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Brainly is an educational application that helps students with their homework. It didn’t take long for this solution to raise $30 million to bolster the online education industry even further. As you can see, building a clone of Brainly will prove to be profoundly lucrative.

In this technologically advanced day and age where platforms like Google are controlling just about everything, it’s not possible to keep children confined within the boundaries of conventional learning methods. With a weapon as powerful as technology, nothing can prevent children from getting educated.

The arrival and ensuing popularity of online education platforms during the pandemic proved it. Today’s generation possesses everything required to alter the world’s face with modern technology. The words of Jerry Blumengarten seem like an oracle’s prophecy come true.

“Technology gives the quietest student a voice.”

The internet is playing the most important role because it’s making education much more engaging. When combined with the services of a mobile app development company in Chicago, the results can be phenomenal. At the moment, parents don’t have to worry about sending their kids to school or helping them do their homework.

Now, the moment someone talks about a mobile app that can help a child do his/her homework, the first name that comes to mind is Brainly. It’s an incredible app from an EdTech startup that started gaining attention as soon as it came into existence. This application, based in Poland, managed to garner almost $30 million in terms of funds.

Apart from that, Brainly already has around 250 million students using this platform actively. The value is quite large, don’t you think? As an entrepreneur, you have the chance to invest in an EdTech business or open your own. The concept of an app that can help a student with his/her homework is causing ripples in all four corners of the world.

Market researchers said that the EdTech industry will accumulate $37.8 billion in 2020, and that’s what happened. When you take this fact into consideration, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to contemplate that this track record will remain intact in the future.

So, if you’re in search of information about how you should build an application like Brainly with the help of a mobile app development company in Chicago, you should continue reading.

Funding info

Before going to the details, you should take a look at how an app like Brainly raises funds. As already mentioned earlier, this homework app from Poland acquired funding of almost $30 million.

Naspers led the funding by investing $14 million in Brainly back in 2017. A few other investors entered the picture soon after Naspers, including Manta Ray and Runa Capital. The combined value of the investment amounted to $68.5 million.

These accomplishments further prove the fact that the sphere of EdTech is highly lucrative. While education isn’t something anyone should “sell,” it can be profitable if you create something as helpful to students as Brainly.

The statistics of the education industry

You already know that the worldwide market of education increased to $37.8 billion last year. In 2011, this value was just $3.4 billion. With every passing year, the necessity of education kept on rising, and after the pandemic, the demand for education increased even more.

With the services of a mobile app development company in Chicago and the arrival of programs like tuition apps, language-learning solutions, storytelling apps, apps for tracking assignments, and toddler education apps, the overall market value of the education industry will only increase every year.

This graph will give you a pictorial representation of everything claimed above.

pictorial representation

The features

Now, it’s time for you to take a look at the features that gave this app the fame it’s currently enjoying. You should be able to replicate these features or even augment them with mobile app development services.

1. Curate questions and filter searches

Brainly attempts to become a trustworthy source of answers to the questions a child has to answer. Whenever a kid gets stuck with a question, he/she can turn to Brainly for the answer.

The difference between Brainly and Google is that the former has a special feature to separate educational questions from regular questions and statements. Google lacks this feature.

This ability to curate questions helps students in finding the answer they need while appropriately understanding what they learn and finishing their work in time.

Therefore, your application’s search filter system should be able to segregate answers efficiently. To do that, you have to utilize Machine Learning or ML.

2. Instant answers

This platform isn’t just for children. Even teachers may need answers to one or more questions. Moderators will check the answer given by a student thoroughly.

It will also explain specific answers to teachers in detail so that they can convey the knowledge to their students. Until now, Brainly has managed to answer more than 50 million queries.

All the moderators connected with Brainly will inspect the answer and filter out the wrong ones before presenting the correct option to the student or teacher.

Instant answers with Mobile app development services - Moon Technolabs

If you wish to build a clone of Brainly with mobile app development services, you should curate the process of answering with both text and image formats. Users in a hurry will be able to upload a photograph of the answer instead of typing it.

