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Big Basket is an online grocery and supermarket app that provides doorstep grocery product deliveries for its users. It is one of the leading online grocery delivery apps in India. BBDaily is the name of Big Basket’s subscription-based milk and other grocery delivery app. The bbdaily clone app delivers milk and other products ordered even at night in the morning the next day. The users subscribing to this app get daily deliveries of milk and other grocery items.

The bbdaily app provides services in 20 Indian cities at present. On average, the app gets around 110k orders per day. It has been downloaded over 5 million times on Play Store. However, the application is also available in App Store for IOS users.

What is BBDAILY?

BBDailyis a subscription-based grocery delivery app by Big Basket. It was created after Big Basket acquired two milk delivery app startups named Morning Cart and RainCan and also acquired controlling stakes in a vending machine startup called Kwik24. The bbdaily app has a vast range of products, such as fresh milk, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, eggs, bakery products, beverages, food grains, oils, masalas, snacks, pooja essentials, cleaning essentials, pet food, baby care products, and personal hygiene items.

The ordering process provided by the bbdaily app is straightforward. The customers need to place their orders by 10 pm to have the items delivered the next day by 7 am. The products can either be ordered on-demand as per requirement or on a subscription basis. A subscription basis means things can be subscribed for daily deliveries or other schedules per the customers’ requirements. There is no minimum order value to qualify for deliveries.

How Does BBDaily Work & What Is The Model?

The business model of bbdaily is what is called an asset-light model. This means the company does not have retail outlets and procures items from third-party retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. The company has warehouses in many cities to stock its inventories and fulfill orders. Perishable items such as milk, meat, fruits, vegetables, and others are bought directly from retailers and grocery stores and delivered fresh to the customers.

The orders can be placed on the bbdaily app until 10 pm and delivered between 5 am and 7 am the next day. The online wallet on the app is used to make payments for orders. The users need to maintain funds in the wallet by adding money to it through digital payment options. The items can be subscribed daily, every three days, weekly, or monthly deliveries. The buy-once option is also for customers who don’t want to subscribe to any item and place orders whenever desired.

To use the bbdaily app for doorstep delivery, the housing society or building where the customer is residing must be registered with Big Basket. If the society/building does not appear on the list present on the app, the customer needs to contact customer care to get their apartment listed.

The revenue model of bbdaily includes subscription fees, delivery charges, and in-app advertisement charges. However, via the bbdaily clone app, you can also get this thing via whole food delivery or grocery delivery app.

What Is BBDaily Clone?

A bbdaily clone is an on-demand milk and other grocery delivery app having all the features and functionalities of the bbdaily app. A startup wanting to compete with other players in this sector can leverage the benefits of the bbdaily app by developing its clone of the bbdaily app.

Expert app developers implement the same features and functions of the original bbdaily app into a bbdaily clone. The clone works precisely like the original app. There are several advantages of a bbdaily, like online grocery delivery apps, such as increased sales and ROI, expanded customer base, and more returning customers. The extensive range of products, from dairy and daily grocery items to personal care and pet care, is offered through the bbdaily platform, and the clone app can be designed to do the same.

The Advantages of BBDaily Clone App For Online Grocery Delivery

The bbdaily clone app is a suitable gateway for reaching customers. Customers widely prefer on-demand milk and other grocery delivery services since the trend of physically visiting grocery stores is in a state of decline, especially in the big cities where people are short on time. Replicating a successful on-demand grocery delivery app like bbdaily is highly beneficial for the customers and your business. The concept of early morning delivery, the facility to place orders even late at night, quick access to a vast range of products, live order tracking, and the ease of monitoring the funds and inventory by the app owner are some of the significant advantages of bbdaily, like the app.

The customers can place orders till 10 pm on the bbdaily clone app to get deliveries by 7 am the next day. Moreover, they get the facility to either buy any product once or subscribe to specific items to set up scheduled deliveries. The checkout process is swift because the payment is deducted from the e-wallet present on the app. The details of the delivery partner and the order status are constantly visible on the app till the order is delivered to the customer.

The number of products available on the bbdaily app is over 18,000 from over 10,000 brands. Thus, the clone app also provides access to a vast range of products spanning many categories, such as milk, dairy products, eggs, bread, vegetables, fruits, cooking oils, beverages, snacks, cleaning supplies, baby care, pet care, and more. The users can also search for specific items through the search bar. The availability of almost all kinds of grocery items at a single location means the customers are likely to use the bbdaily-like app for grocery shopping.

There is a host of discounts and offers provided by the original bbdaily app. These include coupon codes for free specific items, cashback and other benefits linked to wallet recharges, and free milk delivery for new customers for a certain number of days. Such discounts and promotional offers can be offered through the bbdaily clone app to attract and retain new customers. However, the same can be offered by milkbasket as well.

