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EV Charging App
Published On: January 31, 2024

Blog Summary: In this blog, we have outlined all the necessary features and types of an EV charging app that you should keep in mind during the development cycle. Adding to that, we have discussed whether you should invest in an EV charging app development. Look for the answers by reading this blog in detail.

Where do I charge my vehicle?“  – A daily hassle often experienced by EV owners.

Ever since the introduction of electric vehicles (EV), car and bike owners have struggled to find the charging station to recharge their vehicle’s battery. Registered with approx 2,442,270 electric vehicles as per Exploding Topics, the US has been among the list of top five contributors of the EV market.

Soon, it may rank higher with an increase in the number of electric vehicle owners in the next few years. As a result, it will be a time-consuming process as you might have extended wait times amid long queues.

This stubborn challenge comes with a lot of opportunities, especially for entrepreneurs to enter the market with an innovative app idea. With a well-developed EV app, you can revolutionize the world of transportation and build a greener future.

Here, we have compiled a list of EV charging app features that you must focus on during the app development phase.

Why to Invest in EV Charging App Development?

Starting an EV charging business requires a lot of analysis where you need to mainly determine if your mobile app idea is worth investing. Developing an EV app can help you reap the rewards in terms of business profitability.

It can be said because most people have welcomed the EV trend but they have gone through charging complexities. The far away charging ports have never made a promising journey due to long-lasting queues and lack of charger’s availability.

That’s why it is the right time to make the investment after determining the development cost of an EV mobile app. Coming up with an investment plan in the EV market can not only solve vehicle owners’ problems but also keeps you in the driving seat amid increasing competition. 

Moreover, the EV demands are likely to surge in the near future, which means more number of charging stations and difficulty in accessing charging ports. Since many companies have failed to meet the electric vehicle owners’ expectations, your idea to build a startup mobile app can turn the tables straightaway.

Apart from this, your introduction to an EV app can encourage more people to contribute towards a sustainable future. As a part of this green initiative, vehicle owners can make the most of government subsidies and avail reduced taxes. Ultimately, your business can achieve more profits with increasing EV owners.

Such financial investment can prove to be a lucrative decision for your startup business. Plus, partnering with an EV charging app development company might lead to brand recognition at global level.

Types of EV Charging Apps

No matter how keen you are to build an EV app, it is crucial to understand the purpose of development. Have a clear idea whether your app will serve publicly available charging stations or EV individuals at their garages.

Here are several types of EV charging apps that you might consider in your project:

1. Public EV Charging Apps

It refers to a charging station where anyone can connect their car’s plug into a publicly available charger. This app also helps users search for nearby charging stations and navigate through in-built maps for route directions.

For example, if you are running out of charge on your way, then returning home would be a bad idea. Instead just look for nearest charging stations using a public EV charging app. Next time, whenever you are notified about plug-in warnings, just rush to the nearest charging spot insteading of taking a U-turn. 

2. Home EV Charger Apps

Home EV charger apps allow the user to plug-in the charger in their home garage in such a way that they can control charging status using their mobile phones. Just bring out the smartphone and manage the charging status without losing the home comfort.

This comes as a convenient option for those who are not frequent travelers. This home charging process ensures your vehicle is always ready to hit the road whenever you need it most.

From offering home convenience to developing an eco-friendly environment, home EV charger apps play an important role in the EV industry. 

3. Charging Apps in Electric Vehicles

Charging apps in electric vehicles are in-built software that can communicate directly with charging stations. This type of charging model in EV business gathers real time information such as charging port availability, charging speed, battery status, and costs.

Vehicle owners can know about how far is the charging station or if there are any available slots.  As an owner of an E-vehicle, you can manage charging from inside the car in case your phone is not available.

The charging apps in EV also suggest when to slow down or press the gas pedal in order to optimize the vehicle’s battery life.

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Top 7 EV Charging App Features

Since it is difficult to search for EV charging stations in a moving vehicle, getting a feature-rich EV charging app can help you level up the battery by directing you to the nearest station.

Here are must-have 7 EV charging app features:

1. Profile Creation

Any type of EV charging app you choose, profile creation is a necessary feature where users can manage their profiles. It asks the owner to enter car details like vehicle registration number, model, and manufacturing year prior to booking a charging slot.

This one-time process saves details in the database of your EV mobile application and makes sure the user finds a compatible charging station effortlessly. It allows users to update the details anytime if there is incorrect or missing information. 

Additionally, Gmail, Yahoo or Facebook users can also log in the app choosing their respective accounts. Once the profile is created, app users just need to swipe on their smartphone for booking a charging slot.

There is no need to re-enter the details if a vehicle is running out of charge next time. It neither asks users to sneak out of your electric car’s window nor engage in long phone calls. 

2. Find Public Charging Stations with Real-time Maps

It happens multiple times when you are in a hurry to reach your destination and suddenly, your vehicle warns you about low battery. In that case, approaching the nearby charging station is the only way to recharge your car’s battery.

