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Indeed, the virtual classrooms of today can offer the tools you need to bestow the gift of education upon learners. E-learning platforms are the only thing students can rely on for education at the moment. Understandably, investing in the development of an online education solution is the best move you can make as an entrepreneur. However, if you don’t add the fundamental features to it, you’ll find yourself in an ocean of trouble as soon as you get down to business. So, continue reading to learn more about the features you must add to your e-learning application.

The features of an e-learning solution or virtual classroom initiate student engagement to ensure they learn better. Education institutions of all kinds, including schools, colleges, tuition centers, and everything in between are adopting virtual online classes and adapting to the changes brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re going to hire professional e-learning app development company, you have to know about the features you should include in your solution.

benefits of virtual classroom

Without these features, you will find yourself in an ocean of trouble as soon as you get ready to go down to business. That’s why you must take your time to consider the kind of solution you should build that will enable students to learn effectively. You should also take a look at all the platforms available these days. Educational facilities from all over the world are currently using those platforms, particularly the ones having the best features. After all, only such applications can simplify the teaching processes followed by teachers. Furthermore, you have to think about whether the features of your choice will meet the requirements of the students. Today’s technology can be somewhat intimidating to both teachers and learners, particularly because of the abrupt and forced transition brought forth by the outbreak of the coronavirus.

These considerations are crucial because they’ll help you pinpoint the appropriate features to include in your application. Only then you can move on to hire an e-learning app development company. This topic will tell you about the must-have features of a virtual classroom, but first, you may want to take a look at why it’s worth investing in the development of an e-learning platform exclusively for teaching online.

1. Technological advantages

    • E-learning platforms and mobile applications of today utilize the latest technologies and work on various mobile devices, whether smartphones, tablets, or laptop computers.
    • Apart from downloading the app, no one has to do anything else. Neither teachers nor students need to bother with technical problems or complicated methods of integration.
    • An e-learning app can automatically adapt to video quality for audio optimization on slow connections.
    • Building an app with the support of a reputable development agency will allow you to include whiteboards and content libraries.
    • Apps can eliminate the need to use screen sharing systems that often consumes too much bandwidth, affects performance negatively, and creates choppy, lagged, or robotic audio.
    • You can conduct group classes with several live videos. Of course, there will be limitations on the number of videos you can initiate at once.
    • You can record the classes and let students view them in case they can’t attend.
    • App developers can include custom functionalities and build a bespoke solution for you.

2. Commercial advantages

    • After the COVID-19 outbreak, e-learning became one of the few industries that not only survived the pandemic but thrived in it. Tapping into this sphere will be beneficial to both students and teachers and allow you to lay the foundation of a lucrative business. According to market researchers, online education revenue is currently growing at 23% per annum.
    • With e-learning app development services, you can add your own business logo and associated colors to the application. It’s a professional solution that will result in a higher perception of value.
    • With an e-learning application at your disposal, you will be at a competitive advantage by creating one or more points of differentiation.
    • App development agencies will let you customize the app based on the requirements and preferences of your audience.
    • An e-learning application will future-proof your entrepreneurial venture as it will let you adapt your business and app to the changes and trends.

3. Designed for online education

    • E-learning apps designed specifically for online education are easy to use and intuitive. Of course, you’ll need the best app development agency to work on your project to minimize clutter and complexity.
    • E-learning apps let you create digital whiteboards for real-time collaboration with students.
    • You can create a content library for students to draw from. This content library will have educational content in formats everyone is familiar with.
    • You can combine various media types. For instance, you can add an MP3 file to a PDF document to make the learning experience more fluid.
    • E-learning apps allow you to share content school-wide among all the teachers. After that, they can upload the content and even add something of their own.
    • The app will have several versions and you’ll learn about them later. The differences in versioning will ensure that a student uses only the app built for learners. Conversely, teachers can use the app designed explicitly for them.

4. An outline of the eLearning features

Now, it’s time to take a look at the features your app needs. Make sure that your provider of e-learning app development services includes them.

outline of eLearning features

1. Panel for students

    • Onboarding – There has to be a panel specifically for students. Through this feature, students will sign up using their phone number, email ID, and OTP.
    • Video streaming – Video streaming is crucial because it increases the level of interactivity and intuitiveness.
    • Offline videos – Offline videos will be important to those who won’t be able to attend classes when they take place. Besides, one of the objectives of a virtual classroom is to allow students to learn whenever it’s convenient for them.
    • Mock tests – Mock tests or practice tests will let students take examinations and finish papers with a prefixed time.
    • Examination reports – The app should be able to generate reports based on various parameters, such as total marks, questions attempted or left untouched, etc.
    • Answer keys – Answer keys should be available to students to help them evaluate their own performance, find answers to specific questions, and do better in tests.
    • Live classes – There has to be an option for students to attend live video lessons or lectures or view prerecorded sessions.
    • Payment gateway – There should be a secure payment gateway for students to pay for education. This payment gateway must offer several payment options, such as e-wallets, net banking, credit/debit cards, etc.
    • Multiple languages – The app should support several regional languages to bypass the barriers faced in education.

2. Panel for teachers

    • Teacher panel – This panel will ensure information sharing for qualified and experienced teachers to impart education to students and manage courses, topics, and subjects effectively.
    • Calendar – When you hire online e-learning developers, you must remember to ask them to create a calendar for teachers. It will help them keep a note of all the classes they have to conduct in the future, as well as review previous classes for details.
    • Live class initiation – Teachers will be the ones initiating live classes. Naturally, they need a feature that will let them start live video classes with whiteboards, screen sharing, or live polls.

3. Panel for the administrator

    • Intuitive dashboard – There has to be a dashboard in the admin panel that will provide key performance indicator metrics and key data points.
    • Subscription plan management – Students will subscribe to the service you have to offer, and the admin will be in charge of managing the subscription plans of their choice.
    • Tracking payments – There should be a centralized education system for the admin to keep tabs on payment and access reports concerning duration.
    • Study materials – The admin will be in charge of creating a repository of study materials, such as PDF documents, videos, MP3 files, etc. The admin will also organize courses, subjects, and topics accordingly.
    • Question banks – The admin should be able to create question banks and upload them in bulk through CSV.
    • Test papers – The admin has to be able to simulate test environments for students with tests.
    • Reporting – Through this feature, the admin will track the performance standards of the users and their activities on the system and present everything in detailed reports.
    • Coupon code management – There should be a feature to offer promotional coupon codes to attract more students and teachers to join the virtual classroom platform.

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Final considerations

Now that you have an all-inclusive list of the features you need for your virtual classroom, you can start searching for service providers. Don’t forget that you must hire online e-learning developers after researching the most reputable and renowned agencies operating in your area and beyond.

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