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Benefits of Mobile App Development
Published On: March 31, 2023

There is nothing that mobile devices cannot do in 2023! We have applications for almost every task related to our routine life – from exercise to grocery shopping, movie ticket booking, and banking. For every task, we have mobile apps. So, what are the benefits of mobile app development? How big is the mobile app development market? What are the required features that you must include or keep in mind while custom mobile app development?

In this article, we have attempted to address all of the anticipated questions on the benefits of mobile app development. Let’s start with comprehending the current and future of the mobile application market.

The global revenue from mobile apps will top 318 billion dollars in 2020. There was an increase of approximately 60 billion U.S. dollars compared to 2019. The industry that generated the highest revenue that year was mobile gaming, with over 200 billion U.S. dollars, then social media mobile apps with over 31 billion U.S. dollars.

According to the Statista Digital Market Forecast, revenue will increase in the majority of market sectors over the next few years, reaching around 613 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

During the last many years, mobile devices have evolved from being only a means of communication to a very effective business tool. People are becoming more dependent on their smartphones and other mobile devices at the same dizzying rate as technology advances daily.

According to a study conducted in 2017 by comScore, a media marketing and analytics firm, the average amount of time an average American spends on their smartphone and other mobile devices is three hours and thirty minutes. It was found that the typical American uses their smartphone, tablet, or other electronic gadgets for an average of three hours every day. When multiplied over a month, this estimate comes out to be about equivalent to half of the entire time they spend working their full-time job over the same period. 

Mobile app development is also becoming more important in the corporate world. Apps have significantly impacted the way we do business for mobile devices. Customers have said that using these applications has made it simpler for them to get company information at the speed of light while at the same time maintaining a connection and staying current with their preferred brand. These apps are essential to many companies’ marketing strategies since they allow them to broaden their customer base while providing the brand with large and relevant exposure.

Some analysts believe that by the year 2020, the market for mobile applications might reach a value of as much as one hundred billion dollars. Because of this, many companies have begun to adopt this technology to engage their consumers better, get valuable insights about their users, and ultimately enhance the quality of the experience their customers have when they interact with their brand.

Mobile Apps for smartphone users are now an absolute must for any business, regardless of how long they’ve been in operation. If you own a company, you must look into the benefits it offers. The following list of ways companies might benefit from building customized mobile apps.

Top 10 Benefits of Mobile App Development

Building your mobile app does more than keep you updated; it puts your company at the forefront of innovation. In addition, they aid in fostering stronger connections with customers and increasing loyalty to the company.

Here are the top ten benefits of mobile app development, whether you’re just getting started with app development or are ready to upgrade your existing app.

1. With Mobile apps, you can build stronger brand value

A mobile app’s ability to increase brand recognition and two-way communication is invaluable. When you are continuously communicating with your user (Targeted audience) – There are chances that you will gain and build trust.

Building credibility increases your audience’s willingness to hear your marketing materials and even buy into your business. With an app, you can market your business journey, and product journey in the form of a story – basically, you are telling your users “what your brand stands for, winning their confidence in the process”.

In the same way that handing out calendars, fridge magnets, and other random items with your company’s logo on them helped spread brand recognition and inform customers, mobile apps may do the same for you.

That’s why organizations in almost every market focus on mobile app strategy. Have a look at these results from the 2015 Red Hat Mobile Maturity Survey:

Red Hat Mobile Maturity Survey

See, Almost every business sector is switching to a native mobile app.

A branded mobile app can increase brand recognition, consumer loyalty, and customer satisfaction. The effects are quite impressive. The messaging application Telegram, hosted in the cloud, has overtaken games as the most downloaded app in the world. 

Why? Telegram has done nothing exceptional in terms of technology – still, it’s easy to scroll, and use and the loading speed is amazing. That’s why people love using Telegram. 

2. Mobile Apps strengthen the user engagement

This is perhaps the most useful feature of mobile applications for companies. It aids in developing a direct marketing channel between companies and their clients, facilitating more efficient and immediate two-way contact. The benefits of Mobile App Development is evident as you may reach many users with your app by allowing them to receive push and in-app alerts.

One of the primary benefits of mobile app development for companies is the expanded audience they can reach. The benefits of mobile app development through segment targeting is one of the most efficient ways to keep users interested.

Different user groups must be defined and provided with relevant content to implement segmented targeting according to predetermined parameters. This Benefits of Mobile App Development allows its users to understand their normal client journey better while also providing them with the ability to provide personalized in-app messages and make targeted suggestions.

One of the most crucial things to remember is that even if you have a cutting-edge capacity, customers are unlikely to remain around if the UI/UX is poor or has restricted accessibility.

An app’s potential Benefits of Mobile App Development may be realized by its intended users and is tailored to their specific needs. Keep in mind the preferences of the app’s users and keep an eye on how their level of engagement grows as you consider their actions and reactions while using the mobile app.

