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The .NET framework is among the best frameworks of all time, but its abilities aren’t the only thing that helped it reach the top. Without the tools elucidated in this write-up, developers won’t be able to unleash the full power of .NET.

According to Statista, the framework of .NET claimed the number one spot in 2021. Hundreds and thousands of developers used it that year and helped it earn 34.2% of the market share.

About 90% of all professional developers spread throughout the world choose the operating system of Windows for software development projects.

Furthermore, .NET Core was the most lauded and used framework last year. It scored 77.2 followed by PyTorch and Flutter.

Market researchers have evidence to prove that almost every business owner will rely on the services of a .net development company for enterprise-level applications and software programs. They do it because they know it’s efficient and productive for creating high-quality and dynamic applications.

Above everything else, .NET lets developers create scalable digital solutions, and everyone knows how crucial the factor of scalability is to business owners and industrialists. It’s one of the main reasons why many Fortune 500 brands include it in their tech stacks.

The app environment of .NET allows developers to work with 60 different programming languages. Out of them, 11 languages come from the prestigious house of Microsoft, including Visual Basic, C++, C#, TypeScript, and others. If you want something robust that can offer a future deployment perspective, .NET should be your choice.

Before moving on to the next section of this write-up, here’s something for you to remember – only pick a .net development company that always uses the following development tools.

10 .NET development tools

Here’s an all-inclusive list of the best tools for .NET projects.


Built by JetBrains, this tool is an extension of Visual Studio. It helps developers analyze code on the go. It also provides numerous quick fixes and it comes with an automated solution-wide refactoring for code. ReSharper has more than 60 refactoring and over 450 context actions.

It’s one of the best tools for .NET specialists willing to complete their projects as quickly as possible. ReSharper is appropriate for beginners too because it has several helpers for code editing purposes. It facilitates code rearrangement, quick code transformations, documentation display, and automatically importable namespaces.

Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code

Regardless of where you hire dedicated dot net developers from, they’ll surely use Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. After all, these two products from the esteemed house of Microsoft offer multiple benefits.

For every .NET developer, these two are the most popular and preferred tools because they offer an enhanced environment for .NET applications.

Microsoft Visual Studio is perfect for building a massive range of digital platforms for computers, such as web services, websites, web apps, and even applications for mobile devices. It comes with world-class tools to write code and debug the same with ease. All the members of the .NET development team will be able to collaborate efficiently.


NCrunch lets developers run tests and write code simultaneously. This automated concurrent testing takes place in Visual Studio, and it lets developers set up quality-related metrics while writing code. It’s a tool that provides useful info about the tested code to ensure your developers can enhance the quality of code at the right time.

NCrunch Tools For .NET Development - Moon Technolabs

Developers love NCrunch for its smart test execution and inline exception feature. However, it’s a tool that requires developers to spend money to use. If possible, consider paying more to your team to make them leverage this tool. It comes with investment-worthy features.


This tool is a package manager for Windows, and it’s earning fame in the sphere of .NET app development gradually. The best thing about it is that it works with every existing software installation system available, such as MSI, NSIS, and InnoSetup. It also supports zip archives and runtime binaries.

Chocolatey Tools For .NET Development - Moon Technolabs

Not every developer works with MSI database files used by Windows Installer. Nonetheless, you should hire dedicated dot net developers who use it because experts recommend installing it on Windows.

Chocolatey comes with an advanced PowerShell to offer automated instructions for software development. It also has an in-built module to finish complicated tasks instantly. Today, many .NET development firms use Chocolatey to create and host packages reliably and to make them repeatable.


Almost every .NET development agency will speak in favor of the efficiency of the LINQPad. It’s a tool that allows .NET programmers to test program snippets instantaneously and query databases in SQL or LINQ.

LINQPad Tools For .NET Development - Moon Technolabs

Developers prefer to use it for its integrated debugging system, rich output formatting, and optional auto-completion ability. It enables the programmers of .NET to automate and script in any language, including F#, C#, and Visual Basic.

This tool is lightweight and free to use. It won’t expire, either.


Developers are uniquely talented people. They write code in exclusive ways. The same goes for dot net mobile application development service providers. As the writing style of developers differs, selecting one coding style is challenging. StyleCode can rescue developers at such stages for analyzing static source code.

StyleCop.Analyzers Tools For .NET Development - Moon Technolabs

When it comes to using StyleCop in Visual Studio 2017, it’s best to utilize the analyzer based on Roslyn. In a specific project of .NET development, the methods of writing code may differ. It’s possible to create a standard guideline using StyleCop.Analyzers, including member naming and whitespace rules.

It offers multiple recommendations for code formatting to ensure developers adhere to the best practices.

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Azure Storage Explorer

It’s a tool that allows .NET developers to handle storage from different platforms, such as Linux, Windows, and macOS. Created and launched by Microsoft, it gives developers access to several accounts and subscriptions of Azure Stack, Cloud, and Azure.

Azure Storage Explorer Tools For .NET Development - Moon Technolabs

Programmers get to create, view, edit and delete storage depending on what they need. They can also browse queue, blob, file storage, and table instantly into the application.

JSON Formatter

Almost every IDE allows developers to format JSON files, but this tool makes this task even easier. JSON files tend to be extremely difficult to read, even for the most learned experts.

JSON Formatter Tools For .NET Development - Moon Technolabs

However, when developers use JSON Formatter during mobile application development, it eliminates the issue of formatting JavaScript Object Notation or JSON in notable formats. As a result, debugging becomes simpler. It’s a tool that formats, validates, and presents a properly-structured JSON output to make things easier for .NET programmers.

GitHub Desktop

GitHub offers a unified experience of cross-platform systems as it works with every Git repository currently available. In reality, it facilitates using repositories that aren’t similar to GitHub. It comes with several features ranging from expanded image diff support, shell integrations, extensive editor, and robust community support.

GitHub Desktop Tools For .NET Development - Moon Technolabs

While your developers can meet all your .NET development requirements in Visual Studio, the GitHub desktop offers unparalleled features and visualization.


Notepad++ is a free-to-use editor of source code, and it supports highlighting syntax for a comprehensive collection of programming languages. It possesses several powerful editing components, such as Scintilla, which has a few extremely powerful features for editing and debugging the source code.

Notepad++Tools For .NET Development - Moon Technolabs

Notepad++ works in a Windows environment and ensures a smaller program size and high execution speed.


Well, there you have it – an all-inclusive list of the best tools for all .NET developers. Moon Technolabs aims to introduce you to these .NET tools for development that would help your developers develop cutting-edge mobile applications with code analysis.

By using this platform created by Microsoft, app builders can develop stellar solutions within the shortest possible time. Of course, the tools explained in this write-up aren’t the only ones available. Several other tools also deserve your attention, such as Web Essentials, ELMAH, Entity Developer, Visual Studio extension augments, and more.

All these tools work with Microsoft Visual Studio for scrutinizing code quality and analyzing static code. If you need .NET developers for your project, consider working with this agency for incredible results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft .NET framework is one of the best platforms available right now. Your developers can use it to build secure, robust, and scalable applications for mobile devices, desktops, and the web. Some of the Fortune 500 companies use it for their projects too.
A few tools for .NET development include Microsoft Visual Studio, ReSharper, Chocolatey, NCrunch, and StyleCop.Analyzers, and LINQPad.
Finding .NET developers shouldn’t be an issue, but if you expect the best, you should rely on Moon Technolabs.

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