food delivery app solutions in COVID-19

Understandably, the COVID-19 pandemic affected not only the bodies of individuals but also their behaviours. Most companies had to resort to the internet to sell products or provide services, and customers had to avail them via smartphone applications. Things started taking a turn for the worse for restaurants when the lockdown restrictions began. Today, restaurant owners don’t have to worry about having to close their doors permanently, but they do need to adhere to specific limitations. It’s precisely when food delivery applications came to their rescue. With these apps, restaurants are now able to run their business and customers can order their favorite food from home.

Food delivery apps proved to be a gift from the Gods for both restaurant owners and consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Things started spiralling out of control when the virus started spreading wildfire. Customers began emptying the shelves of supermarkets like there was no tomorrow. Their panic-buying led hundreds and thousands of other customers return home empty-handed with fear in their hearts and uncertainty in their minds. Soon after that, business companies found a solution. They chose to sell their products and offer services through online platforms. Today, when the situation seems to be relatively under control, almost everyone prefers to stick to mobile apps and websites.

The game-changer

There’s enough negativity in the air. That’s why there’s no need to describe how COVID-19 brought the world economy to its knees single-handedly. Instead, this topic will focus on one specific business sector that has been helping individuals stand tough against this disease while catering to their health.

The demand for the services provided by companies like Uber and Airbnb plummeted down during the peak period of the pandemic as if it was in freefall. Food delivery apps solutions like Ubereats, Doordash and Zomato, on the other hand, started rising quickly soon after the initial slump.

It didn’t take long for food delivery app development specialists to realize how web-based restaurant delivery, meal delivery, and grocery delivery can prove to be lucrative, as well as helpful.

Similarly, commoners who were stuck inside their houses realized they can order food with just a few taps on the screen of their smartphone. It’s one of the most significant reasons behind the popularity of online food delivery solutions.

Here are a few ways food delivery services and mobile apps played a critical role during COVID-19. It goes without saying that they will retain their usefulness long after humanity gets rid of the deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus.

1. Breathing life into the economy:

A recession is currently laying waste to the world, but the show has to go on, regardless of what happens. While governments are attempting to do everything within their power, food delivery apps became the prime economy-boosters. Commoners realized that they should order food online instead of going outdoors and taking risks of infecting themselves or others, and these apps offer various choices while allowing customers to maintain social distancing.

2. Preventing businesses from shutting down:

The food industry occupies an inestimably large section of the global marketplace. Lockdowns imposed a few months ago were due to unprecedented development. People didn’t want to get infected, either. Naturally, they had to keep the door of their business premises closed. However, food delivery applications appeared and helped several regional eateries from closing down permanently.

3. Mobile apps for restaurants:

Restaurants started adopting mobile apps to run their business and witnessed the power of digitization. Local businesses began creating their individual pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the like. They also registered their business with online food delivery service providers, such as Zomato and Uber Eats to provide food to the general public and the needy.

mobile apps development for restaurants

Restaurant mobile applications kept local eateries afloat, provided delicacies to their customers who have been pining for them for months, and even allowed business owners to educate their clients about the importance of consuming a healthy diet.

4. Promoting social distancing:

Yes, the long-awaited vaccines are here now. However, in most countries, only those who are in the frontlines, such as health workers and cops will receive their portion first. Naturally, you have to wait for your turn. In the meantime, there isn’t much you can do apart from wearing masks and sticking to social distancing norms. In that regard, online food delivery services can help you stay away from crowded regions. You shouldn’t worry about how delivery companies handle their jobs. They know too well how debilitating the coronavirus is. That’s why they always offer contactless delivery services.

5. Working remotely:

Many companies had to shut their doors once the virus started becoming a destructive nuisance. Such restrictions aren’t there anymore, but it doesn’t mean offices are operating like they used to before. Most workplaces want their employees to keep delivering their services remotely. Since the gig economy started, WFH didn’t gain as much popularity as it did after COVID-19. Also, following precautionary measures strictly every time they go outside isn’t possible for the commoners. Hence, the rise of on-demand food delivery services through smartphone apps became inevitable.

6. Helping the elderly:

According to researchers, one out of four individuals above sixty-five can’t operate the internet or use mobile applications. Additionally, older people and low-income folks may not get access to high-speed internet facilities. They may not know how to use online food delivery apps, but these companies do provide phone numbers so that everyone can avail their services. By dialling the number, the senior members of society can order food, groceries, and almost everything else.

Final considerations

The ultimate objective of food delivery applications is to provide solutions that don’t require commoners to step outside their houses, even during regular days, to utilize their services. It’s a system that allows them to stay indoors and get everything they need by tapping on the screens of their smartphones and other mobile devices.

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