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Published On: December 26, 2018

The quality of a successful mobile application does not lie in just one aspect of the mobile app such as simple design, but it is also heavily influenced by its performance, features, and functionalities, user-centric overall design.

Yet, knowing all the above qualities, not every app in app or play store is a successful one. Hence, there is also the high number of a ratio where these apps have failed to deliver what customers needed. The point is, what kinds of strategies to implement and use effective ways to improve the mobile app user experience so as to increase your app retention rate. Because in today’s generation where customers/mobile users have many options which can lead to app deserting and ultimately to a non-promising app. If you want to build a successful mobile app than you need to optimize the following things in your app to reap early and higher profits. If unsure, you can also hire mobile app developers from these top mobile app development company to help you.

How to improve your mobile app user experience?

1) Re-sizing & Using Native Component

The first impression is the last one! Well, when it comes to mobile usage and its friendliness, the line is true. Keeping a long sign-up form will turn-off your user as it is prolonging the service that they require or for the purpose they are on your app. The best thing would be to keep is short and limited to the utmost necessary information to proceed. Remember, you can always ask for more information at a later stage. Also, it is important to keep your mobile app intuitive with easy navigation from one screen to another by using native UI element.

2) Clean Design & Clear To Understand

If your app demands certain permissions in order to perform a function then ensure that it is very simple and clear for the user to understand and comprehend that it is the app’s necessity to such information such as location personal information and even social media account info, etc. The best way is to keep your app’s permissions clear to understand to make a user feel secure. Moreover, clean design will create very less amount of resistance for your user to achieve or complete their desired task. Unwanted features and functionalities will only drive them away.

3) Style & Consistency

It’s all about keeping your user hooked with your mobile app. To do that, it is imperative for your app to get connected with the user and establish a connection. Consistency in design assures user and helps to associate with the brand. IT also provides familiarity with the navigation system that will lead to improving the mobile app user experience.

4) Keep Easy Search & Share

Make it easy for your users to find products and/or services with easy search and filter options. Make the data and useful links available and easy to find for your users. Many successful apps have advanced in-app search options to provide quick and high-end mobile app usability. On the other hand, users are also concerned about their data security. It is quite obvious for any company or business to keep this policy in transition with their mobile app also to provide data security and transparent sharing options. Only this will mount a strong and trustworthy relationship with the user.

5) App Analytics

As much as the efforts you have put in to design your app well, you’ll need to put the same energy in checking the performance of your app and other statistics. You’ll have to analyze quantitative and qualitative data of your app to find the drawback and opportunity points so as to further optimize your app. Visual feature data capturing such as touch heatmaps and user session recording for each login or activity will provide you with insight into your app’s user data and activity to know and pinpoint the bounce back reason or point.

Concluding Note:

Optimizing your mobile app based on the above-mentioned points is definitely going to draw some attention and will increase user experience. Moreover, you can even take professional help by hiring mobile app developers from top mobile apps development company such as Moon Technolabs for all your mobile app design and development needs. No matter if your requirement is to build a successful mobile app for iOS, Android or even in windows app development company, we assure you to deliver a promising app as per your needs.

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