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difference of native and hybrid apps
Published On: April 24, 2017

As an entrepreneur or a startup,the dilemma is always about which platform to choose for your mobile app development. You want to give the best user experience to your patrons, yet your mind revolves around the budget for the development of that perfect app that will have the desired features.

Let us be your guide and aid you in the selection of mobile or cross-platform app development.

What are native apps?

Addressed as mobile apps, native apps are developed under an optimized standard app development process. These apps are written for the particular operating system. The various functionalities of specific devices are kept in mind while developing such apps.


  • If you are looking to have an app developed that will use the inbuilt features of the devices; both hardware and software, then native app development will top the list.
  • This means the apps can access native APIs of the devices, E.g., camera, flashlight, push notifications and various other features.
  • Native apps are developed in compliance with app store security protocols ensuring safety and performance of the app.


  • For different platforms, separate codes must be written, increasing the overall development time.
  • Because of their particular framework and rules, they require more investment regarding money and time.
  • Developers must spend a separate amount of time for writing independent codes for multiple OS.

What are Hybrid (Cross-Platform) Apps?

The latest trend in mobile app development is developing the cross-platform apps. Such apps combine elements of both native and Web applications.

Technologies such as HTML5 and CSS help in the development of hybrid apps; fusing web app version and native libraries.


  • Single database for all platforms; codes do not have to be re-written.
  • The development cycle is short and swift and doesn’t blow a hole in your development budget.
  • Even if the user is offline they can access device features and the responsiveness web design; comes loaded with native features and web technologies.


  • Needs complex native libraries; affecting the overall app performance.
  • Lacks the support for the latest technologies of various operating systems and devices.
  • Fails to fulfill the platform guidelines for each operating system.

When does the need arise for Native or Cross-Platform Apps?

Native App:

  • If you are looking to offer rich user experience
  • When you have a free hand over the budget
  • If there is no time for developing apps for multiple platforms

Cross-Platform Apps:

  • Limited budget scenario
  • When there is a need of launching apps on simultaneous platforms
  • If the app requires quick deployment
  • If you want to develop gaming app


Gartner has backed HTML5 and has also confirmed that it will become the favorite app developing tool in the future; the plus point of cross-platform apps is that developers can develop apps for all the three primary operating system.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows

Hybrid (cross-platform) apps have found their cue, and they have become the answer to the troubles that developers were looking for. In the practical sense of it, all native and web apps have had their bad days, and this has affected organizations drastically.

We hope that this article will help you in selecting the best option and best mobile app development company for your organization that can make you win your target audience leaving a sublime effect on them.

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