In recent years, the landscape of the best grocery delivery apps in USA has undergone a transformative shift, with an increasing number of people relying on innovative delivery apps for their daily needs. 

The advent of cutting-edge technologies has not only revolutionized the way consumers shop for groceries but has also propelled substantial growth in the eCommerce sector. As of mid-2022, the market size for online grocery delivery had already reached an impressive $286 billion, showcasing the burgeoning demand for digital grocery solutions.

Projections indicate a remarkable trajectory, with expectations soaring to over $2159 billion by 2030. With such staggering growth, there’s no better time for grocery store owners to establish their online presence.

For those looking to capitalize on this trend, partnering with a seasoned grocery delivery app development company is paramount to creating a robust and feature-rich application that aligns with the evolving demands of this dynamic market.

Why Use a Grocery Delivery App?

Utilizing a grocery delivery app is not just a trend; it’s a strategic move that brings a plethora of benefits to businesses. These apps offer unparalleled convenience and reliability, acting as a catalyst for increased customer attraction and additional sales. 

The impact extends beyond just revenue growth, as these apps cater to diverse audiences, including the elderly, those with mobility challenges, and busy professionals. The adoption of a grocery delivery app becomes a pivotal step for businesses seeking to enhance their services and broaden their reach in the dynamic landscape of digital commerce.

The grocery delivery app also improves the brand perception and reputation as a customer-centric and innovative business. Thus, with the increasing popularity of online grocery shopping, investing in a grocery app development can offer any business a competitive edge. It also assists in evolving the preferences and demands of the customers. 

Top 11 Best Grocery Delivery Apps In USA

If someone is staying in the USA and does not have adequate time for in-store grocery shopping, it is best to try out any one of the top and cheapest grocery delivery apps

1. Amazon Fresh

Amazon fresh

Shipping Fee: Free for Amazon Prime members over $100 shopping

Delivery time: Within 2 hours

Product Range: Groceries, fruits and vegetables

Membership: $14.99 per month

To purchase vegetables, fruits, packed foods, and many other essential things, the user can always count on Amazon Fresh. The platform collaborates with the local supermarkets and farms in every location to deliver fresh products to the users. It is an add-on service for the subscription of Amazon Prime.


  • Get farm fresh vegetables and fruits from the local markers
  • Extensive range of groceries
  • Delivery within a few hours

2. Instacart


Shipping Fee: Free over $35 shopping

Delivery time: Within one hour

Product Range: Groceries, fresh produce, and liquor

Membership: Instacart Express Membership 

Instacart is one of the best grocery delivery apps in the USA offering same-day delivery at different prices. For the pick-up option, the user has to choose the products, place an order, and select a specific time for the pick-up. The delivery charges vary as per the order amount and the delivery time. The user can opt for the Instacart Express membership for free delivery of above $35 shopping. However, the charges might also change in the busy hours. 


  • Available in almost 66% of the USA
  • Over 300000 products to select from
  • Collaboration with over 250000 retailers
  • First delivery is free after signup

3. Shipt


Shipping Fee: Free over $35 shopping

Delivery Time: 1 hour after you place your order

Product Range: Groceries, fresh produce and liquor

Membership: Annual ($100) or monthly ($14) membership 

Shipt is the best grocery delivery app that allows people to shop from different retailers, depending on where they live. Due to the high demand, the app has collaborated with numerous retailers to offer new or different options for delivery. The customer will immediately receive an SMS whenever an order is available or changed. 


  • Whole Foods, Publix, and Costco are associated
  • Buy again feature for easy purchase
  • Unique sale and coupon alerts on the more frequently bought items

4. Walmart


Shipping Fee: Varies between $8 to $10. Free delivery for membership plan

Delivery time: Depends on the user’s staying locality

Product Range: Groceries, fresh produce, meat and seafood, deli, and liquor

Membership: $98 yearly or $13 monthly 

Customers can shop from Walmart this cheapest grocery delivery app for daily essentials. It is the digital expansion of the physical store and has become a household name in the USA for some years. It is primarily due to their outstanding delivery and other Features that come with the app. The user can also schedule a delivery that will be most convenient for them. 


