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Mathematics can be quite a challenging subject for a lot of students. You can make things easier for them by building an application like Photomath. If you’re an entrepreneur planning to start a business, why would you avoid the education industry? Mobile apps gave this field the boost it needed, especially after the COVID-19 event. By getting an app as Photomath created, you can generate revenue through monetization strategies and help youngsters fall in love with a subject they always feared.

Did you always think of mathematics as the most difficult subject you ever had to study at school? Then you aren’t wrong. The subject’s concepts are challenging to contemplate, indeed. So, how do other kids handle it? They simply catch the intricacies in an instant, particularly where others fumble. However, you can help these kids by investing in mobile app development services.

If you’re an entrepreneur or an existing owner of an educational facility, you should hire an education app development company and get an application developed. Technology has been revolutionizing the way students contemplate concepts of every subject they need to learn. Visual representations of charts and graphs on and things like live-mapping on mobile applications are now commonplace.

Now, it’s time for you to know about Photomath, a revolutionary program created for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices that can help a student understand and solve mathematical equations. It isn’t going to display results, because if it does, it will defeat the entire purpose of learning. Instead, this app showcases an exact human-readable version of the method that the student has to follow to solve the said equation.

It’s the best

Every education app development company is receiving requests from their EdTech clients about getting a Photomath clone created. It offers several advantages to students by helping them understand and solve mathematical sums, particularly when they don’t have a tutor or can’t attend tuitions due to the coronavirus event.

Photomath is among the numerous apps already available on mobile app stores, but it has the power to stand out from the crowd. After all, its primary function is to disclose the path to the solution of a problem. It’s just like having a private tutor in your pocket. The best thing about it is that getting such an app fabricated won’t just be helpful to learners but lucrative for you, as well.

Some of the features offered by Photomath include,


  • Instant support
  • Attractive graphs
  • Instructions with animations
  • Ability to recognize handwriting
  • Several methods of explaining
  • Calculation using the device camera
  • Step-by-step explanations

Features you need

You can probably guess that your Photomath clone needs the features mentioned above. However, those are simply the embellishments. If your app doesn’t the systems enumerated below, it may not be as effective as the original. So, make sure that you include the following.

(1) Appealing UI/UX

It may sound obvious, but it’s also extremely important because a lot of people often forget to inform their service provider about this mission-critical requirement. An app like Photomath will need high-quality UI/UX design to ensure that it does what it should. The onboarding flow has to be engaging enough to make this easier for the user. The most important functionality, however, is the ability to solve problems in real-time. Photomath has it, and so your application will need it too.

(2) Smart tech

Now you’re probably wondering how your app will solve mathematical problems as quickly and accurately as Photomath. Understandably, your app development partners have to incorporate smart technologies. There’s an exceptionally complicated yet incredibly effective algorithm operating everything from behind the scene. This algorithm is probably what makes Photomath better than every other mobile education solution for mathematics. It means you need one of the best app development agencies to look into your project. Building such an algorithm is a task suitable for masters in this field.

(3) The business model

This is the part that you’ll probably want to read most attentively. If you download Photomath to see what it’s all about, you’ll notice that it’s free. You don’t have to pay anything to use it. Additionally, Photomath doesn’t show advertisements, either. You may be thinking that the development team is maybe an NGO because such magnanimousness isn’t almost unheard of from a development agency. The ultimate purpose of this solution is to attract users and increase brand awareness. You can do the same. You can use the application to draw attention to your products and demonstrate how your technology can prove to be handy in several situations. Whether it’s the banking industry or the education industry, healthcare or tourism, almost every enterprise out there can utilize this unique business model.

To conclude

As you can see, Photomath can generate a situation where both parties will win, which is somewhat rare for an application with such caliber. It’s the perfect tool for students struggling to understand the logic hiding behind the solution of a mathematical problem. Also, it supports its creators to promote their services and attract numerous customers. Being an easy-to-use app, Photomath handles it deftly. Finally, it’s about the journey, from the initiation point to the end that teaches you to create a wonderful experience for users, even if the app works on a complex, ML-based algorithm. Now, if you’re serious about getting a clone of Photomath developed, you have to pry out the best education app development company. It will take some time, but you’ll surely find one.

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