3. Mobile apps Help Businesses to Gain Customer loyalty

Companies that compete in market verticals that are extremely competitive need to put in more effort to build the loyalty of their customers. They may give them an edge by increasing their prospects for recurring business and improving their referral rates via mobile applications. Leveraging the benefits of mobile applications, such as a Customer Loyalty Program, companies can foster a sense of loyalty through engagement and exclusive rewards. This mobile app feature enhances customer satisfaction, potentially boosting consumer happiness at a relatively modest cost.

Mobile Apps facilitate contact between small and medium-sized businesses and their clients in both a one-way and a two-way direction through the Customer Loyalty Program. The Benefits of Mobile App Development is evident as it streamlines communication channels, creating a seamless interaction process that enhances user engagement and loyalty.

Furthermore, the implementation of a Customer Loyalty Program is a strategic Benefit of Mobile App Development, allowing businesses to track customer behaviors and tailor their offerings accordingly. This not only strengthens the bond between businesses and customers but also contributes to the overall success of customer retention strategies.

Easy communication leads to continuous engagement, which enables companies to track their customers’ behaviors over time and alter their strategy in response to those behaviors. In other words, mobile applications can potentially boost consumer happiness at a relatively modest cost.

When a company has a dedicated client following, it is much simpler for that company to make accurate projections about its short-term and long-term expansion. Improved forecasting enables companies to hone their product and service offerings and develop goods and solutions that their customer bases want.

Customers may earn points via various loyalty programs with your company and product and then use those points to get discounts on other purchases. The incorporation of Customer Loyalty Programs in mobile apps strengthens the bond between businesses and customers, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that encourages repeat business and referrals.

4. Mobile apps help business owners to transform their retail experience

By facilitating the delivery of a one-of-a-kind customer experience, mobile applications aid in redefining the retail landscape and allowing businesses to stay ahead of consumers’ expectations.

Mobile apps also assist in developing a digital process and model, both of which will reduce shop costs and boost profits. Some companies’ foundations and operations are grounded on mobile applications. The expense of maintaining a physical storefront may be lowered in this way.

5. Believe it or not, mobile apps help in marketing too!

Your company’s marketing and communication initiatives may benefit from the use of a custom mobile app. The benefits of Mobile App Development is evident as uninteresting email campaigns have had their day. It’s possible that the app might manage things like specific groups of people to communicate with, teams to play on, and other forms of user involvement like contests and campaigns. The benefits of Mobile App Development allow for putting your company’s colors, logo, and slogan on them, enhancing brand visibility and recognition.

The phenomenon known as effective frequency includes the use of these visual aids. The benefits of Mobile App Development is evident as customers are more likely to remember your brand if they interact with it often (via advertising, campaigns they participate in, and your app. The customized and branded experience offered by mobile apps plays a crucial role in creating a lasting impression and fostering brand loyalty among users.

33% of American and British marketers spend more than half of their spending on customization, according to Statista.

So, how exactly can a mobile app aid in online marketing?

As a result of the interactive capabilities offered by mobile apps, customers may tailor the services and goods they get to their own needs and preferences. E-commerce mobile apps, for instance, may use AI-based algorithms to facilitate personalization.

Amazon’s recommendation system is a great illustration of this kind of seamless integration. Similar to how Augmented Reality (AR) may be used to fine-tune customization, virtual reality (VR) can enhance the experience.

Brand recognition may be increased via personalized content, features, and engagement activities. Conversion rates may be boosted by using additional mobile apps.

6. Mobile apps can help in pulling the traffic

With mobile apps, businesses can turn every contact into a positive one. Mobile app downloads have a greater conversion rate than most other advertising mediums at over 2%. The ability to keep consumers interested makes mobile apps so effective at conversion.

7. Mobile app development helps businesses to increase revenue

The satisfaction levels of a company’s customers are directly correlated to the company’s bottom line. SalesForce reports that how a client is handled affects their decision to purchase 70% of the time.

The more interest and satisfaction customers have with your product and company, the higher the demand will be. And trust me when I say that significant returns will come if you have a product that people can’t wait to buy.

An app for mobile devices is ideal for this purpose. So it’s crucial to keep development expenses down.

Undoubtedly, you need a responsive website that works well on all the many mobile devices available today. This avoids needing a separate “mobile” site, which may be a hassle to update. Suppose you release a mobile app in addition to your responsive website. In that case, you’ll increase sales and improve your customers’ shopping experience. reports that 35.4% of all Black Friday purchases were made from a mobile device in 2016. That’s a significant increase from the 16 percent in the 2007 IBM Christmas Benchmark Reports.

8. Mobile apps are cost-effective options for any size business

One of the important benefits of app development is cost. Mobile apps remove the need for actual marketing items and have the potential to reduce the expenses associated with marketing campaigns. The internal use of mobile applications might potentially result in cost savings.

