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With the arrival and ensuing popularity of virtual classroom education, the demand for e-learning apps and app development services is at its all-time high right now. If you wish to understand how long it takes for app developers to finish working on such a project, just continue reading.

The system of virtual classrooms has been around for some time already. However, after the events of 2020, it has become mandatory for educational establishments to shift to online education models to ensure learners can continue their classes, whether at school, college, or workplace.

Today, every education service provider is supporting and practicing virtual classrooms via e-learning applications in just about every corner of the globe. Vaccinations are still ongoing, but only a handful of nations have managed to inoculate the younger generation – aged 18 or below.

Naturally, online education has to continue. Now, if you’re willing to hire an on-demand eLearning app development company to build an e-learning app for students, then you’ve made the right decision. From a business perspective, e-learning app development can be extremely lucrative.

While searching the web, you’ll find a lot of information about how to build such an app. However, you won’t run into articles, blogs, or other types of content explaining how long it takes an app development agency to create such a program. If that’s what you wish to know, this topic will provide you with the details of the concept, apart from a few others.

A source of empowerment

Education mobile applications work as platforms connecting students with teachers and vice versa. In reality, the purposes of these apps include more. They empower and fortify the entire domain of education.

The various features of these apps allow students, teachers, and every other user that can’t cover long distances to go to an educational establishment or can’t spend as much money as they need to pursue a specific course.

Here’s how the services of an on-demand eLearning app development company uplift the field of education.

1. Class flexibility

One of the most powerful perks of e-learning applications is that it lets students and teachers maintain flexibility regarding their studying and teaching schedules. In other words, they can do things at their own pace and preferences.

2. Learning remotely

Another prime advantage of using e-learning apps is that they facilitate remote learning. Students will be able to gain access to study materials from almost every location. Those who can’t cover long distances to get educated will benefit most from this feature.

3. Education affordability

While you’re entering this business domain to make money, you probably won’t exploit your users to do so. However, this field is full of exploiters. With an e-learning app, you’ll be able to eliminate all societal and fiscal barriers preventing people from getting educated.

Education affordability - Moon Technolabs

4. Making classes interactive

There was a time when education incorporated only static content delivery. Today, with the appearance of mobile apps, it has become something more. These apps have converted education into an interactive exercise where students and teachers can practice communicating and connecting to share their opinions and viewpoints.

5. Learning diversity

The features of e-learning platforms won’t just stick to the curriculum. Many universities out there have education apps aiming to provide schooling, as well as information, apart from breaking all the materials down into modules. This system lets students learn and hone new skills and get insights on subjects other than the ones in their curriculum.

E-learning app types

Before you choose to work with an on-demand eLearning app development company, you should take a look at the kinds of e-learning apps they can build for you.

1. Apps based on courses

Developers design these applications specifically for educating students via courses. Usually, the course material includes video and audio-based media that will be exclusively accessible to students using the application.

2. Apps for examinations

This particular model of developing an e-learning app is specifically for helping students appear for competitive tests. They can partake in simulated examinations to assess their knowledge and understanding of the subjects they have to take tests on in the real world. Such an app will analyze the data entered by students before publishing results.

Apps for examinations - Moon Technolabs

3. Smart connect

Smart connect applications are innovative as developers design them to project educational materials exclusively for training and teaching purposes. Such materials are usually perfect for smart classrooms.

4. Apps for specializing in a subject

As you can probably guess, these apps are specifically for those trying to specialize in a specific subject. These apps prioritize only one domain and every subject element associated with it.

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The features

If you wish to create an education app like Udemy with the help of an app development agency like Moon Technolabs, then you have to pay attention to the features you must include.

1. For accessibility

Online education is, quite naturally, going to be difficult from in-person classroom training. Unlike traditional classrooms, students will have access to the curriculum and associated study materials at all times.

For accessibility - Moon Technolabs

This feature will come in handy for everyone when preparing for an examination. When it comes to in-person classroom-based education, a student has to prepare a specific lesson by himself/herself if he/she fails to attend the class physically.

In an e-learning environment, on the other hand, students will have access to the topics they want to learn whenever they have the time to spare.

2. Cost reduction

When compared to the traditional methods of teaching, you’ll realize that personalized e-learning isn’t as expensive. Students can register for the lessons with ease and gain access to textual information, as well as multimedia content, such as videos, audio files, and images.

3. Delivering lessons quickly

Online education is the best medium to offer classes as quickly as possible. Compared to traditional education methodologies of classroom education, e-learning is much quicker.

4. Analytics in real-time

Real-time analytics will be of use to you because it lets the administrator track the performance standards of the app, as well as the search patterns of everyone using the digital solution. It provides the admin with the leeway needed to follow the most comprehensive path of activities.

These include students submitting their assignments, students appearing for tests, students collecting their scorecards, and more.

5. Platform for discussion

Whenever someone mentions the term “discussion platform,” they usually mean discussion forums. You can build something like that and include the same in your e-learning application.

Through this platform, students will remain in touch with each other, as well as with their teachers. Students can discuss new topics they want to learn with the teachers. The tutors, on the other hand, can brainstorm those topics with their peers before starting online class sessions.

The time needed

Well, now this topic will transition to the main point of concern – the time needed to create an education app like Udemy. Developers working with IT giants like Moon Technolabs have to answer this question more often than you think.

When it comes to building a mobile app, developers have to pay attention to several aspects of the project. The features included in an app usually take up most of the time and budget allotted to the project.

1. Time required to build an MVP application

Here’s a breakdown of the amount of time needed by app developers to create the MVP features of a full-fledged education application.

