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Published On: October 11, 2023

“When all the bees will die, humans won’t exist long.” It sounds scary, but it is a partial truth. When all bees die, it’ll start a domino effect impacting the plant kingdom, then the animal kingdom, and eventually the human race. It is critical to identify and preserve the insects for our survival.

Bug identifier apps help in identifying the bugs and serve other helpful information as well. Dive into the blog to learn more about the various types of bug identifier apps in the market and how these apps are helpful. 

What are Bug Identifier Apps?

The apps created to identify the various kinds of insects, bugs, moths, and other insect species are known as bug identifier apps. These apps help in not only identifying but also are knowledge-sharing apps. Such apps are top-rated among students, researchers, budding entomologists, and even day-to-day gardeners.

They help in identifying bugs and controlling them. Some apps stand out by providing information on bug bites and tips to cure them. To get a free insect identifier app for bugs, insects, or moths, always trust an experienced app development company that can customize the app according to your needs.  

Moon Technolabs has good experience in developing apps and a great experience in creating custom apps like bug identifiers. We have expertise in developing custom software that is tailored to your specific needs and convenience. 

Top 9 Best Bug Identifier Apps

Top9 Bug Identifiers

1. Picture Insect: Bug Identifier

Platforms: Android, iOS | Price: Freemium/Premium | Rating: 5

Picture Insect uses a giant insect encyclopedia for insect and bug lovers. This app provides free bug identification by picture of the insect of your interest. You can even add one from your phone gallery to identify the bug. Picture insects will give you details like the zoological name of the insect, taxonomy, and other plethora of information. 


  • An extensive database of 10,000+ insects and bugs.
  • Option to report wrong identification in the Picture Insect app.
  • Information on bug bites on humans or pets.
  • Has an in-app chat feature in the Picture Insect app.


  • It is freemium, so you’ll have to purchase additional features.
  • The free version caters to just three free insect identification chances.

2. Bug Identifier Bug Finder

Platforms: Android, iOS | Price: Freemium/Premium | Rating: 5.0

The bug identifier app is available on both OS platforms for smartphones and is convenient. Simply take a snap of the bug in question and upload it on the app. The vast database of the app will find and show you the results matching your query. It is the best free bug identifier app available in the market. 


  • Instant identification.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Additional information on the insect.


  • Ads are a big distraction.
  • Information is limited when compared to other similar applications.

3. Seek By iNaturalist

Platforms: Android, iOS I Price: Free I Rating: 4.8 (iOS) 3.4 (Android)

It is a child and family-safe app developed by iNaturalist. A good thing about this app is that it doesn’t collect or store data unless you create an account on the iNaturalist. 

Seek uses image recognition to identify bugs as well as plants. Simply point your camera at the organism or plant to be identified from the insect identification app, and it will give you the details about it. 


  • Information about not only insects or bugs but also plants (flora and fauna)
  • Information about the bugs or plants found in nearby areas.
  • It gives the information about the species. 
  • Daily challenges to earn badges.
  • Interactive interface. 


  • A restart is needed while uploading the photo from the phone gallery.
  • Unable to identify all the organisms or plants.

4. Insect ID: Ai Bug Identifier

Platform: iOS I Pricing: Freemium I Ratings: 4.1/5

If you are a budding entomologist who wants to understand the behavior of insects or bugs, then this is the app for you. Take a picture of the bug and get the required information. You can create “news” and share it on social media or with your fellow enthusiasts.   


  • User-friendly interface.
  • It caters to beginners as well as experts in entomology.
  • Offer services in offline mode.


  • The app does not cover scarce species.
  • Multiple questions precede a precise ID.
  • Offline functionality is limited to downloaded content.

5. Insect Identifier By Photo Cam

Platform: Android I Pricing: Free I Ratings: 8

It is a bug identifier app using image recognition technology to identify bugs, insects, and moths. Take out your smartphone, aim your camera at the insect, and click a picture. The app then compares it with the vast database of species and gives you the result. 


  • Vast database.
  • The app gives additional information like insect behavior and their habitat.


  • The app crashes abruptly.
  • Tracks your location.

6. Insect Identifier Bug Identify

Platform: iOS I Pricing: Free and Premium I Ratings: 4.4

Finding a reliable and easy-to-use iOS insect detector is like looking for a needle in a haystack. iOS users can use the Insect ID Bug Identifier app to find out what kind of bug is walking in front of their eyes. 