Apps can improve employee productivity by heightening employee involvement, enhancing communication, reducing time spent on busy work, and simplifying data.

In the long term, this results in significant financial savings. Advertisements directed toward user in-app purchases are another way for several businesses to generate revenue from their mobile applications.

9. Mobile apps help businesses to offer unique services and payment options

A wide variety of mobile applications are available, each tailored to a certain field. Whether you own a salon, medical practice, online grocery store, spa, etc., your mobile app may help you make appointments with more customers.

After that, you may utilize push notifications to keep them informed and serve as a reminder for their scheduled consultation. Nowadays, mobile payments are widely accepted. No matter how large or small, every company may accept credit card and debit card payments directly via their mobile app. These payment systems are quick, safe, and easy to use.

10. Mobile apps help businesses to stand out from the competition

The use of mobile applications by small companies is still in its infancy. Therefore, this is an area where you may have a significant impact. Your company will stand out if you provide a mobile app service. Customers will be pleasantly surprised and impressed by your innovative ideas.

Required features list that you should include in your app

So Now that you have decided to go for a business mobile app development – but still not sure about the current mobile app trend and what are the key features?

Easy Signups

Registration is a standard initial step in almost every application. Users are overwhelmed by the number of fields that must be filled out, including but not limited to email address, phone number, and physical address. Contemporary business owners give their customers breathing room by letting them explore the app for a while before forcing them to join.

As a result, this action helps eliminate the primary barrier that prevents consumers from exploring the site and testing its features. The second reason is that social and phone number signups streamline the registration procedure, which is otherwise a source of customer frustration.

Search & Filters

Users may quickly access the desired features and functionality by navigating the app’s menus in a hierarchical layout. Unfortunately, the procedure takes a bit more time. In this case, the in-app search tool is the most popular choice.

As the need for ease of use increases, so does the need for sophisticated in-app search features that simplify the search process. Auto-suggestions as you type, auto-correction, caching terms you’ve used before, and more are just some ways the advanced search function makes information easy to find.

Integration with Payment Gateways

It is crucial to provide consumers with various payment options inside the mobile app, so they do not abandon their purchases due to a lack of acceptance of a certain method. Business mobile applications often provide support for a variety of mobile payment methods, including cash, credit/debit card, Android Pay, Apple Pay, and other 3rd party online payments such as PayPal, Stripe, and others.

Users prefer to input the financial information once rather than repeatedly entering the data, therefore, ensuring its safety is crucial. Two-factor authentication, which includes the delivery of an OTP to mobile phones and their subsequent verification, is useful for protecting highly confidential payment information.

Ratings & Feedback

Based on their findings, Glispa researchers have concluded that comments and reviews are helpful. Ninety-three percent of participants stated they would be at least somewhat inclined to provide input if the firm made such a request; even more intriguing, ninety-seven percent said they would be more likely to become loyal customers if they knew that their feedback was adopted.

Push Notifications

When it comes to user retention and reengagement, targeted push notifications are crucial. Marketers may use this information with customer behavior analytics to develop upselling and cross-selling efforts, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and notify customers when an item they want is back in stock.

These customized push notifications reduce customer wait time and boost conversions with timely, relevant communication.

Integration With Social media accounts

Users quickly spread the word about it on social media, whether it’s a coupon code, an interesting article, or a top-notch item. Adding the ability to share on social media will surely have long-lasting effects. It’s possible to access your users’ contacts by requiring them to sign in with their existing social media or search engine accounts.

As a bonus, you can make personal contact with those actively using social media.

Why Choose Moon Technolabs for Mobile Apps Development?

The need for businesses to adjust their approach to shifting customer preferences is becoming more pressing by the day. Because of this, companies of all sizes are increasingly investing in mobile app development.

Hence, developing a successful mobile app takes time and money but pays off handsomely if done properly. Opportunities for qualified lead creation and improved communication with customers are greatly increased with the help of a mobile app. Your app should be designed with a specific purpose in mind.

In-depth needs research, a minimal design, and extensive testing are the hallmarks of a successful mobile app for a small company. These are the kinds of features that can help your app for a small company thrive in the current market. We know exactly what goes into making a top-notch mobile app from an app idea.

We at Moon Technolabs are a mobile app development company that provides comprehensive, tailor-made solutions for your organization’s specific requirements. Everything from brainstorming to implementation is completely taken care of by us.


Yes. Mobile App Development is important for businesses. Mobile Apps help businesses boost sales, conversations, marketing, consumer insights, etc.

Yes. Businesses can increase revenue with the help of the mobile app.

Using mobile applications, they may boost their repeat-customer and word-of-mouth business.They may also cause more individuals to experiment with new products and services. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) may benefit from mobile applications since they provide easy one-way and two-way contact with clients.
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