The innovative membership platform that revolutionizes the way creators connect with their fans! Patreon serves as a dynamic bridge between artists, writers, musicians, and their dedicated supporters, providing a space where creativity thrives and sustainable relationships flourish.

This app has become a beacon for content creators seeking a reliable income stream while offering fans an exclusive backstage pass to the creative process. Join us as we delve into What is Patreon App, exploring how it works and why it has emerged as a powerhouse in supporting diverse talents across the artistic spectrum.

What Is Patreon App?

Patreon creator app offers financial tools allowing the fans and supporters to subscribe to the projects after they create content. Nowadays, various artists like YouTubers, writers, podcasters, and musicians use Patreon. It gives a sustainable income source to the artists while rewarding the audiences with extra rewards and content at different subscription levels.

The paying supporters are called patrons on the app who pay a specific fee for the unique content. Creators offer subscriptions to their followers for services like video, audio, photography, development, and writing.

How Does The Patreon App Work?

The Patreon app provides a free platform for creators across diverse fields to monetize their content through the implementation of a paywall. This involves charging supporters a subscription fee before granting access to the creators’ work. The Patreon platform emerges as an ideal solution for both patrons and creators, offering a seamless and cost-free avenue to support and showcase creative endeavors.

Creators can see when they can get their Patreon earnings and completely rely on the payment for further supporting and creating new content. Patrons can also see how their subscription fee is supporting the creator. If they are dissatisfied or happy with the content, they can cancel or upgrade the membership easily.

Top Features of The Patreon App

Patreon podcast app comes with the top features:

Diverse Payment Option

Patreon app includes the highest compliance standards and global certification to make sure all the payments are secure. The Patreon platform offers diversified payment alternatives like PayPal, Venmo, and all the other major credit and debit cards.

Community Building Tools

The content creators primarily connect with their patrons through the feed Patreon page. They can post their images, polls, videos, and posts on the Patreon page to build a strong community together. They can also block some posts for particular tiers. Patreon includes customized RSS feed support for the podcasters.

The patrons will receive a customized feed link when they join. This link is particularly for the subscribers. The content in the feed might be different for different Patreon subscribers. If anyone has a question about how to use the Patreon app to communicate with the patrons and other creators, the best way is through the Discord channel and server.

Analytics and Insights

The analytics and insights offer a comprehensive breakdown of new members, membership count, upgrades, cancellations, and downgrades. With the first click of analytics and insights, the creator can see the data for the last 30 days.

By default, the insight dashboard will summarize the entire membership activities. From this, the creator can analyze various factors like paid or free member view, active member, canceled, data range, tier or overall view, active members, and more.

Customizable Membership Tier

If anyone is wondering about what is Patreon app best feature is, then the answer will be a customized membership tier. Supporters can join multiple tiers to support their favorite creator. Every tier corresponds to a specific amount of fee and can vary from $1 to $100 per month. The creators can customize this membership tier and decide which content should be available for which tier patrons.

How Patreon is Changing The Way We Create Digital Content?

Patreon app has become a boon for most of the content creators. Online creators have been making money traditionally through advertisements, including the space on their blogs or YouTube videos and direct paid sponsorships. However, in 2019, with the significant changes in the YouTube guidelines, the revenue started to reduce.

The Patreon app allows the creators to get funds directly from their supporters and maintain a steady monthly income. Many small and renowned Patreon creators can concentrate on their full-time content creation with this support.

What are The Patreon Membership Tiers?

The Patreon creator application empowers content creators to set up various tiers, with the total number and subscription fees being at the discretion of the creator. Patrons opting for higher tiers gain exclusive access to premium content not available to those at lower levels. The tiers are both optional and adaptable, offering a range of membership options for patrons to choose from.

Tier 1

Tier 1 consists of the lowest fee to join a creator, ranging from $5 to $10 every month. In this tier, the creators offer valuable content to the patrons, which is easier to fulfill. The members will get first access to the live stream performances and hangouts, new releases, BTS of artwork and videos, and also discounts.

Tier 2

Tier 2 membership of the Patreon podcast app offers extra value to the patrons, keeping things manageable and streamlined for patrons. At higher prices, for instance, $10 to $25, the creators can provide customized benefits like access to special events, engaging directly, limited edition merch, and many more. This level includes all the benefits of tier 1.

Tier 3

It also includes all the advantages offered in tiers 1 and 2. It is the best tier for renowned and established creators with a massive patron base. The creators offer the highest number of exclusive and personal live streams in tier 3. Podcasters can give access to extra episodes at this level.

How Patreon App Helps Creators to Make Money?

