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Developing Shopify Themes
Published On: September 06, 2022

Without a top-notch user interface, you can’t anticipate more user engagements, which invariably result in more significant ROI and company success. Design should always come first when creating websites and software since it significantly impacts the brand name you want to attract attention to. However, the online store for selling products and services needs more customizations and incredible design features.

There are numerous options available for Shopify website owners to pick from when building or hire developers for the Shopify website; however, there are several factors, such as price, features, tools, language, and custom development, that you should be aware of to find the solution that is best for your company.

Let’s go with the Shopify theme development stages, including what is Shopify and online store 2.0, with customizations, pages, local theme, duty, skill and cost. Additionally, this post outlines two approaches, one for developers searching for guidance and the other for those seeking a Shopify theme development company and Shopify theme development services.

What is Shopify & Shopify Online Store 2.0?

You may build your store on the Shopify e-commerce platform and sell goods online. On the other hand, the Shopify online store 2.0 offers greater customization for sophisticated Shopify store creation with additional features and plugins. Moreover, one can also create a Shopify theme if you are familiar with some tools and have essential programming expertise.

What Is Shopify Theme Store?

The Shopify theme store is the list of all paid and free theme library which you can use for your store design and development. You can choose Shopify theme design options from the list.

Why Choose Shopify 2.0 Store For Developing The Shopify Theme?

Although developing Shopify themes are complex and not something that everyone can do without some coding experience, the Shopify 2.0 store offers some flexible advanced features, such as the ability to customise your Shopify website store and add fantastic sections to any page, including the homepage, which wasn’t previously supported.

Without coding experience, retailers may develop Shopify themes using drag and drop; however, thanks to the meta field, API, and some extensions. Additionally, you may utilise it without problems if you are comfortable with CLI and action.

Shopify Local Theme Development

The Shopify theme dev is easy for the customizations with store 2.0; however, for Shopify custom theme development, you need to consider some parameters before actual development.

You can consider the parameter known as storefront appearance, colour, fonts, navigation, own theme, menus, and more. It is seen as sound design and development, either directly or indirectly. However, a good design encourages customers to engage most with the products.

Here are some fantastic page design tips you must incorporate while creating a store for your clients.

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Shopify Theme Development: The Top Pages to Includes.

Whether you go with Shopify custom theme development or Shopify theme development local, you always need these pages for pre-work development. However, you can create these pages via JSON or liquid files. In this blog, we will discuss liquid file use for Shopify custom theme development later.

Index/Home Page

The home page or index page is the ideal thing for every store. However, it represents all products in which customer wants to take action. So it is recommended to build a user-friendly home page that also represents your brand identity.

Products Page

The product page represents the actual products classified by category. Here users can easily take actions like adding a cart, checkout and payment if it can show the excellent product photos, descriptions and price.

Landing/Ads Page

The use of landing pages can be defined with two purposes, one for extra or special offers and one for ads. Most people use ads; they can create them on Google, Facebook or any other platform and bring their customers to this landing page.

Blog Page

The blog is the perfect medium to drive traffic to your store. Here you can publish tons of content with your expertise by offering different services, offers and more to get what you want from the customers.

About Us / Privacy Policy Page

The about us page represents your store information and brand identity so that people can easily trust your products. However, the privacy policy includes products return, refunds and other things customers need to take care of before placing their order.

Contact Us Page 

The contact us page is the landing page, where you can showcase your address, email, name, brand, locations and relevant information as per your business.

For developing your landing page or local pages, you always need to use liquid files; let’s discuss the same and how you can use them properly.

Liquid File Use for Shopify Custom Theme Development.

The basic theme of Shopify is developed in HTML, CSS and JS; However, for templates, you must go for a liquid file written in ruby. Moreover, suppose you are building your store from scratch or Custom Shopify theme development. In that case, you need to learn liquid file and CLI, known as command line interface, to execute particular commands and actions when you build a Shopify theme.

Let’s learn the basics of CLI – a command line interface with Shopify local theme development; you can create various actions based on CLI.

The Use of Shopify CLI & Action in Local Theme Development

As we know that the CLI command is everywhere, from desktop computers to Ubuntu and other OS, you can quickly run commands to get the output that you are looking for. However, the same things you can do here to create the best theme for your store.

  • Via CLI, you can quickly preview and test your customizations.
  • Simple to start a new theme development.
  • You can easily publish the theme in-store if you are familiar with GitHub.
  • Run a theme check and bring data to your theme.
  • Installing Ruby and GitHub is required for customization after that.
  • You can now leverage free Shopify partner programmes to obtain additional tool benefits.

5 Steps For Advanced Shopify Theme Development | Shopify Theme Building

To Develop a Shopify theme, you need to make sure your complete roadmap and path are as described above, you have an option called CLI and liquid file to develop a theme for your stores. Moreover, here are the basic steps that you can follow,

Install Shopify Command Line Interface

Here you can use CLI to install ruby + devkit, ones it is done, just copy-paste this command in your terminal.