  • New members get a year’s worth of free shipping for all their orders
  • Faster, safe, and reliable deliveries 
  • Millions of products to select from 

5. FreshDirect


Shipping Fee: $6 on an average

Delivery time: Depends on the user’s staying location

Product Range: Groceries, fresh produce, meat and seafood, bakery, dairy, and liquor

Membership: Foodkick service with $30 or more

FreshDirect is one of the reputed online grocery delivery apps for providing fresh products. The app also offers explanatory information about various canned foods and how the whole foods are arriving on users’ doorstep. It is the most preferred app for the East Coast people who want to get their groceries delivered to their office or home.


  • The platform works with the local dairies, farmers, and fisheries 
  • Also offers many seasonal products depending on their availability
  • Customers can place their orders as late as 11 PM and in advance

6. GoPuff Grocery Delivery


Shipping Fee: $3.95, Minimum $10.95 order for delivery

Delivery Time: Within 30 minutes

Product Range: Groceries, frozen, meat and seafood, bakery, dairy, Starbucks and liquor

Membership: Not required

GoPuff is the cheapest grocery delivery app, which was launched in 2013 and includes an exclusive business plan that is different from other apps. It operates as a micro-fulfillment facility within the areas the app serves. For a mere delivery fee of $3.95, this app will deliver hundreds of products from various categories, like meals, household needs, alcohol, and groceries, right to your doorstep.


  • Available for 24 hours a day
  • Have a separate alcohol delivery section
  • Offering $20 off for their first-time customers

7. DoorDash Food Delivery


Shipping Fee: starting at $0

Delivery time: Same-day or on-demand delivery

Product Range: Groceries, alcohol, restaurant food, and flowers

Membership: Dashpash is free for the first month and a membership fee of $9.99 per month

DoorDash is one of the top grocery delivery apps in California, San Francisco, and NYC in the USA. It is the most downloaded and highly rated app, with almost 39 million downloads. It gives other grocery ordering apps tough competition in this niche. 

The users can order groceries and food from local restaurants and supermarkets all across the USA. DoorDash also offers a pick-up and take-away feature for the users to collect and pick up their orders from the stores or restaurants within minutes.


  • Real-time order tracking facility
  • Easy and convenient payment through Apple Pay, Paypal, Venmo, and credit cards
  • No contact delivery for both doorstep and pick-up

8. Uber Eats


Shipping Fee: The rate depends on the per-minute time expected to be delivered

Delivery time: Depends upon the user’s location

Product Range: Restaurant food

Membership: Not required

Uber Eats is one of the best grocery delivery apps in the USA where the user can find their favorite food and order from the restaurant with ease. The user can track their food in real-time as it starts moving their way. The app displays the estimated time of delivery while ordering food according to dish or cuisine. 


  • Foods from the favorite restaurants
  • Simple and hassle-free ordering facility
  • Easy and multi-faceted payment interfaces
  • Option to order from thousands of restaurants

9. Thrive Market


Shipping Fees: Minimum order of $49 for free delivery

Delivery time: Depends upon the user’s location

Product Range: Groceries, frozen food, babies and kids, personal care, home, and pet, and health

Membership: $9.95 fee monthly or $59 fee annually

Thrive Market is the only grocery delivery app that primarily concentrates on delivering organic product supply with carbon-neutral delivery. The user can get packaged and fresh foods perfect for paleo, keto, and vegan diets at pocket-friendly prices. 


  • Non-GMO and organic food available
  • 24*7 access to a personal thrive guide
  • Organic and non-chemical ingredient products

10. PostMates


Shipping Fee: Free delivery above $12 for the members

Delivery time: Within 1 hour

Product Range: Groceries, food, and drinks

Membership: $9.95 fee monthly or $59 fee annually

PostMates online grocery delivery app is primarily known among users for its outstanding on-time grocery delivery service. The application boasts a massive delivery network and offers real-time status updates and tracking. 

This tech-centric app was introduced in May 2011 and currently gets over 8 million orders each month. Many big brands like Panera, Chipotle, McDonalds, Starbucks, and more are associated with this app.


  • Implements GPS technology and mobile devices
  • Over 2,50,000 vendors to select from
  • Delivers in more than 4200+ cities

11. Safeway


Shipping Fee: Starts from $10 but is free for orders above $150

Delivery time: According to the user’s location

Product Range: Groceries, fresh produce, meat and seafood, deli, and liquor

Membership: Freshpass with a $60 annual subscription

Safeway is one of the top grocery delivery apps in the USA and has become a common household name in the entire North America for many years. 

