Georgia Lottery is a legal form of gambling in the Peach state of Georgia. The unique fact about Georgia Lottery is that participants can purchase lottery tickets online and indulge in several other lottery-related activities through their smartphones. Moreover, almost all games available at the lottery retail locations can be played, with instant win games only available online. The Georgia Lottery App provides the route to play lottery games and purchase lottery tickets online.

What is Georgia Lottery App?

Georgia Lottery App is the official app of Georgia Lottery. It is available for download from Play Store and App Store but does not run on Windows. The app enables you to purchase Georgia Lottery tickets after registration. Your lottery tickets can be scanned using the app to check whether you have won. A winning numbers page also displays the results of recent drawings.

There are many in-state Georgia Lottery games for which the tickets can be purchased online through the app. Some of them are as follows.

Additionally, the Georgia Lottery App Development team continuously works on enhancing the app’s features and user experience.

  • Cash 3– In this game, you are required to select a three-digit number from 000 to 999. There are three daily drawings. The ticket price ranges between $0.5 and $1, and the prize money is $500
  • Cash Pop– In this game, you must choose a particular number from 1-15. The number of daily drawings stands at 5. The ticket price can be $1, $2, or $5. The prize money is $1250
  • Cash 4– In this game, you are required to pick a four-digit number from 0000 to 9999. Three drawings are conducted daily. The ticket price is either $0.5 or $1. The winning amount is $5000
  • Fantasy 5– In this game, you are required to pick five numbers from 1 to 42. A single drawing is made each night. Ticket price ranges between $1 and $10. The jackpot price is $125,000, and it keeps increasing in the absence of a winner

About Georgia Lottery App

The galotteryapp lets you participate in multi-state lotteries such as Cash4Life, Mega Millions, and Powerball. The cash prizes offered by these lotteries range between $600 million to as much as $1.6 billion. The drop-down menu on the app lists many online lottery games you can purchase and play.

There are many instant online-only games on the app known as Diggy games. The app has about 60 Diggy games, such as Fast Money, Fortune Skies, Georgia Jackpot Bankroll, Jumbo Bucks, Jammin Gemstones, EmotiCollect Super Spin, Pots O’Plenty, and Lucky 7’s. The games are in various categories, such as arcade, crossword puzzle, bingo, casino, and more.

The app also gives details about local Georgia Lottery retailers. Scratch-off lottery tickets can be purchased from the retailers only, but the app can easily find the retailers’ locations. Complete information regarding rules and regulations, FAQs, and other relevant information are also available on the app.

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How does Georgia Lottery App work?

The first step after downloading the Georgia lottery official app is creating a Georgia Lottery Players Club Account. To this end, you must register by entering the required details such as name, email address, and date of birth. Date of birth is important because you need to be a minimum of 18 years old to play Georgia Lottery. You also need to create a password to access your account.

You need to enable your account to do the same to purchase lottery tickets. To enable your account to purchase lottery tickets, you must provide additional information such as your mailing address, phone number, and last four digits of your social security number. You need to be a resident of Georgia to be able to purchase Georgia Lottery tickets.

Money can be deposited in the Georgia Lottery Players Club Account through bank transfer, Pay Pal, or a Debit card. This money is used for purchasing lottery tickets and games. The app automatically deposits earnings into your Club Account if you win $600 or less. The earnings can be transferred digitally to your bank or Pay Pal account. However, amounts above $600 need to be collected from Georgia Lottery Corp.’s district offices or its Atlanta headquarters.

If you face the problem of the Georgia lottery app not working, you can check whether you have updated the app, cleared the cache, check your internet connection, or simply reinstalled the app.

Features Of The Georgia Lottery App

Here are some of the major features of the Georgia lottery app android

  • Club account to enable purchases of lottery tickets and games
  • Scans online lottery tickets
  • Large collection of games, including instant games
  • Winners Gallery lists the recent winners
  • Winning Numbers displays the latest draw numbers
  • Players Zone contains rules about how to play, FAQs, and promotions
  • The play Responsibly section gives information about responsible gambling and online measures to prevent fraud
  • Find Georgia Lottery retailers near you through the Retailers section
  • The latest news available in the Press Centre section
  • Geolocation technology to ensure that the device is within the state limits of GA when a ticket is being purchased
  • Seamless deposit of money through a Debit Card/Pay Pal/Bank Account
  • In-app withdrawal of money to $600 through bank transfer or Pay Pal

Cost To Develop Georgia Lottery Look-a-Like App

A lottery app like Georgia Lottery App should enable users to purchase lottery tickets, scan lottery tickets, integrate with a host of games, and deposit money directly into the users’ bank accounts. The cost depends upon a host of factors, such as the design of the UI/UX, types of features and functions, the experience of the development team, and the platforms on which it would run.

The average cost of developing a Georgia Lottery-type app is about USD 5000-8000. Let’s connect with Moon Technolabs to get the final estimations.


Georgia was the second US state in 2012 to permit the online sale of lottery tickets. The Georgia Lottery App has become a highly convenient vehicle for lottery lovers in GA to purchase lottery tickets and play games using their smartphones.




Does ga lottery online is available for ios?

Yes. It can be downloaded from the App Store.


Does the Georgia lottery app scanner is available?

Yes. You can use the app scanner to see whether your ticket is a winner.


What to do when the Georgia lottery app not working?

Clear the cache, update the app, reinstall the app or check the internet connection.


Do you develop lottery ticket scanner apps?

Yes. Our team has the expertise to develop Georgia Lottery type lottery ticket scanner apps.
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