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Overcoming the Challenges of Developing IOS Apps on Windows
Published On: January 05, 2023


The demand for iOS application development is increasing consistently, creating a lucrative field for every iPhone and iPad application developer. However, many developers face the challenge of staying creative due to the increase in functionality and complexity of various iOS apps. In this situation, developers must not only acquire development skills but also overcome the underlying challenges related to stable iOS application development on Windows PC. Simultaneously, you should know diverse methods for developing iOS apps on Windows.

Challenges and Solutions to Develop iOS Apps | Developing IOS Apps on Windows

Challenge 1-Compatibility with Handsets/Devices

Whenever you want iOS to develop on Windows or simply on any iPhone device, you face the biggest challenge of compatibility with different handsets or devices. In other words, your iOS app must be compatible with only iPhone 5 or iPad devices but also with Windows 10 PCs. To overcome the challenge, you should test your product carefully and regularly during different phases of its development. If possible, you should use innovative TaaS products to address the underlying problem.

Challenge 2-Navigation Panel of the Developer’s Portal

Familiarizing oneself with the navigation panel of the iOS developer’s portal is the second challenge faced by iOS developers. Before you enter the act, make sure to dedicate some time to acquiring knowledge related to it. In this way, you may understand the functions of the navigation panel accurately and avoid bottlenecks in your development task.

Challenge 3-Beta Testing to Achieve User Experience

Whether you develop an iOS app to operate on an iPhone or Windows PC, advanced knowledge of your users’ likings and preferences will help you greatly. We recommend you allow your app to test via Beta users. The testing will identify any shortfall and make you aware of certain conditions related to failure so that you may overcome it.

Challenge 4-Speed of the Network

In some cases, your referred speed does not match the one used by your customers. In this situation, you should invigorate below-par speed networks. Luckily, you may do so by using a Network Link Conditioner to identify the strong network by sprucing p the weak ones.

Development of iOS Apps on Windows PCs with a Virtual Machine

If you are new to iOS app development, you may ask, ‘can you develop iOS apps on windows?’. The answer is yes, as everyone can design their iOS apps on the latest Windows PC versions. Only every developer has to know that they cannot create or publish any iOS app without using a valid IDE or Xcode. However, the problem is Xcode runs only on macOS. In this situation, we have shared a few of the best ways to accomplish iOS app development on Windows.

Requisites for Developing iOS Apps on Windows

Everyone knows that Xcode operates on macOS with the help of iOS SDK. However, app developers looking to develop iOS apps on Windows May do so with the help of virtualization software.The main role of a virtual machine, like VMware or VirtualBox, is to give access to virtual MacOS.

A virtual machine will allow you to run Windows on every Linux OS, Linux operating system, and Mac operating system. Besides, virtualization software also helps in operating multiple OS simultaneously to create cross-platform applications. However, you need only two things to operate Mac OS on any virtual machine-

  • An OS copy as an installer or a virtual image file
  • A virtual machine tool, such as VMware or VirtualBox

Just download a copy of macOS from the App Store to start with the iOS app development process. Besides, you should check the available installers and search for macOS pre-installed virtual disk images. 

Additional requirements

Other than virtual image file and virtual machine, you should meet a few system-related requirements, which are-

  • Your PC should possess memory of 4GB to 8 GB.
  • The CPU of the Windows PC should be compatible with i5 or i7.
  • Your system should contain at least 10 GB of free disk space.
  • Every app developer should possess a valid Apple ID to configure macOS appropriately.

Steps to Develop iOS Apps on Windows PC

Once you fulfill the requisites, you should follow the steps mentioned here-

  • Install and create a virtual machine on your Windows PC
  • Install macOS in your created virtual machine
  • Finally, you should install Xcode to start creating and developing iOS apps.

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Alternate Ways to Develop iOS Apps on Windows PCs

Rent a MacOS via Cloud Platform

You may rent a MacOS via a cloud platform. Luckily, you may get a few reputed providers of available Mac products on rent at the most affordable price. You may connect with any cloud-based Mac with the help of a remote desktop connection. Windows provides a stock of remote desktop clients, which you may use to develop iOS apps on your PC. Hence, once you sign in, you may install Xcode to start the iOS app development process.

Build iOS Apps on Windows via Cross-platform Tools

How to develop iOS apps on windows via cross-platform tools? For this, we should say that cross-platform tools, like PhoneGap and Xamarin, may code your developed applications and export them to Android and iOS by reducing your overall development period and the involved cost. Indeed, you may create iOS apps on Windows efficiently. Every cross-platform tool has a vast ecosystem for developing iOS apps on Windows PC.

With the help of an integrated development environment with C# and Xamarin, you may develop cross-platform applications. On the other hand, you may create native apps by combining a few Windows-operated development tools, like Appcelerator and PhoneGap with HTML5. If this is not enough, you may use React Native and Javascript wrapper to write native applications.

React Native Environment to Accomplish iOS App Development

How to develop apps for iOS on Windows with React Native Environment? React Native contains many outstanding features, like third-party library support, open-source, and the facility to use the same code on diverse platforms. Regardless of whether you want to build hybrid apps or web apps, you should consider React Native as an excellent choice for it. The combination of an Android emulator, React Native, and Mac OS deployment machines let you create and deploy any application for iOS devices on PCs.

Cost of Developing IOS Apps on Windows PC

The cost to create an iOS application on Windows PC may start from a minimum of $5,000 to a maximum of $1,00,000. However, the cost may even depend on several factors, which include the following-

  • The complexity of the developed app
  • Type of a particular app and its screens
  • Features, utility, or functions
  • Location and design of app developers


You will get many effective methods/mediums to develop iOS apps on Windows PCs. Hence, developers only require the experience and expertise to handle challenges in the path of iOS app development with the minimum possible investment and without any compromise of the developed solution.


The steps associated with developing iOS apps in Windows 10 are the same as any other version of Windows. Developers only need AppCode and XCode, which refer to the best-integrated app development components to design/develop apps.

Anyone can build an iOS app on windows react native by using a special tool that can automate the deployment process for developers.

iOS apps use intuitive and robust programming languages, such as Swift, Flutter, and HTML5.

Yes, you may easily develop iOS apps on Windows using either method and/or mediums explained in our blog post.
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