A decade ago people were going to restaurants to eat their favorite foods, However, the digital era leads us to the next level including ordering online foods, gadgets, products and more.

The interest for delivery apps is expanding step by step and a ton of organizations are as of now making different food applications, yet at the same time, because of the absence of information and some sound use, the application improvement process is still less useful.

Yet, just relax, we are here to help you. With 14 years of involvement and huge portfolios in Delivery app development, we are the best food delivery apps UK called the best food delivery app development company in the UK.

Additionally, the new Covid periods are moving to an advanced way and we even would rather not leave home for anyhow, so partaking in our feast at home is important. What’s more, it is always easy for everyone to just start the mobile phone, install the app and make the order as per your preference. 

However, there are a lot of Food delivery apps in the UK, and sometimes it is difficult to choose the best one. But here is the list of 14 food delivery apps in UK, which will surely help you to choose the best out of the rest.

Just Eat | Best Food Delivery App UK

As we know that the UK and London have a vast amount of restaurants that offer online food delivery, however, this delivery app UK called just eat is the first choice of everyone due to great user experience and seamless payment gateway options.

What Just Eat Offers?

As per the data, Just Eat is the best food delivery apps UK, as they have more than 25000+ establishments offering veg and non-veg food, including some dessert for you.

Benefits of Just Eat.

  • Wide variety of cuisine and restaurants to choose from.
  • Easy navigation with subcategories.
  • Special offers and discounts.

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Deliveroo | Food Delivery Apps in the UK

Food Delivery apps in uk

As far as the list goes, Deliveroo is the most successful and prime food delivery app in the UK.The idea behind this app is to give maximum convenience to the people who are staying at home and wants to place order with their favorite dishes, however it also providing maxim job to the people as a riders. Moreover, it has their own algorithm like Google MAP, in which riders can easily find shortcut ways to reach the destination.

What Deliveroo Offers?

Food Delivery apps in UK called deliveroo already offer 75000+ outlets. With a lot of filters in foods and dishes you can easily choose the one which you love. As the deliveroo is already connected with a giant food outlet called KFC, Subway and more.

Benefits of Deliveroo.

  • Various cuisines and subcategories to choose the best one.
  • You can easily read reviews of other people who ordered the food previously.
  • Free delivery options with special discount to new comers.

Uber Eats | UK Food Delivery App

UK Food Delivery Apps

At the point when we catch wind of riding or taxi service, we generally get one name called Uber, but the Uber isn’t simply a cab driver and specialist co-op, the Uber is likewise a food delivery app in London. Uber eats are the top food conveyance application in the UK and individuals are utilizing this UK food delivery app because of the extraordinary usefulness of the application and simple order process.

What Uber Eats Offers?

The company is already connected with the giant food outlets called KFC, Starbucks, McDonald and more, in which you can easily find and place orders for your favorite food.

Benefits of Uber Eats.

  • You’ll get a choice from various outlets.
  • One can place the order with a call as well.
  • Easy food and delivery tracking services.

Food Hub | Food Ordering App UK

Food Ordering App Uk

With the coverage of lot areas in the UK, food hub is the first choice for everyone who is searching for online food delivery near me. It will give you a list of food outlets in the UK near you as per your location.

What FoodHub Offers?

The FoodHub offers you near me services, whenever you go out of the home and want to place an order near your food outlet to your destinations, the FoodHub will help you in the same.

Benefits of FoodHub.

  • Multiple outlets to choose from. 
  • No fees for placing orders.
  • Wide range of different cuisines. 

Gousto | Just Eat Alternative UK

Just Eat Alternative UK

Gousto is the most favorite Ireland and UK food app.However, it is a meal delivery app instead of a takeaway app. It offers veg and non-veg foods as well.

What Gousto Offers?

The Gousto has great features of categorization in which you can easily choose your favorite food according to the category and taste you may like. Moreover, it has options for weekly and monthly delivery plans.

Benefits of Gousto.

  • Veg and non-veg foods.
  • Best UK Food Apps.
  • Fresh and healthy foods available. 

Zomato | Food App UK & India

Food App UK

Assuming we are discussing India, The Swiggy and Zomato is the primary thing as a main priority when anybody believes that they should do online food requests. As the clients of Zomato are expanding step by step because of their extraordinary client experience of the application as well as offers and limits. Besides, Zomato is a main 15 food delivery app in UK.