Insect Identifier Bug Identify is the only app any nature or insect lover will ever need. It also has an online group where people with similar interests can meet and chat. The Insect ID Identification app is easy to use and provides tips and tutorials for beginners. It is the best free bug identification app on the market. Although the app is free, the paid version offers more help and features. 


  • Educational app.
  • It is an Insect identifier app for iOS and iPhone users.
  • 1000+ species.


  • Insect identification is not so accurate.
  • The app has a limited database when compared to other similar apps.

7. Picture Insect: Spiders & Bugs iOS

Platform: iOS I Pricing: Free, Freemium I Ratings: 4.6

It is an easy-to-use insect identifier app that is backed by AI technology. The image recognition takes the picture you clicked and runs through the database. AI tech helps with the detection of insects and provides the information. It is one of the best insect identification apps for insects, spiders, and bugs. 

The regular drill is taking the picture or uploading it from your photo library and waiting for the AI to bring loads of information on the pictured insect. The app also identifies bugs, moths, and butterflies from a comprehensive database of 4,000+ species. 


  • Rich resources and a comprehensive database of 4000+
  • Instant recognition or fast ID of the insect.
  • It is a bug bite identifier app to help with insect bites and remedies.
  • It has a pest detection feature and “how to prevent” tips.


  • Users will have to buy the premium version for extra features
  • Inaccurate data sometimes

8. Insect Identification Bug ID

Platform: iOS I Pricing: Free/ Freemium I Rating: NA

If you are someone who has an insect-loving community, then this app is the best pick. The app works on the regular course of action to take a picture of the insect, and then the app finds the information from the database. But the one feature that stands out is this app is for community lovers. The app will take you to Wikipedia for more information on the insect you searched for.  


  • Community sharing feature
  • Distinct feature to identify fishes and birds, other than insects
  • Supports iPhone and iPad both


  • There is no in-store information; it takes you to Wikipedia. 

9. Spider Identifier Bug Finder

Platform: iOS I Pricing: Free/ Freemium I Ratings: 4.1/5

Are you curious about spiders? This app is dedicated to finding out the type of spider species and additionally works for bugs as well. With the app’s camera feature, take a picture of the insect, and the app will show you the results.  


  • You get additional photos of the insect you searched for.
  • Simple interface


  • The free version provides limited options.
  • There is limited information in the app; for more information, a Wikipedia link is given.

How Useful Are Bug Identifier Apps?

Imagine there are 200 million insects for each human on the planet, indicating the vast science of entomology and its effects on humankind. 

These apps have proven their worth and extreme usefulness. The apparent reasons for these apps’ popularity are pest detection and bug bite detection and how to prevent them. However, the more diversified reasons are biodiversity exploration, education, and research. These insect identifier applications are helpful in better understanding insect behavior and how they have an impact on the human race.


Smartphones enable our access to intelligent ways to reach out to nature. The insect identification apps are evidence of technology collaborating with nature with human intervention. These apps bridge the gap between nature and humans by identifying insects to preserve them.

The various aspects touched on in this blog cover a detailed overview of the apps and multiple available options in the market to give you a  better understanding and exposure to the insect kingdom.

Whether you are a gardener looking to keep the pests at bay, a bug enthusiast, or an entrepreneur looking to get your best bug identifier app developed, it is imperative to get your hands on the perfect insect identifier apps to experience knowledge and earn money. Moon Technolabs has ample experience in developing apps in various verticals in the industry and has successfully catered to numerous client requirements.




Yes, Insect identifier apps also work on pictures. Either you click a picture or upload it from your phone gallery to the app. The free insect identifier app uses image recognition tech to identify bugs. The insect identification app will provide valid information with pictures.

Go to the place in your garden where you found the insect. Just aim your phone camera at the insect. Take a snap of the insect and upload it to the insect identification app. The application will then search its database and give you the information.

The cost of creating any insect identifier app depends on many factors, like the type of app, the features you want to include, the region you want to launch, and many others. An experienced mobile application development agency like Moon Technolabs can help you create an app with proper discussion.

Yes, a simple way is to use your Google Lens to identify bugs. Open the Google lens in your phone, and bring the insect in question to the lens area. It will detect the insect species, will search, and give information results. Then, you can read the information on Google.
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