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The best way to get the most out of the UI toolkit called Flutter is to use the right tools with it when building an application. This topic will tell you about some of those tools.

It’s almost unimaginable for anyone to spend a day without their mobile phone. Can you spend twenty-four hours without touching your phone? Doesn’t it seem like a nightmare? It’s the same for everyone.

Whether it’s for good or bad is a discussion beyond the scope of this topic, but the truth is that you depend on your phone for almost everything. After all, the apps designed to work on smartphones make things simpler and more efficient.

Today, one can count the number of steps they walk per day, read their favorite books, order meals, purchase products, check directions, book tickets for airplanes, trains, buses, or theaters, reserve seats at restaurants or rooms at hotels, and whatnot.

No one can undermine the significance of mobile applications today. Take a look at the following statistical pieces of information to contemplate the picture better.

  • When the COVID-19 pandemic was raging at full force, mobile app downloads increased by 23.3%.
  • Research conducted by experts at App Annie proves how mobile app downloads have gone up by 45% since 2017.
  • Based on Marketing Charts, the current mobile app usage value accounts for 70% of all digital media time, presently dominating every type of media consumption.
  • About 48% of all mobile users ascertain the credibility of a brand based on the performance standards of a mobile application.

Here’s something more for you – today, 57% of digital media utilization results from mobile applications. Furthermore, the app usage statistics of 2018 said that 21% of millennials opened an app almost 50 times every day.

About Flutter

This topic is about Flutter – a highly recognized open-source UI toolkit that facilitates cross-platform app development for various operating systems and devices. Google created it, and it didn’t take long for Flutter to become an industry favorite.

You probably want to Hire dedicated flutter developers as well, which is why you’re going through this topic.

A few examples

You shouldn’t make the mistake of believing that you’re the only one looking to Hire dedicated flutter developers. Numerous businesses have already done it and will continue to do so in the future. Some of the brands already using Flutter include Xianyu by Alibaba, Google Ads, BMW, Square, KlasterMe, and Tencent.

Reasons to choose Flutter

Entrepreneurs often want to keep their expenses as low as possible without compromising quality. In that regard, there isn’t anything better than Flutter for you. Such a platform lets your developers assemble various features into an understandable design for your application.

Here’s a small list of the pros of Flutter.

  • It facilitates simultaneous iOS and Android app development.
  • It’s suitable for MVP creation.
  • It allows faster prototyping.
  • It lets developers create unique widgets.
  • It doesn’t require developers to write too many lines of code.

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The best tools

Here’s an all-inclusive list of the best Flutter app development tools used by the Top mobile app development company in USA. By using these tools, developers can deliver efficient and user-friendly applications that’ll fulfill your requirements, as well as satisfaction levels.


Quite recently, Supernova released assistance through Flutter Interact for this UI toolkit. It helps developers write UI code for Flutter. The assistance it provides for material design widgets is a style handling system that can introduce style ideas and tokens into Flutter applications.

Supernova is the Top Flutter App Development Tool - Moon Technolabs

It’s possible for developers to run an app created using Flutter side by side via Supernova. They can also make changes in real-time. Additionally, by importing your Sketch file or Adobe XD, Supernova saves time for developers. If they choose Flutter as the platform for exporting, it’ll change the UI design to production-ready code.


Experts describe Panache as one of the most effective tools for Flutter developer. Developers from all four corners of the world put their faith in it. It lets you fabricate customized material themes for Flutter applications. Developers can tailor the colors, shapes, and other properties of themes. After that, they can export the same as a “. Darts” file to the folder of Google Drive.

Panache is the Top Flutter App Development Tool - Moon Technolabs

Panache is a tool designed for personalizing and downloading themes. It helps developers create attractive materials and themes for software programs. Currently, more than 40 million developers and testers are leveraging the abilities of this tool.

Test Magic

While it’s just an app development tool, the Top mobile app development company in USA uses it as a free app for inspection and deployment of Android and iOS beta releases. Test Magic lets developers download CI/CD builds with ease on connected gadgets. They can also launch these builds.

Test Magic is the Top Flutter App Development Tool - Moon Technolabs

App developers can gather feedback and screenshots and upload the same to improve app functionality. Furthermore, they can connect the same with Codemagic, include test gadgets, and oversee provisioning profiles for the debugged builds of iOS.


Count.ly is an open-source tool for running analytics and focuses on the security and privacy of data. The free-to-use version of this tool allows developers to track the primary KPIs of your business, as well as its metrics displaying the app’s operation.

Count.ly is the Top Flutter App Development Tool - Moon Technolabs

As you can probably guess, there’s a paid version of the Count.ly that comes with more metrics and features. Developers can host this version of Count.ly on-premise or in the cloud. It offers extra feature flags, A/B testing systems, and push notifications.

Adobe Plugins

The Adobe plugin is new. It appeared a short while ago at the event of Flutter Interact. Adobe XD makes the workflow of a developer easier. The Adobe Plugin generated code on Dart for the design components, and developers can position them directly to the app’s codebase.

Adobe Plugins is the Top Flutter App Development Tool - Moon Technolabs

Apart from that, more plugins and the Adobe XD will come to the platform of Flutter in the future. In other words, developers will be able to use this platform to create much more alluring and engaging apps using the current plugins.


Here’s another of the most effective and powerful app development tools for Flutter – Codemagic. It improves the procedure of building an app when your developers use the framework of Flutter. It’ll assist your development team in analyzing and launching an application. Codemagic will even eliminate all issues and complexities associated with app marketing.

Codemagic / Teastmagic Top Flutter App Development Tool - Moon Technolabs-

The developers of your Flutter app development company won’t have to worry about configuration matters if they rely on Codemagic. Additionally, they can leverage the automated feature of this tool for testing and creating applications for their clients.


RevenueCat tool oversees subscriptions and in-app purchases. In other words, it lets you manage these aspects of Android, iOS, and Stripe. By using RevenueCat, developers can create and manage systems for subscriptions and in-app purchases. Their work will do the heavy lifting and take care of the billing infrastructure.

RevenueCat Best Flutter App Development Tool - Moon Technolabs

Moreover, it keeps tabs on how an application is performing by assessing MRR, churn, LTV, and others.


When it comes to a contextual understanding of applications in real-time, Instabug is the best. Your developers can use it for bug reporting, in-app crash reporting, surveys, and feature requests. By integrating the Flutter SDK of Instabug in the application, developers let users report bugs they find.

Instabug is the Best Flutter App Development Tool - Moon Technolabs

Instabug captures screenshots that a user can annotate and even blur. Furthermore, it captures detailed device logs and info to help developers discover and fix issues faster. It also sends reports whenever the app crashes, along with the details of the device and logs to help developers fix problems.

Here’s something more – developers can send aimed surveys to users to get a better insight into why they take specific actions and help them request features and even vote on them.

Wrapping it up

Unless you’ve been oblivious to the tech developments of recent years, you’ll surely agree that you need the appropriate tools for the job. You can find and hire the best Flutter app development company, but the organization’s expertise won’t be able to save your digital solution if the developers don’t utilize the right tools during the development cycle, planning, designing, analysis, testing, deployment, and maintenance phases.

In that regard, Moon Technolabs is one of the app and software development agencies that use these tools and more whenever they receive a project based on Flutter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit designed by Google. It lets developers create cross-platform applications for various operating systems.
Some of the best Flutter development tools include Panache, Supernova, Count.ly, Test Magic, Codemagic, Adobe Plugins, Instabug, and RevenueCat.
You’ll find some of the best and most experienced Flutter developers at Moon Technolabs.

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