for Create iOS Applications At A Lower Cost - Moon Technolabs

For the same reason, Swift technology iOS app development gained popularity. When developers had to see Objective C, they had to synchronize the method names and comment between the files manually.

In such a situation, Swift Finest Technology can utilize this time to work on the app logic and enhance the code quality.

  • Developing for Linux

Swift Finest Technology has the power to build cross-platform applications for iOS/OS X and Linux. It’s an incredible opportunity that comes with Swift Finest Technology. You can’t expect the same from Objective C.

  • Managing data

Another reason that makes Swift Finest Technology is that it makes data management faster. Swift Finest Technology uses LLVM for native code optimization and operating platforms. Developers will receive the opportunity to rewrite multiple groups as structures.

That’s why Swift Finest Technology takes less time to deliver better results than Objective C.

  • Interactive

One of the largest advantages of Swift for the top mobile app development companies and their clients is that it can perform in an interactive environment. Developers can inspect the output while working on the code. It means they can see and rectify every error that pops up during the coding stage.

If there are any loops in the code, the top mobile app development companies can notice them in the timeline panel while calculating variables.

  • High speed

According to the experts working with the top mobile app development companies is that this programming language has one of the quickest algorithm calculation metrics and the operations for the language will take much faster.

Swift will enable the developers of the top mobile app development companies to use generics and high-order functions. Understandably, the codes remain clean at all times, apart from being reusable. This feature will help the top mobile app development companies save time.

  • Open-source nature

As mentioned in this write-up, Swift is now open-source. All the libraries, along with the debugger and compiler, are open-source. Once Apple made the announcement, the top mobile app development companies started using it for numerous projects.

If you hire iPhone application developer, the open-source nature of Swift makes it easy for them to track bugs, upgrade codes, and create email lists.

Create iOS Applications Faster And At Lower Expenses With Open source - Moon Technolabs

Apple also gets feedback from the developer community constantly and introduces changes accordingly. Furthermore, if you hire iPhone application developer, they can use Linux-based platforms to add diversity to their projects.

That’s why developers of iPhone apps love Swift.

  • Enhanced safety

Due to the improved typing system and error management abilities, errors popping up during Swift programming will be must less compared to Objective C. It proves the safety of Swift. So, if you hire iPhone application developer, you will get the opportunity to leverage the power of a robust language.

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  • No memory clogging

You should hire iPhone application developer because Swift is lightweight and has dynamic library support. As Swift doesn’t have static memory, there won’t be any problem associated with memory clogging up.

Furthermore, dynamic libraries usually have only one copy. Naturally, it reduces footprint profoundly.

  • Playground features

The system called Playground enables developers to test new algorithms without creating an entire application from scratch. Apple has included inline code execution for this requirement to aid the work of coders. They can write a mass of code or algorithms while receiving feedback along the way.

If you hire iPhone application developer, the feedback will enhance the speed at which they can write code with the help of data visualizations. The combination of Swift and Playground displays the efforts of Apple to make development processes easier and more approachable.

To conclude

Swift isn’t exactly an old programming language. Even then, when you hire iPhone application developer, you’ll find most of them specializing in Swift because it’s better than Objective C. It has an exclusive collection of features allowing developers to write safer and more reliable code.

Now, everything boils down to finding an app development agency that excels in this programming language. You won’t have to look hard or long for service providers, though. Just get in touch with Moon Technolabs – a recognized agency that specializes in building applications for Apple’s devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Swift is a programming language created by Apple for the development of applications for Apple’s devices.
Indeed, Swift has become open-source, along with the libraries, debugger, and compiler.
Some of the best developers specializing in using Swift for app development are working with Moon Technolabs – an app and software development agency that operates in multiple locations throughout the world.

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