The most common questions creators have after downloading are how to use the Patreon app and how to make money from it. This subscription-centric membership platform helps the creators make money in the following ways:

Exclusive Content

Exclusive content delivers the patrons something that they will not have access to anywhere else. It includes regular content like videos, event tickets offered to fans, podcast episodes, special merch, member-only goodies, and many more.

Digital Goods

Contrary to the immediate association with rewards, the essence of the Patreon app lies in creators being able to provide digital goods. Far beyond traditional rewards, creators can offer items such as discount coupons, event tickets, and even exclusive collaborations on special occasions.

Physical Merchandise

Many people do not consider goodies as content, but it is! The creators can offer exclusive patron-only merchandise like postcards, stickers, and shirts as great souvenirs for them.

Personalized Experiences

Personalized experiences for the patrons offer an outstanding engagement opportunity. It will help the fans to connect with the creator’s work more. To offer a tailored experience, the creator can provide features like live stream hangs, community forums, ask-me-anything posts, and others. So, it is one of the best ways to delight the fans and connect with them in a new way.

Educational Content

The Patreon app, available for free, is not only a platform for entertainment but also a valuable resource for those seeking information or knowledge on specific topics. Another avenue for creators to boost revenue on this app is crafting educational content, delving into subjects like tutorials, explanations on “how to,” discussions on “what is,” and more.

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Pros & Cons of The Patreon App


Several content creators are using apps like Patreon as it comes with numerous benefits:

Steady Income Source

Patreon creator app funds the creative goals of the creators and is a steady source of additional annual income.


When patrons contribute fees to creators for exclusive content, their financial support goes beyond mere access – it fosters accountability. This contribution becomes a tangible expression of commitment, enabling creators to embark on meaningful projects with the assurance that their audience is not just accessing content but actively participating in the creation of something valuable.


Having some people trust in the dream with financial and sincere investments can assist the creators in pushing forward with different goals.


Patreon has many benefits but might have some issues with the app, too, like below:

Need a Strong Follower Base

Although Patreon is one of the best apps for garnering financial support from followers, those creators without preexisting patrons in their content might struggle to generate income.

The App Makes the Rules

If a content creator wants complete control of everything, then the Patreon podcast app is not for them. Since the membership platform can change the rules anytime, the creator might not be able to control or open their Patreon page based on their content.

The App Demands a Cut

Patreon demands a cut of your earning percentage. Thus, the creators will only get a partial percentage of the fee that the patrons are sending to them.

How Much Does Patreon Cost?

It is now time to check out the Patreon app cost for both patrons and creators.

For Creators

Patreon app is free for the creators, but the application starts demanding some fee after they start earning money. Creators might have to pay 5% to 12% of their monthly income earned on Patreon, based on their plan type. Currently, the app is offering three plans: Lite, Premium, and Pro.

Additionally, creators may incur costs related to mobile app development as they enhance their offerings and engagement with their audience.

For Patrons

Signing up for a patron account on Patreon is free. But, your monthly fee depends on the creator you want to support and the membership tier you choose. Each creator sets their tier fee, and you get to decide which one suits you best.

Some creators offer a tiered fee structure, while others offer a flat rate. Patrons can downgrade or upgrade their membership subscription service anytime or cancel it if they don’t want to access the creator’s content.

Summing Up

People might get demotivated if they do not have a clear idea about what is Patreon app. However, it is one of the best ways to establish a direct relationship with dedicated followers and generate a recurring monthly income.

It takes a few minutes to set up a Patreon account and start earning within no time at all if the creator has an engaging and decent-sized audience. In other words, Patreon has proved to be an outstanding resource for the creators for a fixed annual revenue.



Do people actually pay for Patreon?

Yes, people actually pay for Patreon to motivate and access the unique content of their favorite creators. In this way, the Patreon users support their work and appreciate their created content.


What is not allowed on Patreon?

Patreon does not allow images related to animal or human abuse, minor sexual depictions, or child abuse, and access to gambling or betting services or products.


How much does it cost to join Patreon?

To join Patreon, the cost is absolutely free. Creators can sign up without any charge and gain instant access to powerful features. These features allow creators to share content directly with their audience, build a community, and connect with valuable fans. There are no additional costs for creators to join Patreon or access these features.


How to watch Patreon videos on the YouTube app?

It is not always possible to watch Patreon videos on the YouTube app, but sometimes it is possible. For that, the creator of Patreon should also have a channel on YouTube. Next, subscribe to the channel and make sure to get the notification whenever there is new content.


How to get Patreon on the podcast app?

The creators can get Patreon on their podcast app by accessing the feed with the help of a subscribe link or the Copy RSS feed button. Next, sign in with the login details of Patreon and confirm being a member.
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