3. Covering all subjects

It goes without saying that an app like Brainly should be able to answer questions pertaining to all subjects. Brainly is already capable of answering questions related to history, mathematics, biology, English, chemistry, arts, social studies, computers, and languages that are spoken all over the world.

It even has an exclusive section containing questions that will help students prepare for competitive examinations like SAT and PSAT. Just because Brainly answers questions for older students doesn’t mean it can’t help kids studying in elementary, middle, or high schools.

Your application should also cover every subject under the sun to be as popular and effective as Brainly. You may also consider including questions and answers that’ll be helpful for students planning to attempt competitive examinations other than SAT and PSAT.

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4. Point earning

If you want rock-steady engagement in your new educational app, you have to include features through which your users can earn points. For instance, you can give points to a child who answers a specific question correctly. Educational games can also increase engagement.

Due to the constant modernization of education, you’ll need the best UI/UX that only the most recognized providers of mobile app development services can offer. You’ll need it if you wish to increase engagement via educational games.

Other features

Here are a few other features you should definitely consider incorporating into your application.

  • Chatting with teachers and mentors via video
  • Audio-based classes conducted by experts
  • A private or group-based messaging system
  • Progress tracking system
  • Push notifications

Things to consider

Here are a few other points you should ponder over if you want to get the best out of the providers of cross platform app development solutions.

1. All-inclusive features

The field of EdTech is already crowded with hundreds and thousands of mobile applications. Each application has something exclusive that separates it from others. However, students always turn to solutions that can offer everything they seek in one platform.

Cross platform app development solutions in All-inclusive features - Moon Technolabs

Whether it’s a student from elementary school, high school, or college, all of them should find your application worthwhile.

2. Interactive

An app of today will attract attention only if it’s interactive. To that end, you have to use different communication factors and combine them in your platform. Students should be able to communicate with professors, fellow students, and more.

Instead of simply chatting with each other, you can strengthen the educational factor of your app by including interactive quiz sessions or games, as already mentioned above.

3. Answering promptly

Brainly is one of the best mobile applications out there when it comes to answering questions for students. It can even come in handy for professors and teachers willing to contribute to helping students with their homework. After all, they also want to see students completing their homework on time and without mistakes.

Every answer your clone of Brainly will provide has to be accurate every time. It won’t take more than one wrong answer for your users to lose faith in your application.

4. Informative education

What’s the point of utilizing cross platform app development solutions and building an educational mobile app if you don’t provide valuable information through it? This particular feature can be extremely helpful for students looking to specialize in a certain subject.

The solutions offered by Brainly aren’t limited by word count or anything similar. Students can ask questions without getting confused. Your mobile app should also grade students based on their performance standards and the amount of effort they dedicate to answering questions.

A few alternative solutions

Brainly isn’t the only app with exclusive features. Here are a few other apps that you should check out before you build your own.

  • Fxsolver
  • Backup
  • Grade Hound
  • HumBot
  • Socratic
  • Teacher kit
  • Cymath
  • School Planner
  • EasyJoin
  • PowerSchool Mobile

The cost of development

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much it’ll cost you to avail cross-platform app development solutions and services.

Well, the truth is that it isn’t going to be “pocket-friendly” if you wish to create something as powerful as Brainly. Nevertheless, the return on investment will be extremely high.

To build an app like Brainly, the best app development agencies will ask for $30,000 to $50,000. The price can differ from one company to another, but the range will remain the same.

Final words

Applications like Brainly will dictate the future of the entire sector of education. It will also bolster digitization in the field of education. With every passing day, folks all over the world are relying more on mobile applications. Understandably, homework apps like the one described here will be mandatory for students.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few educational apps available with features similar to Brainly, but it’s something different. It managed to cover an aspect of online education previously unattended. Therefore, it’ll be beneficial to build a clone of Brainly.
If you’re willing to sacrifice a few features, you’ll surely be able to reduce your expenses. However, it isn’t advisable. You can explore tech stacks, development agencies, and app development technologies to find ways of reducing costs.
The only way to get an accurate estimate of such a project is to contact an app development company directly.

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