For Windows

GEM Install Shopify-CLI

For MAC ( Download HomeBrew)

Brew Tap Shopify

Brew Tap Shopify-CLI

Check the Latest Shopify Version

Shopify Version

Authenticate CLI to Shopify

Shopify login –store <Store Name>

Clone The Theme 

For GIT – use the following command

Shopify theme init [ NAME ] [ options ]

Upload your Clone Theme

Shopify Theme Serve

Synchronize the GIT to Store

Cloning links to the GIT repository is necessary for easy synchronization of your data to direct local stores. Now you can go through the theme sections for Shopify-GIT integrations.

Check Codes and Files for Both Ends.

Here you need to check files that synchronize with GIT, once you check, you can successfully puss them to the online store.


Now, just push your GitHub file to the local store and you are ready to live!!!

Guide To Work With Shopify Developer

We hope you got the perfect information for configuring your first store with Shopify and GitHub. Now it’s time for a guide to working with a Shopify developer.

So, If you are aware of current trends, technology and market, you read the name of Shopify for sure, especially if you are in the business of eCommerce. Moreover, many tools and resources are already available to guide you for Shopify theme development and building Shopify themes or store development. However, it is not easy for everyone to go with that. Here it would help if you had developer powers and knowledge to bring the outcomes you want.

Let’s go with the guides….

Duty of Shopify Developer

A lot of Shopify theme development company are there in the market; however, hire dedicated Shopify developer is the best as per your requirements.

Through the Shopify platform, developers can plan their development by trends and technology here. Because of their expertise in UI/UX, code, and execution principles.

Additionally, they are proficient in storefronts, page building, payment gateway connections, inventory, and everything else needed for a store.

These are the fundamental concepts that they are highly familiar with, but the skill set that every developer should possess is listed below.

Skills That Shopify Developers Need

Since this blog will cover both sides, as we have previously mentioned, we have dedicated developers for each development and design. However, our Shopify developers have unique skill sets. Therefore we advise everyone to pursue the below skills as a Shopify developer.

  • PHP, HTML, CSS & JS knowledge.
  • Experience of Domain and background.
  • Strong Programming Knowledge and Skill.
  • Front-end & Back-end knowledge.
  • Shopify Store Theme & Shopify Theme Library
  • Ruby & Theme knowledge.
  • Custom Shopify Theme & Theme editor
  • Third Party Apps & Liquid templates.
  • Customizations & Designing.
  • Ajax API & Json Templates.
  • Shopify GitHub Integration.

Shopify Theme Development: Create Shopify Themes [2022]

In today’s era, Shopify theme development is necessary for every business to bring the latest design; for fulfilling this requirement, our Shopify theme developer is here for you. However, we are masters in theme integration, migrations, third-party library and plugin development.

You can rely on us for every Shopify development and customization. However, our robust portfolio and testimonials always give you trust, which can lead you to us.

We ensure that our products, services and expertise always give our clients reliability, quality and time-saving advantages.

Steps By Steps to Work With Shopify Developers | Custom Shopify Development

Building a Shopify theme in your way is excellent. However, you can’t beat your design, development and features competitors. Here it would be best if you had great Shopify developers who can be a hero of your store development & we are in for your business. Moreover, here are the steps that you can consider when Hire Shopify developers.

  • Budget Planning.
  • Features of your store.
  • Front end & Back End development.
  • Mode of hiring (Hourly, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Method For Development (Agile or Others).
  • Dedicated Resource & Developers Time.
  • Define Project Scope with Custom Themes.

Benefits of Working With Shopify Developer | Hire Shopify Theme Developers

There are many benefits if you are taking Shopify theme development services India or custom Shopify theme development Florida; we are everywhere, and our expertise benefits in the following ways.

  • To build a great UI that generates ROI with customer returns ratio.
  • New Features & Customization at every stage of development.
  • Secure payment gateway integrations.
  • Custom Design, with the current theme and main theme.
  • Latest technology, tools and frameworks utilizations.
  • On-time executions & Delivery.

Finally, if you are looking for Shopify theme development or developing Shopify themes, let’s get in touch with us; then, the sky is the limit for your business.


There was a lot of pre made theme available in the theme stores, however, open source template language is not understandable to everyone. But don’t worry we have Shopify team who knows everything about Shopify including dynamic content, collection pages, development stage, liquid language, GitHub account and all the elements that are required for your project.


The Shopify theme development cost depends on the functions, modules, design and development; it may start with 5000$ to 50000$.

As per the above discussion, you must follow five steps of the advanced Shopify theme development process.

The combinations of liquid files along with HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Json are necessary to build a Shopify theme.

It is a Cross Platform - Command Line Tool(CLT) to build a Shopify theme.

All the files, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with a liquid file written in ruby are the language used in Shopify theme development.

Polaris, ThemeKit, Slate, Liquid Cheat Sheet & Code are essential tools for development, we can consider these tools as developer tools as well.
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