Features  Backend development  iOS development  Android development  Flutter development
 Signup/Login  47 hours  43 hours  43 hours  45 hours
 Search  26 hours  23 hours  23 hours  23 hours
 Profile  52 hours  41 hours  41 hours  44 hours
 Course  19 hours  17 hours  17 hours  17 hours
 Payments  43 hours  36 hours 36 hours  42 hours
 Menu  88 hours  95 hours 95 hours  100 hours
 Push notifications  14 hours  14 hours  14 hours  14 hours

The time required to build the MVP features elucidated above is just for the app that the students will use.

Now, it’s time for you to know how much time you need to create an education app like Udemy for teachers.

Features  Backend development  iOS development  Android development  Flutter development
Signup/Login 47 hours  43 hours  43 hours  45 hours
Students management 56 hours  56 hours  56 hours  56 hours
Course 71 hours  62 hours  62 hours  62 hours
Test 79 hours  55 hours  55 hours  55 hours
Push notifications 14 hours  14 hours  14 hours  14 hours

You can make your app even better if you add a few advanced features, such as a chatbot, video marketing systems, gamification, and personalized recommendations.

2. Additional time needed


Creating the design of an e-learning application can be an extremely time-consuming venture. Then again, if you want your UI/UX to be out of this world, you have to give your developers at least 120 hours to work on this aspect.

Panel for the admin

The admin panel can have several excellent features for the owner or manager of the business. It lets you edit, block, and even delete users. Even the best developers will need at least 100 hours to create this panel.

Quality assurance

Services associated with quality assurance are crucial for every tech project. QA engineers will test the app carefully to find bugs and fix them. QA testing takes a lot of time – approximately 1,300 hours.


DevOps services will occupy the time gap between IT operations and developers. They need about 200 hours to complete their tasks.

3. Development rates

You’d probably want to know the education app development cost just as much as the time needed to create one. Well, the following table will give you an idea of what to expect in terms of prices from developers based in major continents.

Region Rate of web development (in $) Rate of iOS development (on $) Rate of Android development (in $)
North America 140-150/hour 130-250/hour 150-170/hour
Western Europe 60-90/hour 40-175/hour 80-100/hour
Eastern Europe 25-50/hour 25-80/hour 35-50/hour
Australia 100-150/hour 35-150/hour 110-150/hour

4. Total time needed

You don’t have to add up the values mentioned earlier in this write-up. The table below will tell you how much time developers need to finish working on an e-learning application.

Feature Backend development iOS development  Android development  Flutter development
Features for students 289 hours 269 hours  269 hours  285 hours
Features for teachers 297 hours 230 hours  230 hours  232 hours
Admin panel 100 hours N/A  N/A  N/A
Integrating frameworks and libraries 32 hours 20 hours 20 hours 28 hours
UI/UX design N/A 120 hours 120 hours 120 hours
QA 390 hours 455 hours 455 hours 500 hours
DevOps  60 hours  70 hours 70 hours 70 hours
Project management 162 hours 189 hours 189 hours 220 hours
Total time taken 1344 hours 1353 hours 1353 hours 1455 hours

Final development cost

Now that the development time requirement is clear to you, it should be possible for you to calculate the education app development cost.

You have to include the time needed to create the backend, as well as the time required to build the app for Android or iOS. Once you have the values, you need to multiply the same with the hourly rate charged by the team.

The same strategy is applicable for Flutter app development services. You simply add the time needed for backend development with the overall Flutter app development time. Finally, you have to multiply the result with the hourly rate of the development team.

Therefore, when it comes to building an app in North America, your education app development cost will be as follows

Platform Time Cost
For iOS 2697 $674,250
For Android 2697 $458,490

A bit about Udemy

As you’re thinking about building an app that’ll be just like Udemy, you should learn a bit more about this organization.

Udemy is extremely popular among adults learners as it’s a platform dedicated specifically for them. It educates users in software development, accounting, business, personal development, etc.

Furthermore, this platform is of use to both teachers and users. For instance, one of the most recognizable features of Udemy is “Course Marketing.” Basically, it allows teachers to promote their courses on the internet.

They can also use this feature to build their personal brand with an exclusive target audience. The tools of marketing include promoting via external partners, retargeted advertisements, search & discovery, email marketing campaigns, and many more.

Companies that invested heavily in the development of the app of Udemy include Prous & Naspers, Benesse, and Stripes. These brands invested an amount of $223 million to lay the foundation of Udemy.

Final words

Due to the rise and ensuing growth and popularity of educational mobile applications, entrepreneurs and business owners are willing to help spread the gift of education while reaping profits at the same time.

So, if you have a stake in an educational establishment or if you’re an entrepreneur willing to launch your startup in the field of education, you should definitely consider paying the cost of building an e-learning solution for mobile devices.

The details of the cost of development have probably got you stumped, but it’s what you have to pay if you’re going to hire an app development agency based in North America. You can, however, reduce your expenses profoundly without compromising app capabilities or functionalities if you opt for an app development agency based in India.

No matter what you do, it’s worth mentioning that entering the sphere of education without an app is a bad move at the moment. It’ll also be a mistake to hire an agency without conducting thorough research. So, remember to gather as much information about service providers as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, there are several other e-learning platforms built for mobile devices as successful as Udemy. These include DuoLingo, Khan Academy, and Coursera. If you search the internet, you’ll find many more.
You can monetize your e-learning solution in multiple ways, including subscriptions and advertisements. You may also consider charging money for the services you offer via your application.
If you want the best app developers to oversee your e-learning app development project, you need an agency with experience and knowledge. Moon Technolabs can be an excellent choice, but there are many others worth exploring. Remember to research before hiring one.

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