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Published On: September 22, 2020

Since the advent of social media, people can’t live without them. They need something for networking purposes as well as entertainment. In that respect, there’s nothing better than a social media app, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Now, one may argue that it would be incredibly difficult for a new social media platform to compete against these world-renowned giants. However, the outbreak of the coronavirus created new opportunities. Social media platforms are more important than everything else right now because they improve communication at a time when practising social distancing has become mandatory. So, what do you need to know about the expenses associated with designing such an application?

Before delving into the details, it’s best to start with a few statistics.

  • According to researchers, around 3.4999 billion active social media users exist today. On average, one person has almost 7.6 social media accounts.


  • 80% of the time spent by people on social media platforms occurs via mobile devices.


  • People spend about 142 minutes every day on social media applications.


  • Between April 2018 and April 2019, social media users increased by 202 million. It means that a new social media user came into existence every 6.4 seconds.


  • 81% of all small business companies have a social media profile.

These statistics come from several renowned and trustworthy resources. These numbers should be enough to convince you to get in touch with the providers of on-demand app development solutions at the earliest. You’re probably avoiding it because you think that you can’t compete against social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, you need to acknowledge a few facts. Since the start of 2020, the coronavirus has been wreaking havoc throughout the world. This virus forced governments to impose lockdowns. It even altered the so-called “normal” way of life. Today, people are ready to welcome the “new normal,” where social distancing is mandatory. Then again, communication can’t stop, especially when it comes to running a business. That’s why a social media application could prove to be nothing less than a boon at this moment.

The features

Knowing the cost of developing an app is crucial in every project, particularly when your idea is one of the most in-demand ones among the millennial group of app users. Here you’ll learn about the different elements that affect the cost of a social media app. However, before discussing the expenses, you need to know about the features that your app requires.

  • Account authorization: Regardless of the type or genre, every mobile application should allow users to set up authorization conveniently. According to the providers of on-demand app development solutions, you should reduce the number of steps that a user has to take to complete the account authorization stage.


  • Creating and editing profiles: The next must-have feature is the creation and editing of profiles. Users should have the feasibility to create their profile in such a way that other users can find them easily.


  • Messaging: The presence of a messaging system in the app is vital. It comes with every social media platform that exists today.


  • Uploading photographs and videos: Your social media application should allow users to upload and share photographs and videos. It’s another feature possessed by every social media platform of today.


  • Linking facilities: You need to let your users share content between multiple social media platforms. It would prove to be beneficial to every social media app entrepreneur.


  • Search systems: This feature will enable users to seek out people, pages, businesses, communities, etc.


  • Push notifications: Sending push notifications are a common element in all social media platforms and many other mobile apps belonging to other genres. Make sure that you include it.

Based on categories

If you want a company to develop an on-demand app for you, then you need to consider the categories. The classification of the social media app will dictate your expenses.

social media categories


  • Chatting app: Chatting applications like WhatsApp are one of those social media applications that set the standards for messaging apps all over the world. The idea of WhatsApp arrived in 2009, and it didn’t take long for the app to establish itself as the most preferred messaging platform among mobile devices. The idea was a simple one, but it won the hearts of millions of people. Creating such an app would cost you around $40,000 to $50,000.


  • Photo-sharing app: Whenever someone mentions a social media platform that allows people to share photographs, Instagram comes to mind. The CEO of Instagram didn’t think that the app would be as popular as it is now. The rate at which the world adopted this app flabbergasted even the most experienced researchers. They think that there would be more than 125 million Instagram users by 2021. Creating such an app would cost you somewhere between $36,000 and $40,000.


  • All-purpose app: You’re probably wondering what an all-purpose social media application could be like. Well, Facebook is the one that you may describe as an “all-encompassing social media platform.” It allows you to connect with people all over the world. Apart from that, you can send and receive messages with the onboard messaging system, create pages of your own to showcase your talents, promote your business, establish groups, and more. Understandably, creating an app belonging to the all-purpose category would be costlier than the others mentioned earlier. You will have to spend $60,000 to $80,000 for it.


To conclude

Now you have a rough idea of how much you have to pay for a company to develop an on-demand app for you. The numbers given here can differ from app development agency to another, but there won’t be any drastic changes. Just make sure that you include the most crucial features and ponder over the category of the social media app that you wish to launch.

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