What Zomato Offers?

These India and UK delivery apps called Zomato offer big discounts and offers, however, the marketing strategy of Zomato is next level. The customer care and support is also good when you find any problem with your meal or delivery.

Benefits of Zomato.

  • Review of Food and Restaurants.
  • Easy search for any variety.
  • Filter according to restaurants and locations.

Quiqup | Food Delivery Apps London

Food Delivery Apps London

The quiqup was established with the vision of tech improvement, but it moved for a food conveyance application, it offers things with retailers alongside the food. Yet you can get on-request conveyance for anything that you need as same day or planned conveyance.

What Quiqup Offers?

With the multiple products and services available in the quickup delivery, quiqup is still expanding its services to the other country as well. But multiple product delivery along with the food delivery is the center of attention for everyone.

Benefits of Quiqup.

  • Best London food delivery app and grocery delivery app.
  • On-demand and same day delivery.

Hungry House | Food Delivery Apps UK

Food delivery apps UK

The HungryHouse is an impressive platform for delivering. Another thing this app does is, you can easily find any restaurant near your area or as per the locations. The hungry house is now called the best UK food delivery app. Moreover, you can pay a nominal amount for any packaging delivery and that’s why it is called the cheapest food delivery app UK.

What Hungry House Offers?

These UK Food delivery companies offer Glancing through the rundown of cafés, you can peruse their important point offers and come to take your request all alone.

Benefits of HungryHouse.

  • Best UK food delivery app & packaging delivery app.
  • Takeaway offers and discounts.
  • More than 9000 partnerships with restaurant.

Domino’s | Best Delivery Apps UK

Best Delivery Apps UK

When thinking about eating a variety of pizza, the first thought in our mind is Domino’s as always. Domino’s has the quickest food delivery app. However, it is a restaurant app but still people are using it for their quick delivery of meals or anything. The easy UI and great offers and rates attract customers to use their seamless services.

What Domino’s Offers?

Domino’s has maximum users in the evening who don’t have time to prepare a meal and want their favorite pizza’s on time.

Benefits of Domino’s.

  • Quick and fast delivery.
  • Cheapest food delivery.
  • Easy UI and great experience of ordering food.

Talabat | Best Food Delivery Service UK

Best Food Delivery Service UK

The Talabat is the Food delivery services in London majority connected with the coffee bar along with the food outlets to deliver easy food at your destinations. As we know that the online food ordering via app is more competitive nowadays, still the Talabat is the favorite one for every UK person.

What Talabat Offers?

The talabat offers food varieties as per the cuisine and restaurant, however it also connects with a lot of coffee shops to order your favorite coffee within a stipulated time.

Benefits of Talabat.

  • Just in time delivery for hot and cold food.
  • Connected with a lot of coffee shops and restaurants.

Spoonfed | The Food Delivery App

Delivery Apps in UK

Perhaps you heard the name of spoonfed or not however it is making their image in different nations. The spoonfed has the best of administrations and extraordinary installment passages which presently carry many individuals to utilize the application.

What Spoonfed Offers?

It isn’t the most #1 for everybody, as this is a global application, so it is making its overall name in every one of the nations for its number one food application. They are likewise attempting to turn into a basic food item conveyance application UK.

Benefits of Spoonfed.

  • Easy payment gateway.
  • Interactive UI of App.
  • Great user experience. 


In this way, We trust that you truly love all the food applications and we tackled your interests towards the best food delivery app to pick, above is the top and 11 best free food conveyance applications in the UK, However, there might, in any case, be some leftover which you like the most, so you can recommend them to us. Moreover, if you are looking for Food Delivery App Development, you can reach out to us as well.



Which Company Develops Delivery Apps UK?

With 14 years of experience for app development, we Moon Technolabs are the final destination for everyone who are looking for food delivery app development in uk.


Who Provide Best Food Delivery App Development Service in UK?

As we know that there are a lot of food delivery app development services in the UK, however, We are experienced in the same with big portfolios.


Which App Is Best For Delivering?

As listed above all apps are best for food delivery, however, you can use them as per their features and your requirements, for example. For near food delivery you can use a food hub.


Which Is The Cheapest Food Delivery App UK?

The various apps provide discounts and offers according to their policy, so you can choose as per your requirements.


Are There Any Food Delivery Apps London?

Yes, the listed app is a food delivery app in London, and you can choose as per your needs.
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