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Do you know anything about the pick-and-drop business? It’s one of the latest entrants in the on-demand service sector, and you can take it to the next level by building a mobile application.

Over the last few years, the on-demand service sector has become quite a phenomenon. New and exclusive business ideas have been appearing, and the best thing about them is that anyone can initiate their on-demand service startup by investing in one of the top mobile app development companies to help them build a mobile application.

Most folks are aware of on-demand taxi booking service providers like Uber and on-demand food delivery service providers like Zomato. However, not many people are aware of the latest entrant in the on-demand service sector – pick-and-drop. Before getting into the details of this particular business format, you should know about a few brands that are already making a mark in pick-and-drop.

Are you aware of a company called Swiggy Genie? It’s a pickup and drop service that’s available on-demand. If you have never heard of it, you may consider downloading the app to find out what it does. You can also watch a couple of educational videos on YouTube to find out how Swiggy Genie operates, the kind of services it provides, and how it benefits clients, as well as business owners. Of course, you may even choose to continue reading because this write-up is all about the pick-and-drop service.

About the service

There will inevitably be a situation where you’ll want to get to your office as soon as possible. Maybe you have a meeting to attend or you have to sit with your boss to discuss a problem that popped up in the project you’re working on. However, as soon as you cross the threshold of your workplace, you realize that you’ve left a critical document at home. What will you do then? You can’t return to pick up the file and you can’t ask someone to deliver it to you at your office because there isn’t anyone at home.

A pick-and-drop mobile app can save your life during such a situation. In technical terms, an instant pick-and-drop service aims to help people get whatever they need regardless of location. You simply need to place a request for what you need by specifying your location, as well as the pickup spot. The service provider will pick the item from the designated site and deliver the same to you at the drop location. This item can be anything from meals, products, groceries, etc.

How it works

When the top mobile app development companies work on pick-and-drop mobile applications, they aim to help the users of the app with swift pickup and delivery services.

If this business idea seems worthwhile to you, then you have to create two different applications successfully to ensure the service functions as described above. The first one is the app that the customer or user will download on their mobile devices. The other one, as you can probably guess, will be on the phone of the delivery personnel. It’s best to get another application developed for the administrator. It’ll be the dashboard that will give the business owner an all-inclusive view of how the deliverers operate. It’ll also provide crucial business insights.

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The whole thing will work only when the customer registers with the app successfully. Once the registration process is out of the way, the customer will get the opportunity to enter both pickup and drop zones. Users can also enter crucial notes regarding the delivery. For instance, if the item is fragile, the customer can inform the service provider to handle it carefully. Also, if the customer needs the item delivered at the earliest, he/she can specify the same. A deliverer closest to the customer’s location will accept the delivery request. Any piece of information associated with the request will appear on the app of the customer, including crucial details, such as the name and phone number of the deliverer.

As the app will have an inbuilt GPS, customers will be able to track the status of the delivery person in real-time. Understandably, it’ll be easy for the customer, as well as the deliverer, to coordinate and conclude the delivery assignment.

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The features

Well, now you have a basic understanding of what this pick-and-drop service is all about. However, you shouldn’t rush to hire dedicated developers. You still need to find out what features you must include in your pick-and-drop mobile application.

1. For customers

  • Just like most other app-based businesses, you’ll need to include registration and signup processes.
  • There has to be an option to select or enter the pickup and drop addresses.
  • The option to enter the name and phone number have to be there.
  • It needs a blank space where the customer will describe the item he/she needs.
  • There has to be an option to upload one or more photographs of the item.
  • An option to save the picked-up items should be present.
  • An option to save the dropped item has to be present.
  • The checkout option has to be there.
  • There should be a blank space where the customer will include special instructions or notes if necessary.
  • The app should be able to inform clients about special offers and provide promo codes.
  • There has to be a dedicated payment gateway with the highest level of security.
  • The customer should receive the opportunity to select the desired payment method.
  • Finally, real-time GPS tracking options have to be there so that the customer can keep tabs on their requested items in transit.

2. For drivers

  • Just like the customers of the platform, the app designed for the drivers should allow drivers to sign up and register their names and other pieces of information.
  • There has to be a system to allow customers and the administrator to see whether the deliverer is available to accept requests or not.
  • There has to be a delivery history recording and maintenance system for performance evaluation.
  • There has to be a dashboard to display the status of the deliverer’s earnings.
  • The driver has to be able to update the condition of an order placed by a customer – whether it’s pending, in transit, just received, or concluded.
  • An in-app calling system has to be there so that the customer can contact the deliverer to inquire about the delivery. The administrator will also be able to converse with the driver via this calling system as and when necessary.

The cost of development

At this point, you’ll probably want to hire dedicated developers to get your pickup and drop app solution developed. Other than Swiggy Genie, there’s another pick-and-drop mobile app-based business catering efficiently to its users – Needy. When it comes to building an app like these, you’ll inevitably need the services offered by app development agencies, particularly the ones with experience in designing on-demand solutions. While knowing the amount of money you have to spend on such an app is vital to you, you mustn’t avoid considering the tech stack you have to employ for the development of this application. Once you contact a development agency, it’s the first thing you should talk about. You have to find out what kind of technologies the agency will be utilizing for the designing and development of your on-demand pick-and-drop mobile app solution.

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Usually, the expenses of building such an app will range somewhere between $15,000 and $25,000 with customizations and other features. Of course, the systems you wish to incorporate or exclude will further dictate the overall cost.


The sphere of technology just keeps on expanding, and it has to do so because the needs of the commoners continue to change with time. This expansion is evident from the creation and development of these pick-and-drop applications. The uniqueness of this service makes the lives of people easy. However, for the development of such an application, you’ll need the best organization out there to look into it. As already mentioned earlier, it’s a relatively new entrant in the on-demand service sector, which means the development process has to be quick but steady and deliberate. It’s also possible to incorporate the pick-and-drop system into grocery, food, or e-commerce delivery mobile solutions.

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