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Best Flower Delivery Apps
Published On: October 18, 2023

There’s a reason why a beautiful and timeless flower bouquet always impresses people as a gift idea. Whether it is for an anniversary or birthday or to present them to someone who is ill, fresh flowers can immediately brighten anyone’s mood magically. Additionally, they are convenient to present and one can arrange them online with the help of online flower delivery apps.

These apps deliver flowers looking wow-worthy instead of titled if anyone might have delivered by themselves. The good thing is you can get a plethora of options to select from when choosing the flower delivery apps. Meanwhile, getting too many options to choose from often makes people quite confused. If you are one of those, you are in the right place to get the right idea.

In this blog, we have researched and compiled the best flower delivery apps for every budget and style based on their service, delivery time, and customer satisfaction.

What is a Flower Delivery App?

The flower delivery application is an on-demand software solution for rapid doorstep delivery of freshly plucked flowers. These apps are specifically designed for florists or flower vendors and connect them with their targeted customers who are looking for platforms to order flowers online. 

How Does Flower Delivery App Work? 

Flower delivery apps allow customers to select and place orders for their preferred flowers and plants. They can customize the bouquet based on the type of recipient, occasion, etc. The flowers will then get delivered to the mentioned address within the specified time and date. They do not have to wander from one shop to another looking for their favorite blooms. 

Top 10 Best Flower Delivery Apps

Let’s explore the top 10 flower delivery apps that you can use to send all types of greenery and flowers from live succulents to classic roses:

1., Inc., Inc. makes flower delivery hassle-free with just a few clicks. The app offers stunning and fresh flowers to all its customers at affordable prices. Apart from flowers, the app also includes gifts like chocolate-dipped strawberries. It provides outstanding customer service and replaces the delivered products without any delay if they are damaged., Inc

Rating: 4.6

Pricing: Starts from $39.99

Delivery Option: Same-day delivery

Payment Method: All major credit and debit cards accepted



Outstanding customer service The color arrangement of the flowers might be different compared to the website images
Highly worthy and valuable
Same-day flower delivery services are available

2. The Bouqs Company

Offering different types of delighted flowers along with various botanical stems such as snapdragons, confetti-like Craspedia, berries, and more, the Bouqs Company app is renowned for intuitive and reliable customization related to aesthetics, price, and delivery speed. 

It is one of the best flower delivery apps with a flawless service record. Even to the casual observer, their flowers will look better and fresh. With the app, one can come across 3 alternatives for the price according to their small, large, and medium bouquets. Their delivery service is worth mentioning.

The Bouqs Company

Rating: 4

Pricing: Starts from $40

Delivery Option: Same day and next day delivery option

Payment Method: MasterCard, American Express, Visa cards, PayPal and Apple Pay



Long-lasting and beautifully arranged flowers Some flowers need some more days to open after delivery
On-time delivery
Overwhelming packaging

3. Bloomsy Box LLC

Bloomsy Box LLC’s online flower delivery app is the best option for those seeking a monthly delivery of fresh flower arrangements instead of a single bouquet. Their weekly and monthly flower subscription packages are increasingly becoming famous. 

The subscriptions begin at 45 US dollars every month and can go high up with their premium and deluxe bouquets. The app also includes a complete one-time gifting bouquet inventory starting at 55 US dollars.


Rating: 3

Pricing: Starts from $45

Delivery Option: Weekly, bi-weekly, 8-weekly and 12-weekly

Payment Method: Visa, CardDiscover, Master, Diners, JCB, and AmEx cards



High standard flowers A special note is missing
Large collection of creative and cool flower arrangements
Numerous subscription and pricing options

4. BloomNation

The flower arrangements offered by BloomNation are quite stylish and modern. The price is also far less compared to the other best flower delivery apps mentioned above. The app offers nearly 30% less price for the flowers, including the delivery charges.

They offer same and next-day delivery options based on the location. The app is simple to use with easy navigation for the users. You can send flowers online through BloomNation that will remain fresh and will last long, even for a week.


Rating: 4.6

Pricing: Starts from $62.95

Delivery Option: Same-day delivery

Payment Method: Debit and credit cards, and ACH 



Offers metal vase with flower bouquets orders might get canceled at the last moment
Lasts for more than a week
Also includes seasonal blooms in its stock

5. Benchmark Bouquets

Benchmark Bouquets takes the help of the local florists and vendors to accomplish their orders. Thus, the company can easily deliver an extensive range of flowers all across the city on the same day. Ordering from the Benchmark Bouquets app is straightforward, with alternatives for sorting the color, occasion, flower type, and delivery speed.

Benchmark Bouquets

Rating: 3.6

Pricing: Starts from $62.95

Delivery Option: Overnight and next-day delivery 

Payment Method: Debit and credit cards 



Classically pretty bouquets The pricing is a bit misleading as it includes a high service fee
Easier to navigate flower delivery app
Collaborates with local florists for same-day delivery services

6. ProFlowers

ProFlowers is another best apps to order flowers online due to its great pricing point. One can pick any bouquet or flower arrangement according to their budget. It offers a gorgeous bloom selection arranged according to the occasion, type, and color. 

The app also includes unbelievable gifting options like gourmet food, house plants, and spa gift baskets to pamper your near ones. Most of the flower arrangements are available in 4 different sizes. Thus, customers can choose any one as per their style.