Similarly, this amazing feature works as a virtual assistant by guiding you to the nearest charging station. It displays different charging stations available around your car’s current location using real-time maps.

Upon choosing the nearest station, it will follow the route directions and take you to the preferred charging spot. With such an advanced feature, there is no need to keep a check on the car’s battery.

Next time if your EV beeps while traveling, then taking out an EV charging app is all you need. This prominent feature ensures you enjoy a worry-free long drive with your loved ones. 

3. Book Charging Slot

When it comes to booking a charging slot, it does not only mean to connect the chargers in emergency situations but also schedule charging times prior to your journey. This feature starts charging the vehicle at your command regardless of how far you are from the stationary vehicle.

Being an owner, you can just plug in your car, having power turned off. The app will initiate the charging process only when you feel there is a right time. Such an advanced feature can be used when you want an electric car to get fully charged before you come home.

You can schedule your charging time whenever there are fewer home appliances turned on or use of electricity is less than usual. This is how it helps you charge the E-vehicle even if you are at a remote location.  

4. Collect Data and Insights

The EV charging app is enough to monitor data usage even if you are not physically present near a vehicle. The app itself tracks how much power consumption your vehicle needs on a weekly or monthly basis.

You can even check the charging behavior whenever you feel it needs more power than usual. It allows you to learn about average battery use or how soon your car will run out of power. Ultimately, it’s you who decides when to plug-in and start charging the E-vehicle. 

With such efficient charging management, you can turn on the charging process when the electricity cost is relatively low. As a result, there would be a reduced charging cost and optimized battery life.

Having frequent checkups and battery consumption analysis means your EV health is likely to be so good that it won’t need more pit stops. 

5. Monitor and Track Charging Sessions

The EV app empowers its users to track the charging sessions in real time, ensuring your vehicle is fully charged when you need it for a ride. Since it is difficult to keep a tab on energy consumption, this EV charging app feature provides the every deets of the charging session.

In case you find the usage for home is more than the average of 22kW for a single EV charge, you must consult a car technician. If not monitored timely, then there would be a heavy energy consumption that can put the entire power supply at risk.

Tracking a charging session is important for residents who have shared charging ports in their society area. Using this feature of an EV app, you can check recharge history, electricity costs and manage users. Eventually, it optimizes the power usage of a charging station no matter how many users are included.

6. Earn Rewards and Discounts on Charges

EV owners may not know but using the charging apps on a frequent basis can help you earn a lot of rewards. You can earn more reward points as many times as you charge your EV.

The collected points can then be used for availing discounts on other public charging stations. It significantly reduces the charging cost when points are redeemed at the charging station.

EV drivers can take the benefits of heavy discounts amid festive season by using the EV app for leveling up their vehicle’s battery. 

Adding to that, the EV charging app also enables point systems for drivers who add reviews & ratings once they use a charging station. This is another way of collecting points and informing your fellow EV drivers about charging facilities at the station.

Similarly, you too, can learn about other drivers’ experience when they post reviews on the app. Hence, you get multiple benefits of using EV charging apps.

7. Payment and Tracking of Expenses

The EV charging app comes with in-built online payment options so that you never have payment issues in case you misplaced the wallet. All you need to do is complete the payment via EV app once the charging session is completed.

The charging cost will be deducted from your linked account as soon as you authorize the payment. It eliminates the need of carrying the cash all the time in your pocket. 

Moreover, the app keeps track of expenses, offering you an overview of power consumption and charges incurred during the session. The EV charging app keeps users informed about payment details like cost per hour/kWs and available payment modes.

Such things allow drivers to do price comparison before approaching the charging station by scrolling through an EV app. It shows the multiple charging station options from which you can select the economical one.


EV charging app makes sure your E-vehicle and charging go hand-in-hand, relieving the stress of finding the charging station while driving. It allows the vehicle owner to manage the charging status without stepping out of the car. With the technology advancements, EV owners are likely to see more convenience features in upcoming days. There are many EV features that can make a fresh entry to your digital toolkit.

If you are seeking a similar customized EV charging app solution for your business, Moon Technolabs has got you covered. Our team of professional developers are ready to convert your EV mobile app idea into a reality.

Let us assist you in developing your dream app and reducing carbon emissions to build an eco-friendly environment. 


Firstly, your EV charging app asks for your current location. Based on that, it provides the nearest charging station to book an appointment in advance instead of waiting in long queues. Once the charging process is completed, it also shows how much money you need to pay.

Being an owner of an electric vehicle, it is important to find a charging station that is compatible with your car. The app further assists you in finding whether chargers are available in Level 2 or Level 3 (DC). It also displays the charging status and the amount of units used in a single charge.

PlugShare, EVgo, and ChargePoint are among the best EV apps that display all EV chargers. With more than 600K charging stations available in PlugShare, you can filter out the chargers as per your car’s plug type. Similarly, use EVgo or ChargePoint to check what are the different chargers available and schedule your charging time accordingly.
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