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Patreon App
Published On: November 01, 2022

Patreon App | Creator Making Guide

Have you considered charging for your artwork? Today’s generation is more likely to use a digital platform to showcase their abilities; yet, individuals create a variety of art based on their hobbies and passions, and most people are unaware of how to get compensated for their creations.

The Patreon app, which offers membership to the artist for sharing their work to be paid by their preferred audience, is the topic of our discussion today since it is our app of the month.

Many artists, podcasters, producers, and developers have already signed up for this community in order to share their work and earn good money from their audience. To achieve your goals in this case, all you have to do is create a bespoke tier and grow a fan base.

The site, meanwhile, is for everyone who wants to make money from their work while showcasing their talents to the world. Let’s explore the app in more detail, including its features, an overview, iOS, and Android apps, its functionalities, cost projections, and more.

What is Patreon App

The Patreon app is a platform for all types of creators to share their art by getting paid by the community. The platform works in two ways: the creator gets paid by the community, and fans get closer to their favourite artist.

Here the fans get live chat options with the creator once they host their event on the platform. Similarly, the creator can give answers via chat to their fanbase.

The app is not limited to only sharing content. However, it offers various tools and services per your needs via its subscription plan here you will get three subscription plan offers such as Lite, Pro, and premium.

Patreon App For Iphone

About Patreon App

Everyone has to make money these days, but the amount you can create using your skills and enthusiasm is restricted since you need to learn about the platforms and services available. Therefore, a platform resembling the Patreon app allows talented individuals to show off their work and earn money online.

The platform is open to everyone who has the skill and abides by the rules and regulations of the forum, not only artists, vloggers, or bloggers. By developing highlight modules and sharing them with your community, you can use the platform for marketing your online course.

Additionally, according to the Patreon site, you may make up to $500 if you have 4500–5000 visitors to your Patreon page and a conversion rate of 1%–5%. With additional communities and viewers, you might make more than this anticipated average amount.

Patreon App Overview

The Patreon app is a favourite for all creators worldwide because of its smooth architecture and functions. However, the app is available with the Patreon app for iPhone and Patreon app for android.

The app gives financial freedom with your skill, and that’s what people are looking for. With this business model, everyone benefits: creators have their creative control while receiving the pay they deserve, and fans can relax knowing that their money is helping to fund more of the works they like.

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Functions of Patreon App With IOS & Android Platform

Here are the things that both Fans, Patrons, and creators can do. Here you will get options to access functions such as creator community, their blog, Events, Patreon U, App Directory, and more for various things.

About Patreon App


  • When the creator becomes live, the followers are alerted.
  • They may find and follow their preferred creator.
  • Fans may communicate with artists as they come to life.


  • Patrons may be created or uploaded by creators and shared with the audience.
  • They may connect with their followers and respond to their inquiries.
  • May manage profiles and get insights and statistics.

Features of the Patreon App

  • Easy Registration, Login & Accessibility of Tools
  • Independent Tools and Earn Money
  • Predictable and sustainable Revenue
  • Full Control & Schedule
  • Freedom from Algorithm
  • Private RSS Feed 
  • LiveStreaming & Notifications

Cost Estimations To Develop App Like Patreon App

Regardless of the platform, the average cost of producing an app like Patreon is between $20,000 and $50,000. Prices for developing native Android or iPhone apps are often greater than those for developing cross-platform solutions. It’s just that having two different source codebases for Android and iOS is necessary for native app development. However, the final cost estimation depends on various factors, from design to development, timeframe, modules, and much more. Let’s connect with us to know more about the final estimations and strategy of your on-demand business app development.

Key takeaways For Patreon App

  • A plethora of categories for content, such as writing, games, journalism, music, podcast, animation and illustration, photography, games, software, and more, are present. 
  • The app offers 14 currencies for payouts. 
  • A minimum of one social media account must be linked to the Patreon page. This also enables the creator to make a custom URL for their page.
  • Each account is required to have a cover photo and a profile photo.
  • The about Section of the profile contains an introduction and other information the creator wants to add.
  • Live streaming, screen sharing, live polls, and earnings report are available on the platform.
  • Multiple options of customizable tiers based on benefits for the patrons and varying amounts to be paid by the subscribers are given.
  • The option of customized merchandise such as mugs, bags, stickers, and more for exclusive subscribers is present. Patreon handles the production, shipping, tracking, and support for a fee.
  • Payment schedule, such as monthly or per content, and the payment method has to be selected by the creator.


Patreon allows creators to share their art with their fanbase and earn revenue from streamlining their favourite content via Patreon.

Patreon offers three models to choose from, and the cost depends on the tools and features required for each creator.

The account is free. However, the subscription fees applicable to each patron depend on services.

Yes, Patreon has Android and IOS apps for creators and patron members.
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