How BBDaily Clone App Can Help Grow Your Online Grocery Delivery Business

bbdaily clone app development

A well-designed and developed bbdaily app integrate every feature and function of the original bbdaily app. It gives a headstart to your online grocery delivery business by using the tried and tested business model of bbdaily. Moreover, the clone app is designed to be highly customizable and scalable. The customizable nature of the clone app means you are at liberty to modify or add features to it per your particular business needs. You can also tweak the clone app’s theme, layout, and other design elements to represent your brand entirely. The scalable nature of the clone app means you can start with a basic bbdaily-like app and keep adding more features and functionalities as your business grows and more customers and delivery partners use your app.

There is no compulsion to stick to the original features only in the bbdaily clone app. The app developers can develop innovative features to suit your business needs and attract more and more customers. Such features can be easily implemented in the clone app apart from the features of the original bbdaily app. The clone app can quickly provide discounts and offers designed to attract more customers. The sky is the limit when customizing the clone app to suit your business requirements.

The annual revenue of BBDaily is $1.5 million. Thus, by replicating the services of this company through a clone app of bbdaily, your on-demand grocery delivery business adopts a successful template.

Features of BBdaily Clone: 

The characteristics of a bbdaily clone app can be summarised below.

User Delivery Provider Admin
Registration and profile creation through phone number and address Registration using relevant details of the delivery partners Centralized feature-rich dashboard
Buy Once and Subscribe options under each product Receive the assigned orders Quick access to the profiles of the users/delivery partners
E-wallet with recharge feature Order and customer details Assign orders and live order tracking
Live order tracking Route manager to navigate the delivery partners to the customer locations Announce discounts and offers
Order and e-wallet recharge history Update order status and payment manager Finance manager to track finances

The features of a bbdaily clone app are divided into user, delivery provider, and admin. Essentially, the features of the original bbdaily are replicated in the clone app. Let’s look at the various elements that need to be integrated into a bbdaily-like app.

User-centric features

The registration and profile management feature of the bbdaily clone app enables the users to register by entering their respective addresses and mobile numbers. However, as in the case of the original bbdaily app, the clone app needs to have a database of the registered societies/apartments in the business’s delivery network. The users are required to give the names of their housing societies/buildings. If an apartment/society is not present in the database, the user should have the facility to contact the company’s customer care and register it.

The search feature allows the customers to search for products, and the presence of search filters refines the searches. The listed products have to buy once and subscribe options. Buy once means the user needs to complete the ordering process every time. Subscribe option enables the user to schedule automatic deliveries at a particular frequency.

The e-wallet feature of the bbdaily clone app simplifies the ordering process because the funds are deducted automatically from the user’s wallet when making a purchase. The users have multiple options to add money of varying amounts to their wallets.

Other features include live order tracking and viewing order and wallet recharge history.

Delivery provider-centric

The clone of the bbdaily app for the delivery provider has a profile manager for registering and storing the details of all the delivery providers. The order management feature receives the orders assigned to the delivery partners and provides complete information about the orders and the customer details.

The bbdaily clone has a route manager to generate optimized routes for the delivery providers to reach the customers’ locations. This is a GPS-enabled feature to help the delivery partners in delivering the orders without delays.

The order status manager of the bbdaily-like app enables the delivery partners to update the order status in real-time as delivered/picked up/undelivered. Payment manager is a feature to allow delivery partners to track their earnings.

Admin centric

A central feature-rich dashboard provides control over the bbdaily clone app to the admin or app owner. The admin can quickly access the profiles of the customers and the delivery partners whenever required. The order manager enables the admin to assign orders to delivery partners and track the orders in real time.

The inventory management feature of the bbdaily app keeps a record of the items in stock. It enables the admin to add/delete items from the product listing as per the availability. The admin can quickly announce discounts and offers through the central dashboard.

The finance manager enables the admin to track earnings, commission payments, and expenses. 

BBDaily Clone App Development With MoonTechnolabs

Moon Technolabs has expert developers to build a customizable, scalable, and feature-rich clone of the bbdaily app for your online grocery delivery business. We integrate all the features of the original bbdaily app in the clone app and tailor the app per your specific business needs. The features are also improvised to generate maximum ROI for your business.

Cost To Develop Milk Delivery App Like BBDaily

bbdaily clone app development

The cost of developing an app depends on its design, complexity, features, functionalities, and the number of platforms it is designed to use. The hourly rate of the developers and the country of development also impact the cost.

Considering the above factors, the average cost of developing a bbdaily app is a minimum of $12,000, while the maximum is over $30,000.


A high-end clone of bbdaily helps in entering the profitable segment of the online milk and grocery delivery business quickly. Leveraging the benefits of this app is a sure-shot way of establishing a large user base.

Frequently Asked Questions

BB Daily is the subscription-based milk and grocery delivery app of Big Basket.
Innovative Retail Concepts Pvt. Ltd. owns bbdaily. Tata Group owns IRCPL.
It is available in 20 Indian cities.
BB Daily provides free milk for 15 days to new customers on recharging their e-wallet by Rs. 1500/-.

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