Safeway has started to reach for new customers and improve its market share. One of the main reasons for its popularity is to offer an extensive range of products to select from. The app includes numerous distributors, facilities, and suppliers. 


  • The app is an Albertsons Companies subsidiary
  • Operating in almost all the zip codes in the USA
  • Includes national and local presence
  • No shipping fees for the first order above $75

Benefits of Using a Grocery Delivery Services/App

A perfectly designed online grocery delivery app will streamline inventory control, logistics, and order management. It will thus improve the cost savings and operational efficiency to thrive in this competitive market. The advantages of using a grocery delivery app are as follows.

  • Potential for improved revenue
  • High customer loyalty
  • Extended customer base
  • Improved online brand reputation
  • Competitive benefits
  • Data-centric insights
  • Operational efficiency
  • Adaptability to the always-changing market dynamics

Features Required for a Successful Grocery App

The primary reason why mobile apps for grocery delivery are successful is their features. User-centric functionalities and features continuously assist the brand in surviving in this competitive world. Thus, an app offering the best grocery delivery service needs to have the following features:

Features Required for a Successful Grocery App

The Grocery Business Models

There are four different grocery business models as follows.

  • Aggregator Model

In this business model, the application will act as a middle in the arrangement. Here, the app company will not hold any stock, employ any workers, or have any liability. This type of platform will connect the vendors with the customers to offer their products. This model allows the customers to shop from various vendors by decreasing the storage expenses and brand to a minimum for the retailers.

  • Single Store Model

In the single-store model, the online grocery delivery app will display various store divisions. There will be only one store associated with the app, and all the products they offer can be bought in a single place. Grocery stores that have been operating offline for years and are intended to go online can apply this business model.

  • Pick-Up-In-Store Model

Customers can order online and pick up their packages from the store in a pick-up-in-store model. The main benefit of this model is that customers can check if the product is in stock or not beforehand. The users can select products and pick them up from the physical store without standing in the queue for hours.

  • Hybrid Model

A grocery store can blend any of its business strategies in this model. The owner can use store pick and aggregator hybrid models together. In this way, the customer can get their groceries delivered to their home or order them in advance and pick from the store at their convenience. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Grocery Delivery App?

The cost of creating the best grocery delivery app depends on various factors like the user interface, features, complexity in design, and many more. It also depends if the company offers grocery delivery app development either leveraging iOS or Android or both. A good UX and UI are also essential for creating an intuitive design for an online grocery delivery application.

The cost of the backend also varies according to the feature complexity and the technologies implemented. The app can include basic features like a product catalog, grocery shopping cart, order tracking, search and filter, integration of payment gateway, and more.

It can also have advanced features like AI-centric recommendations, loyalty programs, and social media integration. Depending on the above factors, the cost of creating a grocery delivery mobile app varies between $50000 and $300000 or more. 

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Summing Up

No one has enough time nowadays to visit a local grocery store to buy fruits, packed food, vegetables, and others daily due to hectic schedules. Thus, people prefer to buy their groceries online. 

The above online grocery delivery apps have already started to create a buzz in this niche with their features like advanced tracking, user-friendliness, wallet payment, and many more. In other words, the increased demand for online grocery delivery has made the apps popular over the years.



What is the best app to have groceries delivered?

Instacart is considered the best app for delivering groceries online due to its outstanding services. The app helps online shoppers by locating nearby grocery stores of their choosing. Based on where they are located, the app includes options like Whole Foods, Costco, Wegmans, Stop and Shop, Aldi, and many more. It also has non-grocery store alternatives like Petco and CVS.


Is there a better service than Instacart?

Yes, apart from Instacart, you can also use some other best meal delivery service apps like DoorDash, Shipt, Amazon, Good Eggs, etc.


Is it more expensive to deliver groceries?

No, it is not more expensive to get the groceries delivered online. In fact, in some cases, the user might save more money as they can implement discount coupons for online grocery shopping while checking out.


What food delivery app is used more?

Uber Eats is one of the most used food delivery apps in the USA. The application includes a sleek interface that allows the users to access different food variety options from local and nearby restaurants.
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