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Whether it’s a person of science or philosophy, everyone believes that it’s never too late for an individual to increase his/her depth of knowledge. In the digitized age of today, gaining access to information is going to be the least of your worries. If you wish to know more about the most trending e-learning mobile solutions used in the USA, you should continue reading.

Even a few years ago, smartphones weren’t anything other than a device through which you could make phone calls, send messages, browse the internet from time to time, and indulge in several modes of entertainment. Then, with the arrival of social media, smartphones became something like an addiction to the young and old alike.

As smartphones support better games than older mobile devices, they became a source of distraction and addiction to youngsters, in particular. Whenever a parent saw their child with a phone in their hands, they would either freak out and shout out a couple of angry words or simply mope around thinking how the device is ruining their lives.

With the onset of 2020 came an event no one could even think about in their wildest dreams. It almost felt like those movies where a disease turned people into cannibalistic monsters or zombies. Fortunately, the SARS-CoV-2 virus isn’t anything like that, but the virulence of the virus does indeed match those sci-fi films. Everything came to a standstill, including countries, governments, and the economy itself.

Students couldn’t go to schools or colleges. They had to remain indoors to stay safe and keep everyone else safe. Just when people all over the world were going crazy thinking about what will happen to an entire generation growing older without education, e-learning websites and mobile apps entered the game.

Indeed, e-learning platforms have been around for some time, but no parent could ever fathom their children using smartphones for educational purposes. However, smartphones did the impossible. They changed the world entirely. They scrapped the traditional methods folks used to resort to in the past. Today, thanks to smartphones and mobile applications, everything will be within your grasp if you simply tap the screen of your phone a couple of times.

Now, medical specialists also did what seemed unattainable. They synthesized a vaccine to prevent the body from succumbing to COVID-19. Just when everything seemed to be slipping out of humanity’s hands, the vaccine arrived and gave everyone hope. Schools are reopening and students are gradually returning to their respective educational establishments. However, nothing will ever be able to obliterate the mark left by the works of the best education app development solution company.

E-learning apps thrived and became the only source of education for children, young adults, and learning enthusiasts alike when the pandemic was raging at full force. Just because educational establishments are reopening their doors today doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire top rated e-learning app development company and invest in an e-learning platform. First, however, you should take a look at the ones that the people of America are in love with. This topic will provide you with a list of the most widely used education apps in the USA.

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The 10 most recognized e-learning applications

Here are the 10 most recognized education mobile applications that gave students of all ages the knowledge they deserved during the pandemic. If you hope to rely on an education app development solution company for your project, you’ll probably want to integrate the features that allowed these apps to earn the trust of millions of people residing in North America.

1. Google Play Books

The first mobile application on this list is Google Play Books. It happens to be an exceptionally useful educational application for young adults. It’s more of a digital library that works on both iOS and Android devices with a massive database containing books on numerous genres. Now, before you bother to ask, yes, it does have educational books in equal numbers as storybooks. While anyone can download and use the app for free, users need to pay to gain access to the books they want.

2. Edx

Here’s another free-to-use educational mobile application that deserves your attention if you’re going to hire a top rated e-learning app development company for your project. It’s one of the few mobile apps that give its users access to courses from world-renowned educational establishments, such as Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, and IBM. Edx doesn’t charge a dime for its services. Users can learn everything over the internet by streaming the classes through its video platform. They can also download the classes to use them offline in the future.

3. Quizlet

There shouldn’t be any age restrictions when it comes to education, and just like Google Play Books, Quizlet is perfect for adults. It’s one of the best e-learning platforms when it comes to learning new languages. Of course, it offers in-depth information on other subjects. Quizlet is already quenching the thirst for knowledge of almost 50 million individuals using flashcards. The mobile application of Quizlet has multiple modes of teaching, and the learners can choose the one they prefer. Users can play quiz games, create flashcards, and distribute them digitally among their friends or team members. Quizlet is also one of the best platforms to use to improve English grammar and vocabulary.

4. MyScript Calculator 2

This one is the perfect example of technological advancements in the sphere of app development. It’s also the only platform that will surely appeal to individuals in search of a platform to bolster their understanding of mathematics. MyScript Calculator 2 is one of the few e-learning apps that can facilitate gesture typing. In simple terms, your smartphone or tablet will become a piece of paper on which you can scribble using gestures while performing calculations in real-time. This app will save the calculations in the device’s memory for the user to review later. Other than the most basic calculations, MyScript Calculator 2 lets users work on logarithms, trigonometry, inverse trigonometry, and more.

Learn MyScript Calculator 2 with education app development

5. SoloLearn

This mobile application deserves the attention of every individual wanting to learn to code. It’s full of educational materials that can teach you to write code on platforms like SQL, Python, C++, Java, etc. The best thing about this application is that the user won’t have to spend money to gain access to its high-quality materials. It also has almost 15,000 questions and over 2,000 quizzes that’ll help the user test his/her knowledge after completing a specific chapter or subject. Whether the user owns an Android or iOS device, this app will let them write code on their phone or tablet within this application.

6. Socratic By Google

At the moment, the cost of e-learning app development solution is relatively affordable for both solo entrepreneurs and established educational institutions, even if they want to build an app powered by Artificial Intelligence. Such mobile apps are rare, and Socratic By Google is one of them. It uses the device’s camera and voice capturing systems to recognize questions. Users simply need to click a picture of the question. The Artificial Intelligence system integrated into Socratic By Google will analyze the photograph, identify the question, and provide the appropriate solution. Users can also upload questions through voice commands.

7. Udemy

Udemy has all-inclusive educational courses for students, and it works on both Android and iOS devices. Students can explore and choose from more than 130,000 courses on web design, software development, coding, photography, and more. Users can buy the video, textual, or audio courses present within the platform and save them on their devices to study offline later. It’s safe to say that having Udemy in your phone is like having an entire university in your pocket.

Udemy - Moon Technolabs

8. Khan Academy

It’s a non-profit educational organization that provides courses on various subjects to students all over the world, other than the USA, of course. Khan Academy has courses for students and educators alike, and it provides materials without asking for money in return. The digital library of the application is full of high-quality videos and interactive questionnaires on numerous subjects, including mathematics. The ultimate objective of Khan Academy is to ensure every student has educational content at their disposal, regardless of where they reside. The sources of information are also reliable. They provide guidance and help students understand and find the answers to even the most complicated questions. Khan Academy is, hands down, one of the best educational mobile apps you’ll find.

9. Duolingo

Here’s another rare, interactive language-learning app that can teach users more than 30 different dialects. The specialty of Duolingo is that it offers quick, short education sessions. More than one million users have already expressed their elation after using this application on the Apple App Store.

10. Busy Shapes

Toddlers need education too, but not of the conventional type. If you wish to pay the cost of an e-learning app development solution for Montessori students, you should check out Busy Shapes. It’s a revolutionary mobile app perfect for toddlers as it offers hands-on, self-directed learning. Other than understanding numbers, shapes, and other basic stuff, this app introduces the youngest kids to the nuances of technology and teaches them to interact with the same. The design of this application will develop the reasoning and logic skills of young children by aiding them in contemplating the relationships between objects and how they can manipulate those relationships, as well as the objects.

Final considerations

These are the mobile applications that kept the flow of education stable among learners of all ages in the USA during the pandemic. Even with the availability of vaccines, the impact of e-learning isn’t going to vanish like a sound wave in the wind. Rest assured, your investment in an app development agency won’t go down the drain. You only need to make sure that you delegate the task of development to a recognized and reputable app development firm.

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