Rating: 2

Pricing: Starts from $62.9

Delivery Option: Weekday and weekend delivery option  

Payment Method: Debit and all prepaid cards

Pros Cons
Bright and classic flowers like Peruvian lilies, lavender, and roses The arrangements are a bit boring
It includes other gift options like keepsakes, fruit bouquets, and plants
Have a super speedy delivery service

7. Farmgirl Flowers

Farmgirl is another most preferred app among customers for sending flowers with unique arrangements. It offers hard-to-bloom seasonal flowers to rare varieties of roses in its signature burlap bundle. 

The app delivers the products in nice packaging with detailed instructions like when to be careful while opening the gift as the flowers contain thorns. Customers can get the order in less than 12 hours, and they are super quick to arrive. The packaging is also highly efficient in protecting the delicate and drop-dead stunning flowers.

Farmgirl Flowers

Rating: 4.2

Pricing: Starts from $70

Delivery Option: Monday to Saturday

Payment Method: Visa, Discover, American Express and MasterCard 



The roses include the most fragrance Roses also include thorns in them with instructions
Detailed flower descriptions on the app
Protective and well-though packaging

8. UrbanStems, Inc.

Another one of the best flower delivery apps, UrbanStems offers both subscription and a la carte options to their customers. Whether customers want to receive continuous delivery of fresh flowers over the month or surf through the app for gifting purposes, the app has both alternatives for them. 

One can pick from 3 plans including classic, luxe, and seasonal, and the frequency of delivery like monthly, biweekly, or weekly. They deliver vases along with every delivery. The subscriber can pause, modify, or cancel their subscriptions anytime.

UrbanStems, Inc

Rating: 3

Pricing: Starts from $55

Delivery Option: Same day and the next day delivery 

Payment Method: All cards accepted  



Striking arrangements of flowers like garden roses, lilies, orchids are available. The prices are a bit on the higher side
Delivers intact and no-bruise flowers
Offers zodiac-centric flower arrangements 

9. Venus et Fleur

Venus et Fleur offers exclusive flower delivery services that claim that their roses will last as long as one year. It’s because the roses are treated with a color pigmentation procedure and proprietary solution. Customers can order flowers online for their friends, family, or loved ones only within a specific delivery window. 

There are also numerous delivery windows based on the pricing, like $39 for overnight delivery. Venus et Fleur also provides letter boxes where one can enter their loved one’s name in their favorite rose color.

Venus et Fleur

Rating: 2.5

Pricing: Starts from $99

Delivery Option: Same day and overnight

Payment Method: Afterpay, Google Pay, Zip Co, Nordstrom, and all major cards



Highly fragrant products Cannot get a delivery date within the specific window
Complete customer satisfaction
Safe packaging factor

10. Flowwow

If you are searching for the best flower delivery app to deliver blooms with step-by-step guidance on how to create a DIY bouquet at home, then Flowwow is the name for it. They send the flowers in a secure and easy-to-open package, so they will only move a little while transporting. 

It offers three-size arrangements for its 15 to 35-stem collections, greenery, and seasonal blooms. However, unlike other best flower delivery online like above, the floral collection is restricted.


Rating: 4.5

Pricing: Starts from $59

Delivery Option: Early morning and nighttime delivery

Payment Method: Apple Pay or Credit Card



Offers experimental gift and flower collection The shipping fees are costly
Supportive and safe packaging
Outstanding customer support

How to Choose the Perfect Flower Delivery App?

To save time from going through different apps to send flowers online, we have curated the above lists of the best flower delivery apps based on certain aspects. If you are still confused, you can consider the following tips to select the right app:

Delivery Speed and Method

Some flower delivery apps include categories and filters to select the date and time for the flower arrangements. They ensure to deliver specially designed bouquets to special ones for an extraordinary occasion, holiday, anniversary, or birthday. Thus, navigate through the apps well to know which one will be most appropriate according to the scenario.


It’s advisable to fix a budget before selecting the right app. You can look for offers and discounts during the holidays. Some flower delivery apps do not include free shipping policies, which can be as high as that of the bouquet price. So, consider the budget and other additional charges before finalizing an app.


Most flower delivery apps offer a customized note with a short message to loved ones along with the bouquet. Some apps also offer colored balloons, ribbons, and chocolates with the message. Receiving a beautiful flower is special, but to make it memorable, you can consider how it is delivered, packaged, and customized to surprise a special one.

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Final Words

The flower delivery industry is slowly becoming a billion-dollar sector with a huge customer base. The behavior of the customers has promptly shifted, and they are relying more on online delivery apps for sending flowers to their most special ones. It has increased during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The applications can also reach out to extended audiences and improve their sales significantly. Now that you have all the information on why you should go for flower delivery app development, start planning and begin to reap all the benefits of this huge market.


Based on the budget, delivery speed, product quality, and packaging,, Inc. occupies the highest position as the best flower delivery service provider.

The cost of creating a flower delivery app depends on the technical stacks and various other factors. Besides, the costs also vary due to the framework, UX/UI creation, backend and frontend creation, integrated feature types, third-party integration, and the total developmental hours involved.

Nowadays, most of the customers are interested in purchasing everything online-from shoes to flowers. Thus, the top benefits of online flower delivery service include: 1. Convenience 2. Different types of collections to select from 3. 24-hour service and delivery 4. Reasonable and pocket-friendly prices 5. Saves immense time and effort 6. Includes appropriate transporting conditions

Mellano and Company is one of the largest distributors of flowers in the country. They are quite popular for their high-cut flowers, fillers, protea, and greens. They supply their products to an infinite number of supermarkets and retail florists.
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